Terrazzo tiles for every residential area - Practical use of materials in interior architecture

For those who do not know yet, Terrazzo Plates is a practical alternative to many materials for the interior design. The multi-colored terrazzo floor also has wall covering as well as material for workplates. It conquers the world of interior architecture in the storm. It is a composite material that can be completed for a seamless finish or for easy use. In this post, we also present some examples that could inspire you for your next design project.

Use terrazzo plates everywhere

modern interior architecture with terrazzo offered and currently as an accent in the restaurant

The colored spots found there consist mainly of marble, quartz, granite or glass. It is a process that has been developed for a long time, but the most widely used for Art Deco furniture made of epoxy resin. Maybe you noticed their use in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So if the material is good enough for the Stars, then we can go to ebony, right? For this reason, we have compiled a number of examples of how you could best use Terrazzo Plates in interior design in order to benefit them on the best way. Terrazzo is today celebrating a big comeback as one of the most sought-after interior design trends that you see everywhere. From terrazzo tiles, countertops and lampshades to printed wallpaper or kitchen islands with terrazzo tiles.

combining classic retro style with modern elements and terrazzo

For over 500 years from Italy, marble plaster composite materials, which people once stored in cement, can nowadays recycle as scraped stone. Since then, Terrazzo has developed into one of the most versatile building materials. As soon as the fragments are hardened, the surface will be polished to achieve a smooth finish. The material, traditionally used as a floor covering for sale, was popular in the 1970s and has been available for several years. It replaces the marble in a practical and equally stylish way and way.

Why should you choose Terrazzo?

designer chair as an accent in the living room for wall covering from terrazzo

The comparisons for such floor coverings increased by 316 percent in the last few years, the material was a massive trend power. Thanks to the infinite color and material options (think in glass and metal fragments, only in marble) it is easy to recognize why Terrazzo is gaining in popularity. This quirky, sprinkled color design, which only owned as PVC tiles, is optically appealing and versatile. For this reason, you can combine it with modern designs in houses and apartments. This reinforces the trend towards handcrafted, decorative surfaces, but offers a refined finish as well as a new and interesting alternative to granite and concrete.

double wash basin in yellow with crossed wooden legs in bath with terrazzo floor

Terrazzo can therefore be installed almost anywhere in your home. It also possesses a bit of a backdrop for Fußböden, especially in a moisture-free form, which you can tell a seamless surface. Some designs are downright neutral and provide the perfect backdrop for vibrant accessories. Other Terrazzo plates stand at the center with luminous colors and extravagant combinations. Meanwhile, terrazzo over the floors and the table tops. That Macher began by experimenting as an abstract pattern instead of using only the material. So expect more and more inspired objects in the future. It provides terrazzo lamps, pillow cases, kitchen utensils and even rugs, so that thanks to the wide range of products available on the market, Terrazzo can enjoy different spaces in the home.

Modern designs with terrazzo plates

rose-colored sofa in the 70s style combines with modern kitchen and kitchen railing made of terrazzo material

The delicate, dark pink, white-gold décor will be experienced at our very first home tour of the terrazzo interior. In this example, the fragments in the compound fabric fit perfectly with the golden elements in the color scheme of the room, such as the golden sofa legs and the integrated Beistelltisch. A trio of golden balls also requires a mini solar system over the kitchen island and rounds off the design.

pendant lights as golden rings over a covered table with precious dining chairs and cutlery

An aesthetic of the same material also offers space for six people. Over the stylish dining area shines five golden pendant lights that complement the gold-framed dining chairs. A simple glass vase depicts dried pampas grass, reminiscent of the soft, federal wedge that is depicted on the tapestry of the dining room. Wooden table sets, white crockery and a matching teapot also provide a neutral and naturally acting table decoration.

gold colored kitchen bar stools lined up beneath terrazzo kitchen island

Gold-colored watering cans grow from the kitchen island covered with terrazzo plates, while rose-colored bar stools line up at the outer edge below one overhang. Through this, the whole works very comfortably and creates an unpleasant pleasant ambience. The green branch in the transparent glass vase lends even more sophistication to the sharp-edged kitchen island. In addition, the white built-in appliances harmonize with the rest of the kitchen design.

Small living room with terraced slabs

essential for kitchens in the 70's style and living room with flat screen in one

Our next apartment with terrazzo tiles begins in a small and colorful little lounge, where the mural art is just based on the inspiration with the material in the apartment. The colorful cushions of the sofa and a floor rug that put the bright accents on the floor. As we turn around, a crowd of Terrazzo starts over the TV wall. An esthetic also separates the living room effectively from the kitchen. The wall decor is also overlapped by a wooden table that adorns the TV screen. A white media unit underpins the operating field and can handle decent consoles and listening devices.

gray sofa with colorful pillow adds perfect to the interior design of a small lounge area

Terrazzo plates are already available in the kitchen. This beautifies the L-shaped, sprinkled kitchen back wall suitable for the design. A yellow chair under three simple white also serves as a small nod to the yellow tiles in the kitchen back wall. The round glass pendant lights contrast with the color scheme and fit the glassy water tank on the esstisch.

terrazzo flat back wall in the bathroom is washy and mirror shy

Terrazzo tiles return to the bathroom again, in this beautiful area of ​​the laundry area. Sometimes the designers have not just preserved the same style through the entire living space, but also accentuate them in any suitable place.

Terrazzo as the main feature of the design

terrazzo as a hallmark of the design of modern living room with artwork and futuristic chandeliers

The third dwelling we saw here had a peaceful, unified color scheme of white and light wood, which blends perfectly with Terrazzo on the soil and on the kitchen island. The monochrome artwork also provides an even more relaxed and modern look. The bright couch is covered with gray and white pillows as well as delicate blankets.

minimalist kitchen space in gray color tones with thin extraction head and kitchen island next to aesthetic

The steam extraction head is, moreover, colorfully tuned to the damp-colored kitchen walls, while contrasting optimally with the Terrazzo plates. The three modern wall lamps also emphasize the back wall of the minimalist kitchen. The niches in the cabinets are tastefully decorated with terrazzo plates to optimally complement the similarly designed kitchen island.

vintage bedroom in soft brown shades with terraced floors and pendant lights

The material washes out of the living area and also floods the floor of the bedroom. The fixtures in the same color palette are well thought out and create a soft, cozy feel that is perfect for the bedroom.

The devil sticks in detail

living room in mild beige shades with cochtisch equipped with tisch legs from terrazzo

Our last Terrazzo-inspired tour takes place through a 43-square-foot apartment. Black, white and apricot colors come together in this small open living room. The highlight of the living room is anyway a caucasian table with terrazzo and table top legs, which looks like a serving tablet. This design object sometimes lends itself to the solid, neutral-shaped lounge by its ordered pattern.

design appartments with kitchen line consisting of kitchen island with black pendant lights and bar stools

Furthermore, they see tons of black light over the kitchen island behind the living room. Three ebony black kitchen bar stools are stylishly matched to the three rectangular luminaires and complete the rest of the kitchen design.

reduce in minimalist style and color contrasting terrazzo and built-in kitchen worktops

These Terrazzo plates also extend beyond the minimally designed undercuts as kitchen worktops. These add up perfectly as a contrast to the soft colors of the kitchen. A kitchen back wall in the same style rounds off the entire look.

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