Which kitchen back wall white kitchen? 20 ideas and tips for colors and materials

If you opt for white kitchen cabinets, you have a fairly large selection in terms of the rear wall. The reason for this is that white is a neutral color and such colors are known to go wonderfully with all others and can therefore be easily combined. If you are still not quite sure, you can get inspiration from the following ideas for the perfect kitchen back wall for white kitchens. You can create real eye-catchers not only in terms of color. You also have a free choice of materials.

Colored kitchen back wall white kitchen

Kitchen rear wall white kitchen in red made of glass - minimalist interior design

So you have a white kitchen – which back wall could you choose? If you have the courage, you can choose a bright color, for example. You get this not only with the help of tiles in any shape, but also with a tile mirror for white kitchen made of glass. With a peppy color, the kitchen and the back of the kitchen stand out from each other and the room also looks much more lively.

Open kitchen with pastel green back wall and minimalist cabinet design

So if you are looking for exactly that, nothing stands in your way and a colored kitchen back wall white kitchen will miss the finishing touch. But it doesn't necessarily have to be a bright color. Pastel colors look just as good between the cabinets. So if you prefer a more subtle color, that's also possible. Either way, the glass kitchen back wall will draw everyone's attention.

Orange kitchen back wall white glass kitchen for modern look in the room

Lush green in the white kitchen

Kitchen back wall white kitchen in green for a peppy color accent

Dark kitchen back wall white kitchen – eye-catcher through contrasts

Dark gray kitchen back wall white kitchen - monochrome kitchen design with kitchen island

Regardless of whether you design tile mirrors and kitchens in black and white or prefer a dark gray instead of black – it is the strong contrast between the two colors that creates an exciting and modern atmosphere. Similar to the first variant with colors, both elements stand out from each other. However, you are not tied to any color in relation to the rest of the decoration, but can use textiles and other things in any color. If the back wall of the kitchen has a colorful color instead, the rest of the interior design must also be adapted to it.

Kitchen back wall white kitchen in contrast with hexagonal mosaic tiles

Not only tiles are suitable for creating a contrast, but also the modern concrete look, blackboard color or dark metal. If you choose tiles, you can also choose between different sizes for the white kitchen back wall, such as mosaic or subway tiles, as well as between different shapes, such as classic square or rectangular and of course hexagonal.

Monochrome design

Design kitchens completely white for a neutral and ultra-modern look

Even if this variant sounds a bit monotonous and boring, it doesn't have to be the case. Because we mean not only a completely white design. Instead, play with the joints. If, for example, you also consider tile mirrors in white for a white kitchen, you can design the joint joints in black, gray or a different color (by the way, this is also easier to maintain than light joints).

Zigzag pattern from narrow marble tiles in a modern kitchen

Furthermore, the tiles for the back wall of the white kitchen do not have to be exclusively white. A light gray tone with a marble look also looks great. Or how do you find the modern idea in the picture above, where the kitchen back wall was designed in a herringbone pattern? So as you can see, a bright back wall in a white kitchen doesn't have to be boring!

Subtle back wall design in light gray with natural stone in marble look

Subway tiles with dark joints

Subway and Metro tiles in white with dark grout in a herringbone pattern

Floral mosaic pattern

Create floral patterns from mosaic tiles in the white kitchen

Kitchen back wall for white kitchen in metallic

Kitchen back wall white kitchen with copper for a modern and warm ambience and as a color accent

When you choose metallic, it sparkles and shines in the kitchen. If a gray metallic like steel is too boring for you, we definitely recommend copper as the back wall or alternatively bronze. This not only gives you an interesting color contrast, but also creates a warm accent in the middle of the neutral kitchen cabinets. And copper looks simply spectacular in modern and minimalist as well as in traditional and country house kitchens!

Metallic as an accent in kitchens - silver tiles as splash protection behind the stove

But you don't only get the desired metallic effect with metal. If you prefer the easy-care tiles for the white kitchen back wall, you will also find what you are looking for with this material. It's no secret that tiles come in a variety of colors and designs these days. Accordingly, there is no lack of metallic colors. Or how about a mirror between upper and lower cabinets?

Mirror instead of tile mirror for a larger and more open feeling and modern look

Wooden back wall

Waste wood as a back wall between upper and lower cabinets

Wood creates the necessary warmth in the cool white of the kitchen cupboards and can be used discreetly in a light color or as a contrast in the dark. Since wood is available in a wide variety of shades, there is a large selection available so that you will have no problem finding exactly what you want. And whether you choose real or solid wood or prefer laminate is up to you.

Modern and rustic at the same time - dark wood with glass plate as the back wall

A wooden back wall in the kitchen, which is equipped with a glass plate, also looks very effective. The glossy surface gives the back wall a certain modern finish and is perfect for contemporary kitchen designs.

Natural stone for pure luxury

White base cabinets and stone for the back wall

Your kitchen gets an additional touch of luxury if you choose natural stone as the back wall. Whether in warm colors, in light marble or in a dark gray to black variant does not matter, because stone always looks very impressive. The refined look can be carried out in different ways: just choose the stone as a soloist for the back wall or extend it to the worktop. This variant can also be used as a combination with a kitchen island.

Small marble tiles for a neutral kitchen design

Gray natural stone

Gray natural stone and exposed concrete as the floor for a monochrome design in a white kitchen design

Extravagant, modern and extremely refined – windows instead of a kitchen back wall are white kitchens

Windows instead of kitchen back wall, white kitchen with marble

If you have the option of completely pulling out the back wall to create a really special alternative to the classic one, you can truly transform your kitchen into a jewel that you never want to leave. This modern idea gives you a kitchen back wall and panoramic windows in one. But it is more suitable for minimalist kitchen designs because the simple look is continued through the window.

Ingenious rear wall idea with panoramic window

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