Keychain Tattoo - 50+ wonderful ideas and inspirations!

Tattoo design on shoulder flower tattoo design for women trends

A tattoo could basically be stuck anywhere on your body. Still, it gives you a place where the art pieces look particularly traveling and elegant. In the last few years, Schüsselbein Tattoo enjoys enormous popularity with women and is quite right - the designs are unique and emphasize your femininity in a unique way. Are you looking for your next tattoo and would like to know what motive is best for the key bone and whether the tattoo is there? Then read on - in this article we have the most important info as well as the most beautiful ideas and inspirations put together for you!

Key leg tattoo - does it weh?

Tattoo Trends Women Flowers Tattoo Design in Shoulder Pain

The pain of tattooing is very different from person to person and depends on many factors. According to the experiences of many people who have a key leg tattoo, it is more painful than the example at the back. The reason for this is the lack of adipose tissue in this area. Even where exactly the tattoo is placed, the pain is also different. If you decide for a motif directly on the key leg, there may be unpleasant vibrations that could interfere with breathing. Many tattoo artists are of the opinion that the closer the tattoo to the armpit, the more painful it becomes. If you have a low pain threshold, you should perhaps see another body kit in anticipation.

Where should you best place your key tattoo?

Butterfly Tattoo Meaning Tattoo Keychain Pain Women

Another thing to note in tattooing in this body is the placement. The options that lie to you are either directly in the key bone, down or over the bone. If you make the right decision for you, you should reply to the following questions:

  • Do you have to hide the tattoo for professional or other reasons?
  • Do you only need a small writing train or some groceries?

Is there any particular care for tattoos in this body?

Sunflower tattoo design ideas for women's tattoo spots in the summer

The area around the key leg is particularly sensitive and therefore you should consider a few things at the tattoo spot:

  • If you are very careful with your backpacks, handbags and everything in the last 3-4 weeks, you would still be carrying your shoulder.
  • To prevent inflammation, we recommend wearing your shoulder-free upper parts and strapless bra.
  • Do you really want a tattoo before sleeping (especially if you sleep on the belly).

Which motifs are best for a key tattoo?

Schlüsselbein Tattoo little women hands tattoo design stars

The key leg is located between the shoulder and the breast and possesses repulsive motifs for many different motifs. These can range from small and delicate writings to richly sized works of art. Particularly beautiful and elegant, they work longer tattoos, which run along.

Motivational Sayings for Your Key Tattoo

Schlüsselbein Tattoo Ideas Watercolor Tattoo Design Tattoosprüche Inspiration

Many people want to express a feeling through your tattoo. Among the most beautiful and easiest ideas for a tattoo on the key leg are the inspirational tattoo sayings and quotes. They look very noble and feminine and also have a very personal meaning for the wearer. You can, of course, stitch other motifs, have delicate flowers or small birds.

Beautiful feather tattoos

Tattoo design small women flower planets tattoo motif meaning

The feather is especially among women a very popular motif and is most often brought into contact with freedom, lightness or dreams, hope and wisdom. As it resembles the shape of the key bone, it fits pronouncedly well in these body positions.

Schlüsselbein Tattoo Motive - Roman Zahlen

Römische Zahlen Tatto Design Small Women Tattoo Design Ideas

Would you like to dedicate your tattoo to a loved one? Why don't you just stick with Roman numerals for his date of birth? In this way, your key tattoo is a mysterious work, as for example with Arabic numerals.

Delicate flower borders make the perfect motif for your tattoo

Flower Edge Tattoo Design Ideas Tattoo Trends Women

As a tattoo motif, the flowers have enjoyed greater popularity in recent years. A delicate flower border is very feminine and fits perfectly with the swift shape of the key bone. Whether you choose for a pair of filigree blossoms or for large, beautiful flowers, it depends on your own taste. So or so - the result will be breathtaking in any case!

Bird key bone tattoo

Bird Tattoo Design Meaning Women Ideas Tattoo Design Small

Are you a leisure traveler and would like to travel? Then a bird would be just the right thing for your tattoo on the key bone! Whether just a single bird or even a complete birdwatch on both sides - it was permissible. The Swallow is no new motif in the world of tattooing, but in recent times experienced a big comeback and become a believer.

Beautiful Watercolor Mouth Tattoo

Mouth Tattoo Design Meaning Watercolor Tattoo Trends Women

In astrology, the moon stands in front of the mirror to the soul. A crescent key tattoo is particularly filigree and mysterious. For an even more breathtaking experience, you decide on a design in Watercolors, which is in full swing this year.

Notenschlüssel tattoo design for the musically gifted under Ihnen

Key note tattoo musical notes tattoo design meaning ideas women

Both music, as well as tattoos have a lot of creativity in tuning. The notch key as a tattoo motif is very fine and delicate and not so volatile - for exactly these reasons it is especially popular with women.

Small arrows as a tattoo motif for the tie Schlüsselbein

Arrow tattoo design Meaning small tattoo designs for women's ideas

The key bone is the perfect body for small and ornate tattoos. The arrow as a tattoo motif means protection from evil and law enforcement. Or combine two beautiful designs in one - a mouth in conjunction with a small arrow stands for energy and power.

Watercolors tattoo design small women tattoo ideas

This year stands in full sign of the super filigree and fine motifs. Even small and very low-key Disney tattoos are good for the key leg.

Motivational words as motif for a key leg tattoo

Keychain tattoo small writing train with Blume tattoo design women

The key train is the perfect body for a beautiful writing train. If you do not stick to all the quotes, you can only put one word. It could be either the name of a loved one or something that motivates you personally and gives you strength.

Star sign tattoos are gaining more and more popularity

small tattoos for women Tattoo design Sternzeichen twins

Do you want a tattoo motif with greater personal significance? The star sign tattoos are enjoying greater exposure in the last time and selling our strengths and traits. For a unique tattoo, for example, you can stick to the star image - it is small and works particularly noble and elegant.

Spinning key bone tattoo

Keychain tattoo pain tattooing small women spider tattoo design

The spider as a tattoo motif has many different and very deep meanings. It could be for harmony, wisdom and cleverness or for creativity and art.

More great ideas and inspirations for a key bone tattoo

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