What can you tinker with scraps of paper? Creative craft ideas for young and old

If you regularly tinker with paper, thanks to today's ideas for tinkering with paper snippets, you will have a reason to pick up the paper scraps from now on. With the leftovers you can make super interesting and fun things. So get out paper, scissors and glue and get started right away! Whether it's just for an afternoon of handicrafts or for making gifts for grandma and grandpa, mom and dad or other dear people – snippets are useful for many purposes.

Star tinker with scraps of paper as a wall or window decoration

Tinker gifts with scraps of paper - 3D star with colorful confetti and bow

  • colorful scraps of paper
  • any slide
  • Glue
  • Cord to hang up
  • loop
  • funnel
  • Template for a star

Sew a star out of foil and fill with snips

Print out any template for a star, place it under the slide and trace the outline. Place the other foil on top and sew the outline of the star together. Don't forget to leave a small opening through which you can later use the funnel to pour in the scraps of paper. Once you have sewn the star, you can cut it out and fill it. You may be able to push the snippets through the funnel with a pen.

Star tinker with shredded paper and foil - colorful decoration for hanging

You can then either sew up the opening or close it with glue. You should also incorporate the hanging cord. Then stick a bow and you're done. You can tinker such a star in any color with scraps of paper and so design it to match spring, for Christmas or in line with the rest of the home decoration.

Crafts with scraps of paper – decorate the star with tissue paper

Handicrafts with scraps of paper and children - design colorful stars or other figures

If you are looking for ideas for tinkering with children that you can give away, such a motley star is great. You only need the snippets, any star made of metal or another material and napkin glue for this idea for crafting paper scraps. Brush the star liberally with glue and then pour the snippets over it.

Tinker with paper snippets - spread metal star with glue and sprinkle with confetti

Gently press it in and let the glue dry a little. Then add another layer of glue to seal the snippets. As soon as this layer has dried, your pretty decoration is ready. Of course, you can also decorate any other shape in this way. How about, for example, with a heart to match Mother's Day? The paper can also vary. In addition to tissue paper, normal, crepe paper and tracing paper are also suitable.

Make rainbows with young children

Great rainbow collage for children made of different materials

You can not only tinker with scraps of paper, but also with other materials that are left over from other craft projects (e.g. foam rubber, cardboard, felt, corrugated paper, etc.). And if you're looking for craft ideas for toddlers, this rainbow may be just the thing for you. You need:

  • Snippets in multiple colors (rainbow colors)
  • cardboard
  • pencil
  • Scissors or even better craft knives (only for adults!)
  • Glue

Make your own rainbow on cardboard with snippets of paper, felt and cardboard

Draw a rainbow with strips on the cardboard and cut it out with a knife. Now the child can stick the different rainbow stripes with the snippets. If you prepare the scraps of paper especially for the project, you can also cut certain geometric figures that you can then practice with the child (triangles, squares, squares, etc.). This is a great idea, especially if the project is for handicrafts for small children.

Make a picture out of pieces of paper

Tinker pictures with paper snippets for children - simple suggestions to imitate

Images from paper snippets are very popular when tinkering with paper snippets. It doesn't matter whether certain motifs are created or a simple jumble of colored paper. Therefore, such ideas are also great for tinkering with 2-year-old children. Prepare the snippets and a sheet of paper or cardboard and the children can get creative and stick as they please. How about, for example, a tree whose trunk you paint on and make a crown out of snippets?

Tip: Small children cannot handle glue yet, so you can simply lay out a piece of self-adhesive film on which the child spreads the snippets. For this purpose, the film can also be fixed to a wall or window.

Mosaic pictures as Craft ideas for children

Make autumn collage with paper scraps and leaves

You need a piece of cardboard and optionally some arbitrary paper motifs. In the example, an autumn picture was made with paper leaves, but of course you can also come up with your own topic. Glue the motifs onto the cardboard and cut more paper so that you get snippets. To tinker with scraps of paper, simply distribute them around the motifs, creating an interesting mosaic pattern.

Collage from snippets

Glue collages with toddlers and schoolchildren

Older children and adults, in turn, can use snippets of paper for a collage that is supposed to look a bit more organized. Such snippets of paper are a great basis for larger greeting cards or wall decorations to give away. You can also combine the paper with pieces of fabric and other materials. Then the picture becomes very interesting in its texture.

Use scrapbooking paper for collages of snippets

Geometric tree

Making handicrafts with children from paper - abstract tree from snippets

Geometric collage tinker with pieces of paper

Creative and modern collage of paper snippets

How about this great idea for crafting pieces of paper for a collage? The snippets are geometrically cut in the example (rectangles, squares and circles), but of course all kinds of shapes are suitable for this purpose. Then cut a window out of white paper. Put the snippets together as you like: side by side, on top of each other, overlapping, straight, oblique – everything is allowed.

