Tinker useful Mother's Day gifts for adults – 8 creative craft ideas

Handicrafts are a great activity not only for children. Many adults also enjoy it a lot. And especially when it comes to homemade gifts, simple craft ideas that are cool, appealing and above all useful are in demand. Would you like to make Mother's Day gifts for adults this year and are you looking for inspiration and instructions? Then you have come to the right place.

Tinkering Mother's Day gifts for adults - make simple and useful decorations yourself

We have found do-it-yourself gift ideas for Mother's Day that are really creative. Of course, you have to find out for yourself which of these is best for your mother. After all, they know her best and know what she likes or what she could use.

Tinkering Mother's Day gifts for adults – designing the mirror with washi tape

Tinkering Mother's Day gifts for adults - mirror with self-designed frame with washi tape

All you need is a mirror with a frame and washi tape in any color. Then decorate the mirror frame with this friendly adhesive tape. You can choose a color combination according to your or your mother's taste. The finished mirror should ideally fit your mom's interior, of course. If you make these kinds of Mother's Day gifts for adults, you don't need to buy the most expensive mirror. A simple frame is sufficient.

Design the mirror frame with colorful adhesive tape and give it away for Mother's Day

You can carefully remove the mirror from the frame first when you make this Mother's Day gift. Then the frame can be glued even more easily. You can also omit this step. Simply stick one end of the adhesive tape to the edge of the frame and pull it tight to the other side so that there are no wrinkles. Then cut the tape and shape the next row with the next color. If you have not removed the mirror, you can also use a sharp craft knife to cut it to get as close as possible to the edge.

Suncatcher for hanging from molten pearls

Suncatcher as Mother's Day gifts for adults

Suncatchers are pretty window decorations that come into their own thanks to the sunshine. They can also decorate terraces and balconies and they are creative ideas that not only adults but also children can create. If you want to tinker a few as Mother's Day gifts for adults, you need the following:

  • Plastic beads
  • any cookie cutter
  • Baking sheet
  • Aluminum foil
  • drill

DIY instructions for making Mother's Day gifts for adults - make window decorations out of beads

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and line the baking sheet with the aluminum foil. Spread the cookie cutters on it. Spread a layer of pearls in each shape. You can also come up with color samples and even pictures. Make sure that they are only next to each other and not on top of each other. The pearls are easier to distribute with a toothpick. Then put the tray in the oven and let the pearls melt (around 15 minutes). The duration can vary depending on the type of plastic. It is therefore best to check the Suncatcher every 5 minutes.

Then take the tin out of the oven and let the small decorations cool. Then you can remove them from the molds. If you leave them like this and they are big enough, they are also perfect as coasters. But you can also drill a hole and use it to make pretty pendants as Mother's Day gifts for adults.

Tinkering Mother's Day gifts for adults – coasters made of colored rope

Coasters as Mother's Day gifts tinker with rope for adults

Speaking of coasters, wouldn't they really be a great idea for mom? You can make large coasters for pots or pots for Mother's Day using a simple rope and colors. The result is the model from the picture above, which is guaranteed to be well received. If you want to make them yourself as gifts, you need:

  • white rope (1.3 to 1.8 meters)
  • Acrylics
  • brush
  • small cups (made of plastic or paper cups)
  • scissors
  • hot glue

Instructions for making Mother's Day gifts for adults - dye the rope with acrylic paints

Pour a little water into the cups (approx. 5 cm) and then add a little acrylic paint to each cup. Depending on how strong the color should be, you can add more or less acrylic paint. Take the rope and dip part of it in the first color so it can soak up the water. Take out the rope, let it drip briefly in the same cup, and then turn it over to dip it in the next color.

Glue the colorful rope together using hot glue

So continue until the rope is completely colored with the colors. Don't worry about the transitions. If there are any white spots left, you can recolour them with a brush. Once the rope has dried, you can curl it up into a snail. Every few centimeters, put a blob of hot glue between the rows and press briefly together. As soon as the coaster has the desired sizes, you can cut off the remaining rope.

Decorate the picture frame with precious stones

Use birthstones or other decorations to decorate picture frames

You can make a really nice gesture with such picture frames if you tinker them yourself as Mother's Day gifts for adults. Any precious and semi-precious stones are suitable, but also other types of jewelry such as pearls, for example. A great idea would be to find out which one is your mother's birthstone and then use it to design the frame. For this project you only need:

  • Photo frames in any color (alternatively, you can customize it with spray paint)
  • Stones
  • Glue (e-6000 or other quick drying craft glue – ask at the craft store)

Design picture frames with green semiprecious stones - pretty DIY decoration

If you have sprayed your frame, you should let the paint dry well before you start gluing. Then put a small dab of glue on one part of the frame and spread stones on it. Right next to it, put a new blob of glue on the surface and decorate this area again with stones. So continue until the entire frame is covered. Gradually work your way through so that the glue does not dry before you have decorated the respective area. Finally, you can frame a nice photo and the Mother's Day gift is ready.

