Which is the right sunglasses for your face shape? Useful shopping tips and trendy models at a glance

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The sunglasses are a stylish and also functional accessory. It protects our eyes from the harmful UV rays and completes the summer outfit. No wonder every season the selection in new models is huge. Despite the great offerings, most women find it hard to find suitable sunglasses. Even fashion conscious ladies cannot appreciate, was standing and was - not. We help you find useful sunglasses to find sunglasses that fit your face shape.

Find the right sunglasses for a pretty face

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For women with real faces, the forehead falls apart and the lower body is marked by its angular shape. Actresses Olivia Wilde and Keira Knightley, as well as model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, have a great face. This shape stands out above all with sunglasses with round or oval glasses. Especially noted are the patterned frames in Schildpatt-Optik. Forget the brown-black variant, models in summer colors were worn this year. Yellow, orange, blue, but also delicate pink and romantic purple adorn the facets of sunglasses. If you don't want to experiment, you can opt for an aviator goggles. This sunglasses for women is considered an absolute classic and adds a cool touch to any styling.

Finding the right sunglasses for a round face: These models are on trend

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Women with round faces have full cheeks and rounded chin and foreheads. The singer Selena Gomez, the actress Jennifer Lawrence and the model Chrissy Teigen all have a round face shape. Sunglasses with octagonal glasses let them work narrower and more expressive. The trendy Cateye model, which presents an exciting mix of the classic Cateye goggles with the above pointed tips and the triangular sunglasses, is currently on trend. One alternative dazu offers the so-called Hexagon goggles, which adds a romantic retro touch to the styling.

Choose the right sunglasses for a heart-shaped face

    find the right sunglasses for your face shape

Typical features of a reshaped face are the wide forehead and the little chin. Those cheekbones can, but do not necessarily, need to broaden. Women who have a heart-shaped face stand before the challenge of narrowing their brows optically. Actresses Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon and Dakota Johnson have a heartfelt face. Angular sunglasses with narrow glasses fit perfectly into the face shape. In the last year, the 90s fashion experienced a comeback, but many variations in retro style were offered. This can be decorated with a print or rhinestones.

The right sunglasses for oval faces

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Long face shape, high foreheads, a narrow chin and lightly pronounced cheeks are the hallmarks of an oval face. Women with oval faces are lucky enough to be able to wear virtually any sunglasses shape and look good. If you like Jessica Alba, Kendall Jenner or Anne Hathaway have an oval face shape, then you can also experiment with the styling. The aforementioned shield sunglasses have a striking shape. The colorful colors make up the retro charm of the models. There are many variants in the trade - with and without fit, with plastic or metal frames for selection. Where the colors are concerned, no boundaries are set: The fashion accessory is available in this black as well as in the trendy colors Orange, Dark Blue, Yellow or Purple. For real trendsetters available with rhinestones or satin straps adorned models available.

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