Instructions for a collage for children and adults

You glue the individual elements onto a base (e.g. a colored sheet of paper or a canvas). Finally, glue the white paper with the window onto the collage. If you make several such collages, you can put together a large picture from them, as in the example. The result is a modern and cheerful wall decoration.

Handicrafts for children – making paper from snippets

Tinker paper with scraps of paper as a recycling idea - integrate flowers into the paper

You can collect all your sticky notes, letters, newspapers, shopping lists, old drawings and the like instead of throwing them away and making new paper out of them. This idea for tinkering with paper scraps is sustainable, fun and the new paper is pretty pretty to look at, especially if you decorate it with different things. We now explain what we mean and how exactly you produce paper:

  • Picture frames in the size that the DIY paper should have
  • Fly screens made of metal
  • short nails
  • old paper, cut into pieces or torn
  • Food processor
  • Bowl or tub, at least 30 x 40 cm
  • Non-woven wipes, at least 30 x 40 cm
  • Rolling pin

Handicrafts with scraps of paper – Instructions

Process paper into porridge and spread on a sieve to make DIY paper

Build a sieve from the picture frame and grid. Simply nail the screen to the frame. You can also build the frame yourself from wooden strips and contra-angles. Put pieces of paper and water in a food processor and make them into a creamy pulp. Put this porridge in a tub and pour in enough water to create the consistency of buttermilk.

Now dip the frame with the grille vertically into the tub. When immersing, turn the frame horizontally so that the grille points upwards at the end. The goal is to use the grid to pick up the paper fibers from the water (alternatively, you can also distribute the mass from the food processor directly on the grid). Place the frame on the edges of the tub so that the water can drain off. Place a non-woven cloth on a mat. Take the grid with the porridge and quickly tip it onto the fleece cloth to transfer the porridge to the cloth. This must be done quickly so that the porridge does not melt.

Crafts sustainably with shredded paper and making your own paper - simple instructions

Carefully remove the frame and place another fleece cloth on the still damp paper. Now roll the rolling pin over the cloth. In this way, the remaining water is pressed out of the paper. Remove the top fleece cloth and hang the other cloth on which the paper is still to dry. So let the paper dry for a while, after which you can detach it from the cloth and let it dry completely on a flat surface. Repeat these steps until the porridge becomes too thin.

Tips & tricks for homemade paper

Homemade paper can be seeded and is a great gift idea

  • The paper can be labeled more easily later when it is ironed.
  • Paper can be tinted with water and food colors.
  • You can add flower or spice seeds to the porridge, which is a great idea for gift cards. A piece of the paper can later be put directly into potting soil, where the seeds can germinate.
  • Blossoms and other parts of plants make the paper even more beautiful.
  • Mix coffee grounds or spices into the porridge.
  • With glitter, the paper becomes particularly effective.
  • The paper can be cut directly and used as bookmarks, labels and other things.

Nice garland of snippets for handicrafts with children

Ideas to tinker with paper scraps for a beautiful garland

Such a simple idea, but which would probably not have occurred so quickly: The snippets with their different shapes and sizes can become a beautiful garland that can be used not only as a decoration at parties, but also in everyday life in the children's room. There are two ways to make the garland: Either you simply stick the snippets to a string or you even sew them together. Without question, both variants are very personable!

Use geometric or asymmetrical shapes for paper garlands

Although the garlands with the asymmetrical snippets look very original, you can of course also use symmatrices. Circles, squares, rectangles and other quadrilaterals are just a few of the possibilities. It is your handicraft project for handicrafts with pieces of paper and you can do whatever you want with it!

Make confetti with pieces of paper

Process snippets of confetti with punches or punches for various motifs

Confetti is usually made up of small circles of paper, but that doesn't mean that you can't make some from the rest of your paper. Simply snip it into tiny pieces or use a punch as usual if you insist on the round shape. Any other punch can be used to create stars, snowflakes, triangles and many other shapes.

The new trend for great party decorations: filled balloons with confetti, glitter and Co.

Creative carnival decorations in glass in colorful colors – great ideas to imitate

Great ideas for sticking Easter eggs and instructions for copying

The confetti can then be used to make other great things yourself, including a confetti bomb, beautiful vases or decorative plates filled with confetti, laminated and confetti-filled bookmarks or party mugs that are stuck with snippets of paper. Be creative!

Use a heart punch to make confetti from scraps of paper

Decorate gifts and party items

Decorate the gift packaging and party mug with snippets

Colorful snippets for bookmarks and decorative bowls

Use snippets and confetti to decorate bowls and laminated bookmarks

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