A case that keeps the respirator clean and close at hand (design concept)

The corona crisis has changed our everyday life and now has an enormous impact on all imaginable areas of life. But, as we have already shown you, necessity is inventive. A restaurant in Amsterdam has built separate glass houses for its guests, and an Italian doctor has converted a full-face diving mask into a ventilator. Now a designer has created an innovative case that combines convenience and security in an interesting product.

SaniCase offers the greatest possible comfort in combination with an unobtrusive design

Store and disinfect the mask

Milan-based designer Salvo Lo Cascio created SaniCase in response to a common problem he noticed in people wearing mouth guards. For short periods of time, when they took off their corona masks to eat or drink, they often put them on the table or put them in their pockets with their phone and keys. Many drivers also like to hang the mask on the inside mirror so that they can always access them quickly. According to experts, these mirror pendants are dangerous because they restrict the field of vision.

The protection is always at hand

Case with UV-C lamp for disinfecting masks

SaniCase was developed so that people can safely store their masks when they are not in use. The compact, pocket-sized device also has a UV-C lamp that kills all bacteria and virus particles. When you don’t need the mask, simply put it in the case and it will be safely stored and disinfected. As a result, disposable masks should also remain sterile and thus be used longer.

A multifunctional solution for those who lead an active lifestyle

Case sprays disinfectant

The conceptual design also features a disinfectant container. When you press the lower area of ​​the case, exactly the right amount of disinfectant is sprayed. The case thus covers all critical areas for regular hygiene. By disinfecting your hands and your face mask, SaniCase prevents infection from all kinds of pathogens.

The case also has a ribbon

Design concept for a case for storing corona masks

Salvo Lo Cascio developed the modern case for storing and disinfecting masks as a concept to solve a common problem. Now the designer is working with suppliers, manufacturers and partners to bring his idea to life!

Those: yankodesign.com

The SaniCase portable disinfection bottle as a concept

Face mask disinfection machine

compact case for storing your respirator

The compact device in pocket size has a UV lamp

Design concept for a storage case for a face mask

The portable disinfection bottle SaniCase in green

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