25 Jewelery Organizers make craft ideas - Organize jewelry

You can never get enough of chains, earrings and bracelets! Jewelery does not complete only the outfit, but gives you the opportunity to express our style very much to your own taste. Whether fashioned ornaments or gold earrings, silver necklaces with a gemstone pendant, family pieces or rings with stones - there are so many choices and each piece is very special! The jewelry box is our very own treasure trove. Unfortunately, some chains prefer nothing to humiliate themselves, the second ear of the set disappears in mysterious ways and then reappears in unexpected fashion. There is no chaos in the jewelry box, so you have to patronize it again with much patience, it is worthwhile to hire a jewelry organizer. We also say who was your one Make jewelry organizer yourself könnt. In this post we also provide 25 beauty DIY Bastelideen vor.

25 Schmuck Organizer self-make Bastelideen - Organize Schmuck

Make Organizer yourself - Window

To hang on long earrings, here's a great tip: mesh wire! In fine mesh you can hang wonderful long earrings. That way the second earring will never be lost. Take a decorative frame, rotate it and cut a piece of machine wire with a pinch on the right size. Then attach the wire with a strong tack. Finished Organizer for the Earrings! For the necklace hooks in the bottom, screw a small console, then hang in a wall. Set small bowls for rings and brooches on shelves.

Instead of throwing broken windows in the trash, you can enchant them with creative tricks to enchant beautiful decor elements! Under this DIY Wall Decal Ideas find you your favorites!

Jewelry Organizer Self-Making - Window

Jewelry Organizer - Console

From a small console and hooks it seems easy to make a small jewelry organizer! Rotate the console, then mark with pencil and ruler points at equal spacing. Scrape hooks in those markers. Now hang up the console. Next, add two decorative hooks that attach the console to the wall. Finally, hang the necklaces in the hooks and jewelery, such as placing bracelets, rings and ear plugs on the console.

Schmuck Organizer - Console

Eleganter Jewelery counter - display cabinet

A display cabinet for small collector figures can easily be transformed into a jewelry box! Screw for long earrings and chain hooks in the underside of the boards. Then the jewelery counter can be hung up and accommodated! In this new, stylish jewelry box you will also find small succulents, picture frames and nail polish in your space.

Elegant Schmuckchrank - Schauschrank


Organize Jewelry - Machine Wire and Hooks

Fine mesh is really a fine material for a jewelry box! The backside of a Rahmens rebuild. If the frame had various divisions, which returned with various materials, such as solid cardboard and machine wire. Now screw the hooks for those necklaces into the frame. Screw two large hooks, then place a narrow wooden rod. Bracelets can be hung here!

Images on paper do not disappear as quickly in any folder on the hard disk. With a little creativity, you can turn the most beautiful images of life into a real hingucker. Here's about 30 Photo Walls and Photo Collage Ideas, with whom you enchant your home.

Organize Jewelry - Machine Wire and Hooks

Jewelry cabinet from one cabinet

Using a cupboard for small figures is a great idea! Paint the dressing table in a color after election and let dry. Secure the showcase. Now screw the hooks into those compartments. So each earring pair gets their own Fach. Insert a piece under the jewelery counter, in which the necklaces can be attached.

Jewelry counter from one display case

Fashionable jewelry box

A triangular frame is somewhat different and looks really stylish. Stick the back wall of the frame with cork. Insert buttons and hooks for chains and earrings. The ear plugs can be conveniently pressed into the cork. Even a round frame looks modern and can easily be transformed into a jewelry box!

Modalchen Schmuckchrank basteln

Jewelry box with mirror

A folding mirror can easily be transformed into a jewelry box! Stick the inside of the mirror with fabric. Cut timber strips at the correct length, then paint in a suitable color. Place the slats in the mirror, then screw hooks for earrings and chains into those slats.

A beautiful ring also includes a nice manicure. An exciting and complicated looking nail design is actually lighter than thought. If you know the right tricks, do a little practice with any design. Here are 15 nail design ideas + instructions. Then there is also something for you!

Jewelery counter with mirror


Jewelry Boxes - Make Jewelry Organizer the Same

A key counter offers you a wonderful look, to make a jewelry box! To hang earrings, you can put a piece of stretch metal in the cabinet. The earrings could be easily plugged into those holes! Place hooks on the inside of the door for the necklaces. Bracelets simply hung in the hooks, which were actually thought for keys. Make jewelry organizer yourself geht so leicht!

Jewelery boxes - Jewelery maker self-made

Jewelry Organizer itself from a picture frame

Another beautiful idea, how to make a jewelry organizer out of a picture frame! Paint a large picture frame in one color after election and let dry. Now that the back side is covered with a fine mesh, this should be stable and firm. Stick with one tack. Rotate the frame and attach a pole for bracelets so you can easily pull the pole back out of the brackets. Attach a pair of grips and hooks for the necklaces. Screw the hooks best into the bottom of the frame, so there is plenty of space for the chains.

Jewelry Organizer Self-Making from a Picture Frame

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