Ein Toter near volcanic bridge on the Italian island Stromboli

Stromboli Island Volcanic Bridge July

Evil and evacuation on stromboli evacuated in the afternoon, at least two violent episodes that shattered the small island. The Italian National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) has screened the explosions on the southern side of the volcano craters at 12:46 hours. Our explosions say lava currents "from all active mounts of the crater terraces" are watched softly in the INGV. The breakout required a two-kilometer-high raw cloud.

One naval boat will allow mass evacuation on the 12-square-meter size island. 70 homes and tourists are prepared to evacuate. "It was, as if man were in the hall, if feverfire of heaven were to feel," Italian law agencies cited the brief priest Giovanni Longo. The gestures that release flames with a feuerlöschflugzeug are hindered by the great amount of smoke.

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVJvd0SiVt4)

A 35-year-old tourist from Sicily is working at the volcanic bridge. Signal Brazilian companion is dehydrated and shocked. Both men were left behind 400 Höhenmetern under the road.

Obwohl is known that the volcano is active, which both explosions have said to be extremely violent on Wednesday. Italian media reports, some tourists say more in the floods, while others have been bothering in Häuser.

The active volcano is a magnet for tourists who have come from the island on the island. Stromboli is famous for another cheerful film by 1950 by Rossellini, in which Ingrid Bergman played Hauptrolle.

Stromboli island Italy Volcanos bridge high raw clouds

Stromboli's 924 meters high on the happy island belongs to the world's most active volcanoes and is constantly in motion. A more exalted heavy-duty bruise in December 2002, caused a very high meter of gluttony, as well as a more hidden hat. The Italian government has banned damals, which have to be sold to the island, as this freighter refutes Erdrutsche stock. The population of the island population grew to be Lipari, the central center of the island.

Enter last month's report of the INGV, that Lava from two picks up rissen of the same one as said on sixteen days. The volcano goes out in December.

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