DIY No Sewing Hooded Plastic Raincoat – How To Make It From Plastic Bags Easily

Now that September is approaching, some are realizing that the end of summer is not too far away and that more and more rainy autumn days can be expected. A raincoat, rain jacket or rain poncho are useful things because they keep us dry while we do our tasks and move from A to B. Is it pouring out of buckets outside and you have to go out soon, but you don’t have a raincoat? Make one yourself from simple plastic bags. We will show you a few instructions with which you can make a plastic raincoat or rain poncho yourself without sewing.

Tinker plastic raincoat and poncho - simple instructions

Make your own plastic raincoat out of garbage bags

Make your own plastic raincoat out of plastic bags

Depending on the size of the garbage bag, you can make a long raincoat as well as a shorter one. Because such bags are available in different sizes, a raincoat can even be made for children.

Plastic raincoat from trash bag - cut out the elements

  • large trash bags
  • fireproof base (e.g. wooden board)
  • Iron
  • Tape measure
  • Edding
  • scissors
  • Parchment paper
  • Jacket in a suitable size as a template

Weld the parts for the jacket together with an iron

Unfold the plastic bag (but loosen Not the two layers of each other!). Spread out the jacket as a template and transfer your measurements to the bag – sleeve lengths, distance from sleeve to bottom hem, distance from side seam to zipper, etc.). Then cut everything out along the outline. You should end up with two parts for the front, one part for the back and two sleeves.

Cut out a hood for the plastic raincoat and glue it on

Now you have to weld the parts for the plastic raincoat together. As a guide, draw lines on the plastic film at a distance from the outer edge. Place baking paper on top of the foil and iron along the hem. The parchment paper prevents the foil from sticking to the iron. Glue all the pieces together. For the sleeves, put a piece of baking paper in and slide it into the opening for the sleeves in the coat. Place baking paper over it and also weld the sleeves to the coat.

Homemade coat as rain protection with a plastic bag

If you want a hooded raincoat, you can now add one more. To do this, cut out a long piece of foil the same width as the collar and two quarters of a circle that you place on the side of the long piece. Glue these circle quarters to the long piece and then glue the whole thing to the coat. The plastic raincoat is ready!

Wear a poncho in the rain – DIY idea with a plastic bag

Make a rain poncho quick and easy

A rain poncho is even easier because you don’t need to make sleeves for it. You will need a plastic bag again. You choose the size of the bag depending on how long the plastic raincoat or poncho should be.

Spread out the trash bag so that it is square in front of you. Slightly above the intersection of the two diagonals, cut a hole for the head. This hole shouldn’t be completely round. Make the side facing the back of the poncho a little straighter. Also, be careful not to make the hole too big. It is therefore better to cut it smaller first and then enlarge it if necessary after you have tried the poncho on.

Scheme for rain poncho with collar or hood

Now you can add a collar or a hood. In the schematic above, you can see which shapes you need to cut out for each purpose. The width should be the same as the circumference of the hole for the head. You determine the height by measuring your neck (where should the collar reach) or the distance from neck to top of the head and then transferring it to the foil.

For the hood of the plastic raincoat or poncho: it’s better to be a bit bigger than too small. It should sit loosely and not too tightly on the head in order to be comfortable to wear. Finally, glue the hood or collar with an iron. You can see how this works in the raincoat instructions above. Place the foil on a heat-resistant surface, place the hood / collar around the opening and weld the elements together.

Comfortable hooded poncho when it rains

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