Viennese wickerwork for furnishings – the beautiful wickerwork in furniture and home accessories

The Viennese mesh is a seat cover for chairs that everyone has probably seen before. It has a specific pattern that consists of a total of six strands of rattan cane or rattan leaves. But anyone who thinks of “classic” as something old-fashioned is wrong, because the upholstery creeps into the apartments again today and now adorns much more than just the chairs. Today we will introduce you to the beautiful and natural traditional material and show you wonderful furniture and home accessories made from it.

How is Viennese braid made?

Original designer chairs with woven accents as eye-catchers in the apartment

As already mentioned, the Viennese braid, also called octagonal braid, consists of a total of six strands in longitudinal, cross and diagonal weaves. This type of binding gives the pretty wickerwork ideal strength. The distances between the holes can vary with this type of braiding, so that narrow, but also wide-meshed designs can be created. Although the chair is often associated with Viennese wickerwork, which is known from the old coffee houses, it was also used to cover chaise longues and to decorate cupboard doors in the Baroque era. The chair itself was designed by Michael Thonet and is called model number 14 by Thonet.

Nowadays you don’t have to be able to braid to get this material. Practically all DIY enthusiasts who would like to manufacture, restore or embellish furniture and accessories themselves are offered braids of this type by the meter. Various pieces of furniture can then easily be covered with it.

Modern meets classic

Viennese wickerwork as a headboard for the bed with a retro flair

If you want to use the natural material in your own four walls, you can of course opt for the classic furniture design. But meanwhile the Viennese wickerwork has also been integrated into modern furniture in an impressive way. The result is an excellent mix of classic and modern, which has proven itself in different furnishing styles and enhances every room in a special way. The braids are not only used as a seat or for backrests. Sometimes they are just decorative accents.

Modern apartment with concrete, window front and colored furniture with wickerwork

But the use of the octagonal mesh goes far beyond furniture. Accessories also adorn these unique and charming braids. There are lamps, screens and other types of room dividers, storage baskets and more. The wicker design is even used for suspended ceilings or walls. It is even used as a radiator cladding and thus creates cozy elegance in your own four walls.

Creative lowboard with attached wickerwork as a room divider in the living room

The Viennese wickerwork can be combined with other rattan furniture as well as with simpler living styles. Clear lines in combination with warm wood create a cozy atmosphere. Since the natural material also has a neutral color, it can be easily combined with pieces of furniture in various colors.

Viennese mesh in furniture and accessories – furnishing ideas

Chic armchair for art deco style furnishings

Take a look at some impressive examples below to convince yourself of this material. You will have fallen in love with the magical effect of the natural material by the end of the gallery at the latest!

Viennese braid decorates the lampshade of a floor lamp

Coral cabinet with wicker doors

Use wickerwork for cupboard doors - design in natural color and coral

White wickerwork for armchairs for the terrace

Viennese wickerwork for outdoors - white, large-meshed design for armchairs

Coffee table with modern top and octagonal mesh

Viennese mesh for the design of the table legs of a coffee table

Creative lamps made of wickerwork in the shape of a flower

Viennese mesh as the design of lamps in the shape of flowers

Accent wall with wickerwork

Viennese mesh as an accent in the wall and combined with colorful furniture

Robust natural material for furniture and accessories

Durable and easy-care natural material exudes a charming flair

Designer table for the living room

Creative coffee table with Viennese wickerwork and modern furniture with a retro flair

Modern furniture set to furnish the terrace

Furnishing the terrace with classic natural materials - wickerwork made of rattan

Paravent with octagonal mesh as a chic room divider or decoration

Screens with an octagonal mesh are wonderful home accessories and suitable as room dividers

Desk with a retro flair and wickerwork

Desk with a back wall with a round Viennese weave

Armchair with wickerwork and yellow upholstery

Armchair with wickerwork and yellow cushions as a color accent in a dark room

Modern interior with designer chairs

Classic and modern in the furnishings combine for a unique ambience

Braided elements for a lamp with an organic shape

Creative pendant luminaire with organically shaped, woven elements

Folding chairs with wickerwork

Folding chairs with wickerwork as a space-saving solution for small apartments

Stylish folding doors for a built-in wardrobe

Built-in wardrobe with folding doors with wickerwork

Modern with a retro flair

Wickerwork as an element in a sideboard with blue-gray as an accent

Combination of natural materials and velvet

Retro furniture staged in a modern way with octagonal wickerwork and velvet in Bordeaux

Replace the rear wall with an octagonal mesh

Design idea for a cupboard - replace the rear wall with woven wickerwork

Retro interior with sofa and room divider

Couch with wickerwork and upholstery in orange

Viennese mesh as a new furnishing trend

Designer chair made of brown wood and octagonal wickerwork, combined with parquet

Wicker chair with upholstered seat

Vienna wicker chair - combination of wickerwork for the backrest and upholstery for sitting

Black natural braid and leather

Living room lamp with wattle to a gray couch Octagonal mesh combined with black leather for a modern, round chair

Contemporary furnishing idea

Furniture set for the living room - sofa, coffee table and side table with wickerwork

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