40 Large Kids' Room Ideas - Beautiful Children's Room Wall Decals

Plant your old home and re-decorate it? If so, don't miss the nursery! It is just as important to gather many ideas for children's rooms, such as for kitchens, bathrooms or other bedrooms. We have 40 large species Kids room ideas for small spaces. So it would be much easier to find the perfect interior decoration and decoration for the room for your kids! It eventually turns your home into a comfortable and pleasant environment for all to transform! Enhance our selection Children's room wall deco and home decor ideas and you will find guaranteed inspiration!

40 Large Kids Room Ideas - Beautiful Kids Room Wall Decal

Color demanding and easy - low-key and child-friendly Kinside ideas

For kids, a fun and colorful environment for playing is just the right thing! Shelves, cabinets and simple decoration should look colorful and modern. Even simple furniture can be picked up with some color. Especially very useful is the painting of furniture and furniture in various colored fields.

Color and Easy - Low and Easy Kids Room Ideas

Kinterior wall deco - hot air balloons

A wonderful idea for the nursery design of these hot air balloons! Paint a Zimmer wall with a mountain panorama. Then hot air balloons hang from the blanket and put small plastic animals in the basket. Clouds or cotton wool can be made clouds and hung up! So the room is much more romantic and magical.

Kinderzimmer Wall Decal - Hot Air Balloons

Blue and white - Simple and simple children's room ideas for small rooms

A combination of blue and white is certainly a great idea for the nursery design. Use both colors for the complete decoration of Zimmers. For example, keep the walls in white, but paint the blankets with a blue sky with white clouds. Use both colors for the furniture too! With a few decorative elements, a splash of paint can be brought into the room, e.g. yellow pillows, a striped rug or a colorful lamp.

Blue and White - Simple and Simple Kids Room Ideas for Small Rooms


Girl room ideas - Many wood

Look for something else Kids room ideas for small rooms? Then we have one for you! Even the smallest room can be used properly! Wooden furniture give Kiotherwise a pleasant atmosphere. The bottom bed of a stock bed can be transformed into a playhouse, which saves space.

Girl Room Ideas - Many Wood

Eine Spielecke - Children's Room Decoration

Design a toy for your kids! Old car tires can be made comfortable and fun seats for the little ones! Paint the tire with a coat of paint, then insert the pillow. The environment and the seats in the nursery look great!

Eine Spielecke - Kinderzimmer Deko

Wonderful Butterflies - Nursery Ideas

So from a room it becomes a magical place: a carpet with butterflies, light chains for the lighting, hot air balloons in the blankets and garlands and the walls - in a short time the children's room was transformed.

Decorating small rooms yourself, planning and making love with lots of joy and with a few handles you can still transform such a small room into a cozy space to your own taste. Here's sin 20 space-saving decoids for small spaces.

Wunderschöne Schmetterlinge - Kinderzimmer Ideas

A large balloon - sweet nursery ideas

Interesting lighting transforms every children's room. This hot air balloon for example is actually a lamp and looks great! The restful decoration in the nursery should fit in place of the fallen lamp.

A Big Balloon - Sweet Kids Room Ideas


Paper Lamps - Children's Room Wall Deco

Are you looking for simple and convenient decoids for your nursery? Who would be with big paper lampions? These can easily be hung in blankets or walls. Done is the great effect of this appealing decoration.

Paper Lamps - Children's Room Wall Decals

Sterns and animals - The perfect place to play

Combine a starry sky with animals. Decorate the walls with many stares, mouths and clouds. Then distribute small plastic animals and furniture with animal motif in the room. The wand could easily be adorned with animal or star glue!

Stern and animals - The perfect place to play

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