Keratin Treatment for Hair - All, You Were Clearing Inside Your Review!

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Which woman did not like wonderful and healthy hair? Doing the hair depends on many factors - nutrition, hormones, health problems, stress, weather conditions, etc. Especially in summer, the right pflege can become an even alpine stage, because Hitze, Salzwasser and Chlorine will be catastrophic on that hair structure. The Keratin treatment originally originates from Brazil, and her hair is smooth and shiny. Was the hair decorated when the Wundermittel is stuck and for win? Find answers to many and many more questions here!

Keratin - was it really?

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Even if the concept of protection is widespread, many people still do not know anything, was Keratin ist. It is a natural protein, responsible for the formation of skin, nails and hair. This is the so-called phase-shift and fills the straight across the market and the shovel out. Jedes actually owns 90% of these special egg whites and the rest consists of pigments, water and natural fats. Many more vials were used for many paints, ridiculous breasts, perennials, for hairy feces or those sunbeams that can swallow keratin, were fumigated and haired.

Do you want a Keratin treatment for the hair?

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Many different hair problems were called splice or frizz cancers resulting from a keratin deficiency. In the event of a strong air pollution, cold or heat, or at an unweighted diet with a lack of nutrients, the inheritance is one-shot, blunt, and troubled. For your repair to repair and weather shine and smooth work to welds, therefore, mice that filled the keratin and closely linked a keratin treatment. In addition, Protein penetrates into the higher shots, revealing a protective film on its undulating structure. Thanks to the treatment welds our hairs were lighter styling and the hair dryness was increased by 60%, the heat of the summer months was particularly great! In addition, her hair should be kept quiet - so do not constantly test the weather forecast!

Who Works a Keratin Treatment?

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If you are ready for a Keratin treatment, plan between 3 and 5 hours at the hairdresser.

  • In addition, our hair was washed more and more on a regular basis, while backing pflege products was silicone. A special Keratin Shampoo is used and subsequently hair dyed.
  • With twin steps, the Hairdresser combines the product with a clean brush to maintain its abdomen, and combines with a special comb, making it easy to tell. At the same time, the product is ready for 20 minutes.
  • The shit and last step takes the longest. During this time, your hair was smoothed with hair and bristles and carefully thought through - as a result of the treatment solution.

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  • The hair, with a special smile, stroked the hair smoothly. For the successful Keratin treatment, this straightforward temperature is extremely important. A high temperature for the hair is a very large load and if it is low, the effect is easy. You still have a temperature range of 210-230 degrees. An exception applies to those who are passionate or strong-minded - they should fall apart over 200 degrees.
  • After doing the ice cream for a 15 minute break, the hair was washed with a keratin shampoo.
  • Nochmal blowing and forty! The Ergebnis is so visible and our hair has enjoyed the long-lasting shine!

For which types of hair is a Keratin treatment suitable?

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The best news is that a Keratin treatment for all hair types is owned. As monkeys change the pH through the Hitze and the durcheinander, the Hairdresser for men with their hairs is either troubled or otherwise unsuitable. Heavy contains the treatment and many perfumes, the hair structure is increasingly damaged by the smoothness and the high temperatures. Support your Pflege products on Keratin base and treat them for about 1 month - so prepare your inheritance on our treatment. When you are fond of the hard work, the smaller the damage.

Keratin treatment for happy hair

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Through the blondes and colors, the Haircuts creates the scissors hair of the hair and ensures that its weather is sound and glittering. It is often said that the Ansätze still has a relatively healthy mind, while those lengths through the tall styles and colors have made it a broken mind. Even here, the Keratin Treatment can become a reality, so that your hair structure is definitely one.

Is the treatment also for curly hair?

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The Keratin Treatment also rewrites women with curly hair! Here their two options lie to choice - either pretty well-defined locks or even smoother hair - everything is possible. So or so, gaining hair and lightness, lightness and shine and care for a WOW effect.

Was long holding the effect and was costing a keratin glättung?

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Whoever longs for the effect of the Keratin treatment depends on whether or not you care for your hair and was often washing it. The product was a bunch of heroes with every hair. As a rule, it holds between 3 and 6 months, setting up a few golden rules. Wash your hair up to 2 times per week with shampoo (not sulfate free and at best on Keratin base). To enjoy the results more slowly, it is advisable to simply wipe your eyes down with low-heat water and, on the other hand, not even spoil it. If you want to have shrewd and smooth hair again this time, you have to listen to the hair. Unfortunately, the Keratin treatment is not particularly useful - you can count between 200 and 450 Euro on one price. You will also find the costs for the special Pflege products that you will spend.

The right pflege still has Keratin treatment

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Easily induced a Keratin Treatment Wunder. First of all, while visiting the hairdressing salon, there is still a lot to be done - for a long-term experience, the straightforward Pflege at Hause is also of greater importance. Also, if the Hairdresser is set properly, it is also very comfortable and with the false pflege the product can be washed out quickly. In the first 72 hours, the keratin works and must remain in the hair. For this reason you should consider a few things:

  • In the last 3 days, you dare to wash your hair cousin, cousin nass and undoubtedly important! Otherwise said - Your husbands thought that your hair would stay true to that time immediately after the treatment.
  • If you have long friends, you will be prepared to have the dishwashers.

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  • If you want to, Keratin is always in the hairs. On the market there are many shampoos and very effective hair masks, which are special minded.
  • Create your hair once a week with the ice cream, to reactivate the keratin through that heat.
  • We recommend you, during the first week of swimming. Thanks for that, you should clean up each of your bath hairs with fresh air and treat yourself with water and clean up your hair.
  • Minimum of two weeks of mice will forgo a Keratin treatment until you dye or dry your hair.

Is a Keratin Treatment Worth It?

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Even if the Keratin Treatment has many different types of hairy hair, those products have been in ruins for a few years. It was naturally acidic, due to the fact that in the Keratin series from Brazil and the USA, formaldehyde or methylene glycol was found in large quantities. These gases are enriched with smoothness and unmistakable. Since formaldehyde is highly scratchy and travels around the skin and eyes, it can be said to be very bad for the health. Glamorous weather contains the Keratin products heutzutage that cousin cough and damage your hair.

Underwritten between Keratin Treatment and Brasilian Blowout?

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In addition to a Keratin treatment, the product at the so-called Brazilian blowout is washed out as much as possible and the entire procedure lasts a maximum of 90 minutes. One more point is that you still need another Brazilian blowout to return to your favorite styling routine, was with the Keratin cousin. While the treatment in America is exceptional, it is found in many European countries with the exception of the formaldehyde deflection.

Vegane Alternative to Keratin Treatment

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Winning Keratin, Hufe, Hörner, Hair and Federn of various animal harbors and from this ground up are not designed for a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. There is also an alternative, on which you can retrieve it. Town is a bio smoothing with tannin. Tannin is a plain fabric that shines through the heat and the hair shines. In nature one finds one of the walks of oak, birch trees and chestnuts or in the fruit groves of walnuts.

Can you make the Keratin treatment very much in Hause?

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For those who do not come into contact with them, for which the treatment of the prices does not come in, it is also possible to carry out this option themselves. Finding the Internet You will find many separate keratin sets, all of which were needed, included. You will be alert to the fact that it is not very easy and the inconvenience caused by the heat to the heating requirements. The straightforward temperature for your hair structure can tell a true resuscitation, and from this very many people have broken hair through a commitment! These mice are said to be cautious and to do everything in their best with someone who knows how to enjoy themselves.

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