Decide for the kitchen: Inspirations and DIY for the loveliest space in the home!

Decide for the kitchen: Inspirations and DIY for the loveliest space in the home!

Decide for the cake: Inspiration and DIY for the most beautiful space!

The cake is more like just a place to cook and back. A touch that is fun and comfortable, is the meeting point for the family and for friends. You start with the first Tasse Coffee in the Tag, and no friendly parties come in the kitchen. It is important, therefore, that your choice is not just a center point, but also one of the highlights of your home is optically located. Very clear: Es is sweet Dekoideen, that day Küche's conscience was tempted. We have set up some research as a job and for the self-help. Lass dich inspirieren!

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The personal note for theie cake

Whenever a new chew chews, it can happily begin with one's individual unity. Otherwise, the day is out when the kitchen is ready for a meeting. If all the ready-to-use functions are good, then the cook can be used well. Alongside this, Optik often does not like the personal Skammack. Here are changes, which will fit in with relatively common wall. You can abut the tunnels of the chimney and replace it with new trees. Very expensive is the variant, which is the tower Selbstklebefolie to watch. Whenever time and material is investing, those fronts are lacquered in the Wunschfarbe. So one used cake was new - and most of all it suits you to your home! When it comes to guts, the Küchenrück wall can also be patched. The wing mirror will be muted or stained with a wood or metal back wall.


Utilize with practical benefits as Deko Elements

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Very few effects you will have with it Select the right küchenutensil. Here are some of the most useful options, such as decorative furniture upholstery, to neatly-tuned skirmishes. Particularly important are solutes of all rites which stand on the workplace. One gauge is the knife block, the little knife should be said every time. Messerblöcke offers a unique design. To a slipper, slots can fit a knife block into a hole, ready design. The cottage in country house style or with Shabby-Chic charm benefits from a knife block in natural Holz optics.

Additional features and equipment, including decorative features and practical features:

  • Coffee machine or coffee machine
  • Wasserkocher
  • Gewürzbord
  • Offenes Regal with Vorratsgläser

Fresh crabs are seen by themselves

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Essential deco always comes in and says its passion for good livelihood! Next to the Obstkorb, which is a regular classic, fresh crabs fit into a single cake. You can become creative and create your own garden in the kitchen! A dark place is the Fenstersims. Make sure that the teapot tops fit into the style of the cake. Crabs can be sold out Samen see or in the garden the young flings. Green oasis is also suitable for a small breeding ground. The fresh colors are full of nutrients. Gut appropriated minds Kresses, Senfsamen, Lenses, Alfalfa or Radishchen.


For the "Crossroads", there is special scrutiny reader in the trade. Ebenso gems the Keimlings aberrated in sauber washed out conservation readers. Und so geht's: Das Saatgut are more hours non-weight and comes in the glass. Disconnect this port with a gaseous and rubber ring. Then you put the glass with the opening still in a suitable case. Those together were spit tagged gut. You still Saatgut will end for a few days, until the Sprosses essbar mind. It is important to note that the Glass light is available and the water can always glow, which together dare not abate. If you love beautiful shaped glasses, look out for a decorative air!

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