Privacy garden ideas – DIY fence from old doors or shutters

If you need more privacy in the yard or are looking for privacy garden ideas, you can reuse used items. Old doors that are left over after a renovation, for example, can find a new place outdoors. In addition, there are various unusual ways to build a DIY privacy screen from old doors. Window frames are also suitable for this and of course also for other purposes. One of them is to create an unusual fence that can become a real decoration of the site. For this reason, we have put together some inspiring ideas and practical instructions for you in this article. So wake up the handyman and create something unusual for your garden or courtyard during the corona crisis.

Creative privacy garden ideas

vintage design garden in white with old French doors and couch with iron coffee table

As we all know, having a nice terrace or garden in the back yard can feel wonderful. In this you can spend a lot of time with your family and friends. No matter how much you want to show your impressive garden to the world, you also need the appropriate privacy in your own home.

old door built into the fence as an entrance gate to the garden

For this reason, it is definitely a brilliant idea to have an outdoor privacy fence. Regardless of the size of your house, you can only install a privacy screen from old shutters or doors in certain places such as in the backyard, on the outdoor terrace, in the outdoor kitchen or next to the swimming pool.

garden decoration privacy garden ideas use old doors as a fence

The easiest way to use an old door is to lean it against a fence or wall. This can be done with a glass door or with a fixed door. Planters are often hung on the door to give the garden an extra touch of blooming freshness.

hammock between two trees as a diy project

One of the most creative ways to reuse old doors is to turn them into privacy screens and install them in the garden fence itself. You can also use old doors to make furniture such as a hanging swing, hammock, or rustic dining table. Just add a sheet of glass on top and you can see the recycled door underneath.

Privacy screens from old doors

Colorful old doors set up next to each other as a garden fence

For example, by installing several old doors in a row and painting them in bright colors, you can easily create a unique fence that will not go unnoticed. This can lead to funny situations in which a guest who first sees such a fence tries to determine which of the doors is actually a gate to the garden. The creation of such a fence is also somewhat reminiscent of a mosaic and how you choose the details so that the end result is perfect. So you don't have to use the same elements in a fence made of doors. It will also be very difficult to find so many identical doors.

reuse of old doors as a protective screen for guests and families

Fences that you have collected on different doors look unusual and interesting. These can be high and low, and narrow and wide. Such doors create a truly unique composition if you are looking for garden privacy screens ideas that can completely change your garden area. You can use the same color as well as multi-colored tones to color the doors. If you wish, you can leave the doors unchanged. So your privacy screen can remind you a little bit of a portal into the past. It can be very interesting to remember which room the corresponding door led to.

Privacy screen from old doors with hanging flower pots in retro style

You can simply place the protective screen on the lawn or add it to other garden furniture as a decoration. However, we recommend that you first seal painted objects outdoors and then carefully check their placement. You should make sure that they last as long as possible. Also try to keep things away from sprinklers' direct spraying and place them under some kind of cover. In winter you can keep such a privacy screen and all other decorations outdoors in your garage or basement.

Privacy garden ideas with old shutters

different colors of old shutters built as a fence in the garden

This can also be a very creative idea for an outdoor DIY project. With four old, more detailed shutters, for example, you can create an incredible privacy screen for your terrace. And it's a lot easier than you think. You can also use shutters to create privacy grilles of various sizes and colors. Combine them to get the structure and style you want. Do not hesitate to improvise and use your imagination.

white shutters as a protective screen in the courtyard next to the wooden table and old chest of drawers

If you or your neighbors have a wire fence and pets like dogs, this can sometimes cause problems. Every time the animals see themselves through the chain link fence, they can bark at each other and disturb your rest. So you need something that blocks your view without having to replace the fence – a privacy screen. So old shutters can be perfectly transformed into a privacy screen, and the whole project can be very inexpensive. You can find such materials either at the landfill or at a flea market, unless you have them yourself. These can even be connected in pairs, which makes your task even easier.

Build your own diy screen and use the old door to make it look modern or rustic with a garden path

You will often find roller shutters that only sit on the curb. Most people put them on the garbage heap after a renovation. However, you can also find inexpensive shutters in a local hardware store if you prefer new materials. If you have a fence, you can simply dig along the fence line to embed the shutters and then lean them against the fence. Essentially, you can just screw the old windows together to create a wide wall with them. You can paint smaller shutters to add a splash of color to the darker ones. Use spray paint and primer indoors and outdoors. When the paint dries, you can screw the smaller shutters to the larger shutters.

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