The Elhaushaus Prinzessin Diana in Althorp is open to visitors!

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Princess Diana was an iconic figure of the 20th century. The woman teased the beautiful beauty and glamor. At the right time, they were also welcomed for their off-roading Wohltätigkeit work and admired for their work with AIDS patients. In this summer, the house in Althorp, which is the princess of Saxony, offers the visit to visits. It is located in Daventry District, Northamptonshire, about 50 kilometers from London. In this article we saw together with one glance over the hills and a round through the extraordinary observations.

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"Goodbye England's Rose!" Rockstar Elton John added to the principle of Princess Diana. The noble wife of Prinz Charles always has another place like "The Queen of the Gentiles" in Thought of British Leute. Based on your social engagements for industrious and sick people, this woman is included in health care and warmth. Another popular hand for fashion is worldwide legend. In the year 1990, it was voted "Best Woman" and in 1992 in the "Beautiful Woman" in Britain. Even in the case of the mistressed woman of the world

Althorp Estate - the old house of Princess Diana

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In this summer of Monday, July 1, to Saturday, On August 31, the Princess Diana Princess in Althorp is eager to attend. The tickets cost 18.50 £ for adults and 11 £ for children. The Althorp Haus is located in some 500 hectares of large park and garden, surrounded by 13,000 hectares of large Landgut. The beautiful and thought-out house, in which the Spencer family since 1508 lives, has about 90 rooms. Today, Princess Diana's bride Charles Spencer and his wife, grab Karen Spencer on their behalf. This year, the visitor can admire the wonderful interiors that decadent fabrics and the rugged colors. In addition, they provide you with the best private collections of furniture and images. There are more than 650 Gemälde, including many works by Rubens, Van Dyck, Reynolds, Lely and Gainsborough. It is also a portrait of the Hauskatze Marble of Prinzessin Diana. They are hailed by Aniela Pawlikowska, the Diana and their magistrates have often been referred to as children

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The public sees this summer saying Pforten for public use with a set-up with the names " Animals of Althorp “. Of course, one of the Spencer family stories that the iconic house sells - is featured in the exhibition description. The Princess of Princess Diana combines with her in 1486 and, on the way, to the Weideland in the south. So, the green meadows and well-known fields are the mainstays of their lives and the wealth of their homes

Ein Blick in de rome von Althorp House

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In Althorp House most of all, the Schlafzimmer is a long and realistic story. Queen Mary and Queen Mary are born of Queen Mary and Iron Man of George V. during their visit to the anthem in the year 1913. The Sleeping Room "Princess of Wales Bedroom" is named Alexandra, the Princess of Wales, the wife of Konig Edward VII, who died in 1863.

The great gallery of pictures as a highlight of Althorp House

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To the highlights in the Elternhaus von Prinzessin Diana is the huge gallery of pictures. The long and meager space is being created by Robert Spencer in the 17th century. As a model, another Elizabethan gallery falls into the house. The Althorp House is best known for its portrait collection. Dort is also the famous Swede "War and Piece" of Van Dyck and is devoted to the fullest in all ways. The grand hall, now used as a formal dining room, is housed with portraits of Rubens, Tizian and Lely. There is also a small portrait of the fashioned Lady Jane Gray - said to be the only image of one's lively life.

The Wootton Hall

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All Visitors das Althorp House is about the so-called Wootton Hall. The room is still called the artist John Wootton, who had the landscapes painted, which were to cover the desires of the hall. The cover is decorated with 200 handpieces and all the original underlay plaster flowers. Away from the acoustics and the beautiful Marmorodens has the young Princess Diana baptized in this space Stepptanz.

Der Süd Salon in Althorp House

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Der Süd Salon becomes the reception space of that Spencer Family uses it. Particularly noteworthy are the fallen portraits of Sir Joshua Reynolds, who was a friend of the family. For example, one of the portraits of a boy with a black hut - John Charles. Was this Gemälde so special power? John Charles is the only person who loves to countenance and degrades himself by photographing it.

The Marlborough Room

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The Wonderful Essex in this room is 36 meters long and provides space for 42 guests. The Stühle tribe from the government sea of ​​George III.

The cabinet of König Wilhelm III

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In this room, King Wilhelm III has skinned and his sky bites are covered with straw feathers. This was the princess room of Princess Diana and, as sheer talked about as a guest, she always stayed overnight. This is also true of the many rums, which can be curbed at an Anmietung des Hauses for big-time events. Even if a few of the rooms that support the area are still used by the Spencer family, all private bedrooms are located in another, close to the house of the house.

Althorp House as the late retreat of Princess Diana

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Althorp is not close to the oldest house of Princess Diana, but still has her last resting place, which is located in his house. Eas lies on an island, centered on a round oval - a lake on the ground. This is why apes for visitors are unclear and since the real standard is known, only those of Dianas can be seen. On the Loop there is a separate memorial site, where the memorial of the Queen can be remembered

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