30 Ideas for the jubilee - super JGA idea for the party

Ihr became heiraten! Naturally, for the big party, once again, this last evening as a jumble and dawn has to be celebrated! You have to load your best bumps and still want to see those hills, drop a glass in that disco or have a bar, preferably with a bowling or playing billiard. Have you ever wondered if you are printing t-shirts, small gifts such as thinking in the evening gift box or are you still looking for it? DIY Decides for the room? We have been for Dich great JGA idea for the party! Unter unseren 30 Ideas for the jubilee Find T-Shirts, Group Photo Ideas, Creative Guest Gifts and Party Games! Feel fun with celebrations and lovely memories

30 ideas for the jungle story - super JGA idea for that party

Ideas for the jealousy - Schnapsgläser mit Aufschrift

Our very first idea is their printed snapshot reader! For bridge frame, wheelchair and guest that glaze individually, a special adhesive film can be used here. Easily print, cut and flatten the design with the printer on the adhesive film. These glaciers can, of course, be taken as a thought in that party with still hause.

Idea for the jargon - schnapsglaser with caption

JGA Idea - Printed T-Shirts

Bring me a glass! I was heathen. Junggesellenabschied in Editing.

Shirts, specially imprinted on Anlass, are a beautiful idea, so happy with each other, were celebrating and back to group with this and, of course, their shirts are a beautiful reminder of the once-in-a-lifetime. A nice idea is to get the shirt out of the other in another color. Do you like hut, goggles, necklace, necklace or wings - so much better than your outfit!

JGA Idea - Printed T-shirts


Alcoholic Bath - Trenching Bar for the JGA

Do not take any drink and support on the bread and the baking pan!

Was there anything wrong with a real jealousy? Na clear, Alcohol! Drinking on a teaspoon of anchovies, all sorts of cousins ​​are really creative and extraordinary mice that have been chastised by bottles. This idea solves all these problems! Setting up a word from Zinc to Punch, fill in pockets and set up those bottles. Describe and set up a table. Fortunately, the Getränkebar!

Alcohol Bath - Drankbar for the JGA

Cat - Exhibition - Excluded ideas for the jubilee

The next idea comes up Ideas for the jealousy List is very practical. One piece of paper with headscreen tablets, salty snacks, a bottle of water and everything, was needed at a cat in the next morning. Print, cut out and hang labels with hangover and attach them to hangers. Tie the butt with a large slit of tie, label and a bottle of alcohol attached and forty is the kit.

As every guest of the day can sign, you can save the date maps. Here's the idea. 40 Wonderful Save the Date Maps Ideas for Home Wedding

Hangover - display - dropdown ideas for the story

Engraved Bottle Opener - Idea for JGA

About one Junggesellenabschied plans you can, you need creativity and the right idea! When you get drunk, you can buy a bottle collector for each guest. Special friends are the guests, if you read the Flaschenöffner engraving. Special Firms have fun in the Internet. Easily exchange, order and store packages.

Engraved Bottle Finder - Idea for JGA

Printed Glasses and Tablets for the Men's Party

Humanity and Drinking

Adhesive film printing, trimming and glueing on glass. Fixed printing Paper and leaving one tablet. Having a handy one, can cut the text and a pattern with the scalpel from the paper, one has a definite effect.

Printed Glasses and Tablets for the Men's Party

Group photo with panzer - fallen ideas for the jungle abortion

Exceptions for the jubilee gesucht? Then its idea is washing! Post with a real panzer for your group photo! Appearing Tarnish, Black Stripes in Face Milling, Putting helmets and grimacing! There Bräutigam has a West with soul ships and a wheelchair, if he is tired.

Of course, the bread for that matter still needs to be celebrated with their meats! We ask you 40 Ideas for the jealousy vor. Unter unseren JGA Idea you can find outfits, decor and party games. Viel Spaß!

Group photo with armor - drop out ideas for the talk


Beer-Pong – Set - Play for the JGA

Beer-Pong is a playful trick and skill game, naturally also on the JGA super arrival. Print, cut out and stick to the set of labels. Ever since, Pappbecher is wrapped up in pots, so Ping-Pong bellows and everything in a plastic bag are packed. Your guest will receive their own set and game can begin!

Beer-Pong –Set - Games for the JGA


Party exhibition for the jubilee

Was it unnecessary to go to Junggesellenabschied? A cool accessory, was to drink, mash up and a cigar for all the raw, so one really has to do it, one needed for the JGA. Sunglasses, birch, beer bottle, tobacco, nibbles, a cigar and glasses - this is the perfect setting for your party! Simply pack everything in the beer pit and give each guest.

Party Exhibition for the Phantom

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