Cheese wedding cake as an alternative to the classic cake – we introduce it to you!

Various alternatives to the classic wedding cake are no longer uncommon. Muffins, simple donuts and cupcakes are very popular as cake substitutes and are increasingly decorating the wedding buffet. However, a hearty wedding cake is currently conquering the hearts of all cheese lovers: the cheese wedding cake. And this is exactly what the name suggests – a cake made from real cheese. What exactly this type of cake represents and how it can be designed and served, we will show and explain to you today.

Put together a wedding cake in a different way with cheese

Big cake for the wedding made of cheese wheels - with fruits and flowers

No more cream, cocoa, creme or fondant – the wedding cake made of cheese is a fancy, hearty treat, but it can be just as diverse as the classic cake. Different types of cheese are used for the composition, which, as you know, also have different colors and textures. The cheese wheels also differ in their size, which makes it possible to stack them like the levels of a normal cake and to put together the classic stepped shape.

Idea for a cake with a rustic look - cheese wheels are reminiscent of stone

Practically every type of cheese can be provided with labels or tags so that the guests always have an overview and know what they are actually trying. And if you don’t want to do without the sweet temptation completely, you don’t have to. It is not uncommon for the cheese wedding cake to be served in addition to the normal wedding cake, so that every guest has a choice or can enjoy both.

Which cheese?

Serve cheeses with dips and sauces or fruit

Au Bouchon, Etorki, Saint Albray and Saint Agur are just a few of the many options. Even cheddar, brie or camembert, goat cheese, smoked cheese or mozzarella are suitable. Accordingly, you have the choice between spicier and milder types as well as between soft, semi-hard and hard cheese. But since everyone has a different taste and so everyone can find the right one, it is advisable to combine different types for the cheese wedding cake. Three to five layers are ideal for a wedding cake.

What amount per person?

It all depends on what time the cheese should be served. If it is used as a main course, it is best to calculate 200 g per person. However, if the cheese is to serve as a snack after the actual meal, 80 to 100 g per person should be sufficient.

Alternative wedding cake – the decoration for the cheese wedding cake

White cheese wedding cake, simply decorated with jasmine

This type of cake is decorated in the same way as the classic one. Flowers can be used just as well as fruits. In both cases, it is best to choose seasonal varieties. So not only do they fit better into the season of your wedding. At the same time, you reduce costs in this way and, in the case of the fruit, also guarantee the best taste. But which types of fruit are best suited for cheese? Here are some variants:

  • Figs
  • grapes
  • Berry
  • Currants
  • Physalis

Fruity cheese wedding cake - soft cheese and hard cheese with figs, grapes and physalis

Mixed cheese platters are usually served with these summer fruits, as the combination of hearty cheese and the sweet aroma of the fruits is simply wonderful. And what about the wine? After all, it is the perfect drink with cheese. Here is a list of the right types of wine depending on the type of cheese.

Ribbons and even lace can also be used as decoration. Different types of cheese rind and cheese colors also make it look good. Sometimes newlyweds choose colored cheese rind for a bolder color. Nuts, herbs, bread or dried fruits are also suitable for decorating. Or how about small bowls with matching sauces for dipping (e.g. mustard sauces)? You can get advice on this from the cheese manufacturer of your choice.

Strawberries as a cake decoration to go with different types of cheese

The surface should also be well chosen and match the rest of the wedding decoration. Wooden boards and slates are very popular. The top can be designed with a pretty cake garland or other classics. So the cheese wedding cake is in no way inferior to the normal cake in terms of romantic look.

Ideas for wedding cakes made of cheese

Decorate cakes with ribbons - chic designs with a vintage flair

We’d like to show you ideas for this type of wedding cake below so that you can get an idea of ​​how breathtakingly beautiful this alternative can look. Let yourself be inspired and surprise your guests with a creative wedding cake with a difference!

Simple and pretty with several levels - rosemary, lanterns and figs as decoration

Chic design in light colors with flowers

Rustic wedding cheese cake with pink flowers

Stack the cheese and vegetable elements alternately

Wooden slice as a cake platter and autumnal layered cheese with fruits

The natural color of the cheese is reminiscent of stone

Natural colors for the cheese wedding cake create a romantic vintage atmosphere

Pie in green and blue colors

Modern cheese cake in green and blue

Ideas for wedding cake from cheese of different colors

Put together different color schemes with the cheese cake

Decorate with white roses for a romantic look

Pile cheeses on a cake stand and decorate with roses

Heart-shaped cheese for the cake top

Cheese wedding cake with colored cheese rind and a heart shape on top

Pretty cake design with grapes and cake garland

Cheese wedding cake with cake garland and grapes

Wedding cake on a wide wooden disc and with roses of different colors

Large cheese cake as a snack at the wedding party

Dried flowers in yellow for an autumnal cheese cake decoration

Autumnal cheese wedding cake with dried yellow flowers and ribbons

Decoration with black ribbon

A different kind of wedding cake - serve your favorite cheese at the wedding

Purple and yellow is a great color combination

Nice design with yellow cheese and Bordeaux

Cheese cake from three floors

Idea for a small wedding with light cheeses

Combine different types of cheese

Cheese wedding cake in different colors with gypsophila and rosemary

Figs and grapes are the perfect fruits for decoration

Combine shapes and colors for cheeses

Spices look pretty on the cake

Figs, rosemary and flowers in purple for a rustic cheese cake on a wooden disc

Exotic cake decoration with oranges

Exotic cheese wedding cake with oranges

Delicate design in beige, white and gray

Elegant cheese wedding cake in gray with patterned cheese rind, beige and white

Colorful lace flowers as a cake decoration

Colorful wedding cheese cake with lace flowers and fruits

Textured cheese rind makes the cake look more interesting

Alternative to the classic wedding cake with any type of cheese

Vintage cheese wedding cake

Vintage cheese wedding cake with green and white decoration made of flowers and leaves

Decorate with succulents at a summer wedding

Beautiful cake decoration with succulents and flowers in white for white cheese

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