When feet sweat – what to do about sweaty feet and stinky feet?

Even if the problem is particularly common in summer, it is very annoying in all other seasons: sweaty feet and especially stinky feet. And it is particularly uncomfortable to take off your shoes when you are invited to a visit somewhere and suffer from the smell of foot. You are ashamed. But there is a lot you can do about the problem. We explain why feet sweat, what causes the smell and what you can do about it.

Sweating feet – cause

Sweating feet - why stinky feet develop and what you can do about them

Why do feet sweat? Feet, like the rest of the body, sweat to cool the body at higher temperatures and thus regulate the body temperature. If we didn’t sweat, we would die of overheating pretty quickly. As annoying the sweat under the armpits, on the hands, feet and on the head as it may be for you, it is vital! But some sweat excessively. In such cases simple remedies for sweating can help, provided the cause is not a disease.

Sweating Feet – Why Do Feet Stink?

Foot sweat is naturally odorless, but when it is broken down by bacteria, it creates an odor

As with all other parts of the body, foot sweat is initially completely odorless. Armpits and feet only smell when different bacteria start to break down the sweat. Bacteria love warmth and moisture, so they find exactly the right conditions in shoes to feel good. All the sweat cannot evaporate and so your feet stink.

Sweaty feet – what really helps?

Feet sweat to regulate body temperature and stink from bacteria

But how do you get sweaty feet away? You can take preventive measures against sweaty feet. You can find helpers both in the trade and at home in the form of natural products who can help you fight sweaty feet, but also against smelly feet. We have once summarized what you can buy for this purpose and which home remedies for sweaty feet are effective.

What helps against foot odor – the right shoes

Avoid sweating feet by choosing the right shoes depending on the season

Did you notice how hard your feet sweat in the shoe? This can have two causes:

  • You are not wearing the right shoes for the current season or for the temperature in your area (e.g. in the office) or
  • the material from which your shoes are made is unfavorable.

A good tip against sweaty feet is to choose the right type of shoe and to choose a breathable material. Sandals and other open shoes, for example, are better suited for summer than sneakers or other closed shoes. Natural materials such as leather or linen are preferred, while artificial ones only intensify sweating on the feet. The same applies to the socks. Avoid synthetic fabrics.

Feet sweat quickly – foot deodorant as a preventive measure

Deodorants and powder for feet reduce sweat production and odors

There are special foot deodorants that you can apply before putting on your feet and which (like the deodorant for the armpits) should prevent foot odor. Such deodorants are available in the form of sprays, but also as powder. Apply it between your toes too.

Insoles against sweaty feet

Insoles for shoes guarantee better air circulation and absorb moisture

Special insoles, which are very thin and often have a pleasant scent and are easy to put in the shoe, also prevent sweaty feet. With their help, the air in the shoe should circulate better, so as to reduce the risk of feet sweating. In addition, the soles bind moisture, which makes life more difficult for the bacteria, so that smelly feet are avoided. These shoe soles are replaced about once a week.

Deodorants for the shoes

Deodorant for shoes against smelly feet after sweating

We have already mentioned that there are deodorants for the feet. But you can also edit the shoes with special shoe deodorants. As for the feet, these are available both in the form of spray and in the form of powder. They are only applied inside and are then intended to fight the bacteria so that unpleasant smells are avoided.

Feet sweat profusely – natural means

Foot bath with natural means such as vinegar, baking soda and essential oils

Your feet are sweating profusely, but would you prefer to try home remedies before you buy the products mentioned? No problem, because nature has so many smart helpers to offer. You can use the following remedies in the form of a foot bath and thus prevent your feet from sweating and stinking:

  • essential oils such as tea tree oil and lavender oil
  • Vinegar and apple cider vinegar
  • Green tea
  • Baking soda
  • sage
  • Black tea

Let your feet dry well after the foot bath before putting on shoes

It is best to do the foot bath in the morning before putting on your shoes. It is very important that you leave your feet enough time to dry afterwards. First dry them thoroughly with a towel and don’t forget the areas between your toes. Then let them dry in the fresh air for a while.

The water bath itself is prepared from lukewarm water and a small amount of one of the agents mentioned. Mix the two ingredients well and then bathe your feet in this bath for 10 minutes. The agents have an antibacterial effect and constrict the sweat glands, which reduces sweat production.

Sweating feet - what really helps against sweaty feet and unpleasant smell

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