Fleckfieber in Deutschland: First of all, tropical disease is registered in Nordrhein-Westfallen

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Fleckfieber in Deutschland: A tropical Zecke had one man in North Rhine-Westfall caught fire. The University of Hohenheim had investigated them and found that they had settled in the body of their sickness rulers. This proves unequivocally that the backpack of the genus Hyalomma had transmitted the dangerous virus. The parasitologists warn physicians and patients about and advise them, especially in the summer and autumn months, to heed the symptoms.

Fleckfieber in Germany: The Hyalomma-Zecke has successfully settled in Germany

The back of the Hyalomma genus comes from Africa and Asia. In the last few years they brought upper birds to southern Europe, where they had successfully settled. Today, she is widely used in Turkey, Greece and Italy. For the past three years they were found for the first time in Germany. In the previous year, more than 30 signs were found, in that year - over 50. The researchers suspected that the check had been overwintered in Germany and would increase in the coming years.

The Hyalomma bag typically had striped legs for the genus. It is called a huge giant bag, because it can reach a length of over 1.5 cm. It can transmit speckle as well as Crimean-Congo fever. In Turkey, for example, over 10,000 Crimean Congo cases were registered last year. The researchers doubted that the bag could infect people with the dangerous diseases in Germany as well. Now she had just confirmed that she is relevant as a disease transmitter. Especially people who have a close contact with utility animals are endangered.

Fleckfieber in Germany: How dangerous is actually the disease

Fleckfieber Deutschland Tourists Wanderer Caution

Humans and animals were exclusively ignited by signs. The disease is widespread nowadays in the tropical areas. Typical symptoms are fever, joint and muscle pain. The rotten rash is the reason why sometimes the disease with Typhus is confused. Those affected were treated with antibiotics to treat further infections that could cause life-threatening cardiovascular inflammation.

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