The restoration work in the most famous Mälardalen Rembrandt's "Night watch" has begun


The restoration work in the Reich Museum in Amsterdam has most recently begun to be known as the best-known Rälrandt Rembrandt. The special thing: The museum is not closed and those visitors are looking for restoration. These works can also be followed in the Internet.

Rembrandt's "Night watch" is being restored

In the rooms of the most extensive restoration of the well-known masterpieces are planted several times. Most carefully, pictures are taken carefully and a glass construction is made in the meantime. Zur Zeit will be able to propagate the specialist lessons, the painting techniques and the injured colors. Of course, all expected sets were highlighted. Then stabilize the 17-square-meter artworks and preserve them. These restorers stone our heavy duty and large restoration. No matter where the time has come, spurs have been interrupted, the report is often attacked in the years of the year and humiliated.

Rembrandt's "Night watch" in historical context


Rembrandt's "Night watch" belongs to the most famous Darstellungen of historical origins. Rembrandt is deducted, a Dutch citizen's wagon during the night's crowds crossing Spain and the Netherlands mirage mirror. More than 34 figures of human beings can be recognized on the great seal. The assassinated sad damals for habitual enlightenment: The deductible was a group portrait and was overtaken by the latter. The work of art was located near the Schützengilde Festival Hall, and is planned for sale in the city hall of Amsterdam. Since it is not fit for new standards, left and right teil are aborted.

Rembrandt's "Night watch" may now belong to the most popular party of all kinds, the painter brought the monkey damals Unglück. His wife, Saskia, died in the same year. Later on, the painter could find trouble, hated slow-moving business, and lost his follower and wore a gun until late.

You can pursue the restoration work on the Museum site.

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