Normal heart rate can vary between different people

A person's normal heart rate is relatively constant over time. However, this can differ from that of the other person by up to 70 beats per minute. This is an analysis of the largest daily resting heart rate data set ever collected. It comes from study author Giorgio Quer from the Scripps Research Translational Institute in La Jolla, California. He and his colleagues will present these results on February 5, 2020 in the online magazine PLOS ONE as part of an upcoming collection on digital health technology.

Determine normal heart rate

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A routine visit to the doctor usually includes a measurement of resting heart rate, but such measurements are rarely feasible. Unless they differ significantly from a common area that researchers have identified through population-level studies. Modern portable measuring devices can track human heart activity and count the steps. However, these also offer the possibility of continuously monitoring the collected data over a longer period of time. This allows individuals to determine their normal heart rate at an individual level.

In the largest study of this type to date, Quer and his colleagues retrospectively analyzed the unidentified data from the so-called wearables. 92457 people have worn this technique for an average of 320 days. The scientists recorded a total of 33 million days a year. The researchers used the data to study variations in resting heart rate for people over time and between people with different characteristics.

Above all, the analysis showed that the average daily resting heart rate of one person can deviate from another person's normal heart rate by up to 70 beats per minute. Taken together, age, gender, body mass index (KMI), and average daily sleep duration accounted for less than 10 percent of the observed differences between individuals.

research results

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The authors observed a small seasonal trend with slightly higher values ​​in January and slightly lower values ​​in July. The researchers also found that some people occasionally experience short periods when their resting heart rate deviates from their normal range by 10 or more beats per minute. These results suggest the potential value of further research. They are investigating whether tracking a person's daily resting heart rate could enable clinically important changes to be detected earlier.

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“The daily changes in the resting heart rate could be the first real, individualized digital vital signs that can only be measured thanks to portable sensor technology. We have analyzed the extent of inter- and intra-individual changes Changes in the resting heart rate over a longer period of time, which have different patterns depending on age and gender, time of year, average length of sleep and KMI and which allow early unexpected changes in a person's health detect. “This is what the authors say in the study.

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