Autumn trends 2020 for men: outfits for a stylish start to the season

Exciting prints, new bright colors and a wide range of fabrics: Who thought that men’s fashion was boring? We have summarized the 10 coolest autumn trends 2020 for men for you and explain how you can implement them in a stylish manner. There is something for every taste. These models, colors and cuts ensure a fashion-conscious appearance both in the office and in the disco.

Autumn trends 2020 for men: red is the trend color of the season

Fall trends 2020 men wearing red suits and coats

Red is clearly one of the trend colors of this fall season. When it comes to styling, however, a certain amount of tact is required, especially when several color nuances are combined. Men who like to experiment turn to red velvet suits. Sneakers and a hat with a check pattern can effectively round off the sporty, elegant outfit. The trench coat with a lambskin collar is fashion-conscious but more subtle. Combat boots and black jeans complete the monochrome look. The red denim jacket with patches is more suitable for everyday use. Colored glasses and a baseball cap go perfectly with the outfit.

Autumn trends 2020 for men: coats with checked patterns

Fall trends 2020 men's mantal with checked patterns

There are many plaid patterns and it doesn’t matter whether you opt for the fine glen check or the large-format window plaid this autumn: they are all trendy. Long coats in autumn colors such as green, brown or red are particularly popular. To make the outerwear stand out, a sweater or shirt in a subdued color is worn underneath. The garment comes across as sporty and elegant and can be worn with woolen trousers and sneakers.

Autumn trends 2020 for men: jackets and coats with lambskin

Fall trends 2020 men's shearling jackets wear with jeans and pants and chains

This fall, it’s not just the colors and patterns, but also the fabrics that set the tone. Short jackets with lambskin collars and lining are clearly part of the autumn trends 2020. Dark jeans are worn with them. Accessories such as necklaces or scarves effectively complete the sporty, elegant everyday look.

Autumn trends 2020 for men: leather for a fashion-conscious appearance

Fall trends 2020 men's wearing oversized leather jackets

Trench coat, belt bag, trousers and waistcoat: leather is one of the classics. This year, however, we are not only relying on separate parts, but on leather suits. So that the outfit doesn’t look overloaded, we wear a sweater in a contrasting color or a shirt with a print. The perfect styling for long walks or for coffee to-go with friends.

Autumn trends 2020 for men: patchwork

Autumn trends 2020 men's jackets with patchwork motifs and photo collages

Do you have many items of clothing in plain colors? With a quilted vest or quilted jacket with patchwork patterns, you can give the look that extra something. The prints resemble a photo collage and are inspired by the street style fashion of the fashion metropolis New York. You can also wear casual jeans and white sneakers.

Autumn trends 2020 for men: prints

Autumn trends 2020 men's jeans and jackets with tattoo designs

Pants and jackets with prints and digital prints on the sleeves and legs are making a comeback. True statement garments in themselves, they give the look a retro touch from the 90s. A certain playfulness is currently not only characteristic of women’s, but also of men’s fashion. Those who opt for it can complete the look with chains, eye-catching rings or sneakers in the 90s style.

Autumn trends 2020 for men: jackets models

Fall trends 2020 wearing men's bomber jackets or quilted jackets properly

In 2020, all styling rules will be thrown overboard. From now on, the outerwear can shine and shimmer during the day, whatever it takes. The tops, which are richly decorated with sequins, are highlighted by jeans and T-shirts in plain colors. Jackets with prints in autumn colors are also popular. The layered look is used. At first glance, an outfit like this looks chaotic, actually it’s a statement look that is worth focusing on the details.

Fall trends 2020 for men: oversized clothing

Fall trends 2020 men wear oversized suits and coats and style tips

When it comes to suits, the “oversized” look is very popular. Gone are the days of perfectly tailored suits. Both blazers and trousers are about wide and give the feeling that you have ordered the wrong size. Normcore shirts with a classic cut, but oversized, round off the outfit perfectly. They sit loosely and ensure optimal comfort in hectic everyday life.

Fall trends 2020 for men: tweed

Fall trends 2020 Men's tweed jackets wear and style properly

Tweed is one of the classics. Its light structure can be easily combined with patterns. This autumn, for example, flowers not only adorn women’s shoes and boots, but also men’s coats. Tweed blazers and coats can also be layered perfectly, for example with a hoodie or a denim shirt.

By the way, there are also autumn trends for men that are no longer as current as in 2019. These include, for example, the lapel shirts, which were the key peace in the Prada and Dior Men collections last year. This fall they are setting the stage for a new model: silk shirts. From now on, shirts with a slight sheen will not only be worn in the disco. Together with simple trousers, they form an attractive ensemble. The styling is also perfect for official events.

Another trend that conquered the fashion scene three years ago. The so-called utility style, i.e. useful, comfortable clothing with patch pockets, buckles and zippers, was declared an absolute must-have last year. This year, however, the designers place more value on a stylish and sporty-elegant look and the workwear just doesn’t go with it. Instead of a coat with patch pockets, you would prefer a fitted leather coat with a belt pocket.

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