New study explains the Wirung von Koriander's epileptic occasion

Coriander is used as a traditional anticonvulsant

More people were used to the Volksheilmittel for a long time. Until recently, many of the seventh lying mechanisms were unknown to their work. In a new study, the investigator investigates who coriander-determined occasion, which in epilepsy and others infirm, greatly inhibits. The study published in the FASEB Journal explains the molecular activity of the cerebral cortex (Coriandrum sativum) as the topical activator of the potassium cannula. This new measurement can lead to improvements in therapy and to the development of bronchitis.


"We discovered that coriander, as a traditional anticonvulsant, activates a group of potassium cannibals in the brain, reducing the attack activity", gentle Dr. Geoff Abbott, Professor of Physiology and Biophysics at the UCI School of Medicine and Studies . "If you find that a substance of coriander, called Dodecenal, binds to a particular tile of the potassium cannula, that is to say, because of the cellular irregularity."

The advocate investigates the metabolites of coriander leaves and found that one - the long-chain fatty acid (s) -2-dodecenal - activates more potassium cannulae, even though the neuronal isoform is resurrected and transient reshaping, which electrically activates the regulation in the brain and brain. responsible mind. It is also noted that this metabolite is responsible for the spasmodic action of Coriander and inhibits certain chemically induced causes. The results are a foundation for those therapeutic effects of coriander and indicate that this universal pushbutton has a translucent end to important potassium cannulae.

"Similarly to the spasmodic properties, Coriander also works with crippling, disinfectant and antibacterial," soft Abbott. "Und das Beste ist, es schmeckt gut!"

Contributions will be published on 16 July 2019 in the English trade journal "The FASEB Journal".

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