Christmas gifts for women

Check out our Do It Yourself Christmas gifts for women too!

It's always hard to find the right gift for a woman. Here you will find your beautiful and outstanding gift ideas, with which every woman heart strikes higher!

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Our Tip # 1:

Magnet make-up board

Christmas gifts for women- Magnet make-up board


The Magnet Make-up Board is a great Christmas gift for women. Thanks to this gift, the ladies can make their makeup smart and properly stored and the eternal search for a lipstick in the cosmetic bag. How hot it looks: Order is half life!

What do you need here?

  • Magnetboard (Metal plate)
  • Wooden slats (for frames)
  • magnete
  • Make-up (powder, lids shadow, lipstick) and brush
  • second Kleber
  • Tacker or upholstery nails
  • Montagekleber

Step 1: First, stick the magnets into the makeup brushes. To be sure, you should use two magnets at the same time, so in any case it will hang on the magnetic board. Use the best rubber gloves if you attach the magnets with the secondary adhesive in the makeup. Hold the magnet firmly in place until it is dry!

Step 2: The next step is to assemble the frames for the Magnetic Makeup Board. You must first measure the magnetic board and cut the slats.

Step 3: You can assemble the cream either with a tucker or with nails. You should fix the corners on the back side with the tackles needles or with the upholstery nails fastening the inner side.

Step 4: Mount the inner side of the frame with mounting adhesive and place the frames on the board. Wipe dry overnight!

Step 5: Hang the makeup products into the magnet makeup board.


Our Tip # 2:

Flower handbag

Christmas gifts for women's flower handbag


Because women's handbags love so much, we still have a great idea for you too!

What do you need here?

  • Artificial flowers (approx. 35 pieces)
  • Simple handbag
  • Heißkleber
  • Schere

Christmas gifts for women's flower handbag


Step 1: Cut off the flower head at the artificial flower. It could be a wish or colorful artificial flowers!
Step 2: Stick blütenkopf with hot glue into the bag. You should put the flowers close together. Stick a blütenkopf in every free position! Fertig!

Our Tip Number 3:


Christmas Gifts for Women- Flower Mirror


Women love flowers and could never exist without a mirror. We have combined both of these things and devised a great Christmas gift for women.

With this idea, you can give a stylish mirror in minutes!

What do you need here?

  • A mirror with a wooden edge.
  • Kunstblumen
  • Heißkleber
  • Schere

Step 1: You first have to cut off the flower heads with the artificial flowers with a scissors. We recommend the flowers the colors: purple, rose, white, dark red. These colors fit super together!

Step 2: Glue blütenkopf with hot glue to the wood edge until no free stays remain. Fertig!

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