Make quick Mother's Day gifts – self-painted wooden bowls

Decorate wooden bowls with acrylic paints and stencils

Do you find wood so appealing? Then you will surely like such wooden bowls. They are also suitable as a gift, but they look even more interesting with a pretty pattern and are also really unique. If you want to make these gifts for Mother's Day, you only need a bowl, acrylic paints, a sponge brush and self-adhesive stencils, which you can find in any craft store. They are elastic and can be wonderfully adapted to the shape of the bowl.

Gift idea for mom with wooden bowls and self-painted patterns

After you have fixed the stencil, take up some color with the brush and stroke the stencil to transfer the patterns to the bowl. Let the colors dry and remove the stencil again. Of course, you can also paint patterns without a stencil. You can get small dots, for example, with toothpicks or cotton swabs, thin lines with a very fine brush, and even the eraser on a pencil can be used to draw. If you make the bowls as Mother's Day gifts for adults, they can then be used for jewelry, office materials or for the house and car keys.

Make beautiful coffee cups with temporary tattoos as gifts

Homemade dishes with temporary tattoos - mugs for Mother's Day

You can make Mother's Day gifts yourself with dishes and these cups look really beautiful, don't they? They are made simply with temporary tattoos. Get pretty mugs and tattoos of your choice. These can be floral motifs, but of course any other motif that suits your mother's taste. The tattoo is then transferred to the cup as usual. This is usually done by sticking it to the surface and then holding a wet sponge on it until the paper dissolves on its own (after about 30 seconds).

Simple instructions for designing cups as a gift

Then use the same wet sponge to gently dab the tattoo to hold it in place. Then let the motif dry. Finally, coat it with Mod Podge to seal it. The gift is ready. But keep in mind that such cups are not dishwasher safe and should only be rinsed by hand.

Pretty tableware with a touch of the exotic and vintage

Cool craft ideas – Homemade laundry basket

Make your laundry basket yourself with rope and color for an ombre look

You get beautiful and useful home accessories with this laundry basket. It can also be used to stow pillows and blankets and can of course be designed in any color. If you want to make such a Mother's Day gift yourself, you need:

  • round plastic laundry basket
  • Decorative paint in copper (or any other shade)
  • Rope (length varies depending on the basket; in the example it is 15 meters)
  • Felt, fleece or muslin (in the example 1 meter)
  • Hot glue and gun
  • Craft knife
  • Paintbrush

Cover plastic basket with fabric and wrap rope

Fix the felt (or other material) around the bottom of the laundry basket with the hot glue. Due to the round shape, the fabric has to fold here and there for this purpose. Cut off the excess, but not the upper part that hangs over the edge inside the basket, as you will still need it. Then glue the rope in place. To do this, start at the lowest edge at any point and work slowly upwards in a spiral. Add a drop of glue at intervals.

Decoration and home accessories as a gift idea for mom, grandma or girlfriend

When you arrive at the top, directly under the edge of the laundry basket, cut off any excess rope and fold out the inner fabric. Use the sharp craft knife (or a carpet knife) to cut off the plastic edge of the basket. Fold the fabric back inside, turn the basket upside down and change to the color scheme.

Dip the brush tip into the paint, but don't take up too much paint at once. Brush the paint over the rope and gradually make it stronger towards the top (i.e. towards the bottom of the basket) by applying more layers of paint. This creates a nice ombre effect. Let the paint dry. Finished!

Stylish Mother's Day gifts for adults – watch from a cloth

Homemade wristwatch with scarf for women

A gift couldn't be easier! If your mother is fashion-conscious and likes to wear jewelry and other accessories, you could also consider watches and tinker for adults as Mother's Day gifts. Yes, tinker! All you need for this idea is a pretty silk scarf or other type of cloth (not too big) and a simple watch.

Fashion accessory for the mother - A set of silk scarves and watches

Remove the watch strap and simply thread the cloth through the openings instead. The watch can then be tied around the wrist in a variety of ways. You can also put together an entire set with different towels and yours and give them away in a beautiful box so that your mother can put together the watch to match different outfits.

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