Demi Moore suffered a miscarriage in 2004, she was 6 months pregnant

Demi Moore miscarried Ehe Ashton Kutcher

Women in the United States are fighting for their right to abortion. In Alabama, in the next year, a law will come into force that prohibits self-raped women from abortion. Should this really happen, then the decision of the Supreme Court, which currently allows the abortion, threatens to overturn. A ban on abortion could be the result of a federal ban. Unfortunately, a campaign is being run that gives women the word. Even promisters report to word and tell about their abortions and miscarriages. So the women are mutually courageous and may publicly say that they are together. Actresses Busy Philipps, Milla Jovovich, as well as singer Nicki Minaj had prepared about their deductions or the like. Mistakes told. Right now, Demi Moore is reporting. She says in her book that in 2004 she lost her unborn baby.

Demi Moore was pregnant in 2004 with colleague Ashton Kutcher

Demi and 15 years younger Ashton got to know each other in the year 2003. It was love of the first Blick, who was both ready to spend a few weeks together and had a harmonious relationship. One year later they become pregnant. It was a girl and it should be called Chaplin Ray. Unfortunately, the pregnancy falls sadly tragic: In the sixth month, she suffers a miscarriage. The loss had severe consequences: Demi suffered from depression and began drinking. Fortunately, Ashton is at your side and half your reach on the legs. In the next year, they both sought out the yes word and sought to have another child. Those attempts failed and six years later the divorce came. Two years later, Ashton Kutcher became a daughter with new girlfriend Mila Kunis.

Demi Moore: Happy with 56

Demi Moore lost pregnant Ashton Kutcher baby

Today, Demi Moore is single, but happy. She gave birth to three grown daughters of your spouse with Bruce Willis and they gave you strength. She also obviously feels in her body, was the latest Harper's Bazaar - Photos prove. For the fashionable magazine, Demi wants to illuminate her clothing for a pool.

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