Lamps and lights: Not only practical, but also decorative

Lighting in living room light intensity determine tips for choosing the lighting fixture

Lamps and lamps serve no practical purpose. When done this is to decorate their own four walls, will surely be found on more and more light decoration items. From small LED lights that adorn your balcony or walls to decorative elements set by light in the scene - the market is gigantic.

Lamps and lights as a decorative element: Luminous deco sets connected accents

    Lamps and lights with motion detectors in the garden and in front of the house entrance and in the flowerbeam accent

We often connect with Lighter Deco this winter or Christmas time. But even in summer, the decoration can bring everything to shine and rays. The peculiarities of many small lights that are connected to one light chain: Your living room works, as if they were glittering. This translates the space into a very inviting, harmonious atmosphere.

    Lamps and Lights in the Kitchen Decorative Lighting Light Chain

In addition, there are also decorative elements that can be used in functional and decorative form. These include mainly lighting fixtures for your garden or the outdoor area in front of the entrance door. No one could search for the stages at dawn or on a rocky road. Easier to say the way, was especially for strangers who are pizza or mail boats but also friends and acquaintances helpful. If you decide on such a decoration, you should definitely integrate a motion detector. Eventually the light should not burn through the whole night. Many of these are the only elements needed when a person walks in the garden or wants to come to your front door.

Lighting with motion detectors in the garden saves power led lamps for the garden path

The specifics of this decoration are as follows: In addition to the functional as well as decorative effect, you get more security in your own four walls. No burglar can find it when the light suddenly shines when they start a burglary attempt.

You should always notice one in connection with the light decoration: If you decide for the decorations with lights, you should pay attention to the quality. The lights must correspond to a high energy efficiency class. Models, which are rated worse than A, can provide a high bill for electricity within a short time. To avoid this risk, you should be prepared to rely on high-value, new LED lights. These are environmentally friendly, energy-saving and exceptionally long-lasting.

Lamps and lights: No candle through candles

Lamps and lights LED light chain does not prevent candle fire danger

Candles are wonderfully elaborate elements to lift that mood in their own four walls. However, once again you miss a candle or fall asleep in the candle, which is a huge risk. Fires could burn entire houses within seconds. However, modern technology also has the perfect solution here in the form of LED lights. Even the flickering of a fire in the light is felt to make the mood as perfect as possible.

It arrives at lamps and lights

Leseecke Home Office illuminated headlamp headlamps combine direct and indirect light

A lamp, a lamp, or a low light always has the task of illuminating the task light. Then the most important factor that you must consider when buying is the so-called brightness. They are indicated by means of the lumen value and give the key, which can illuminate a lamp. Ceiling lights should indicate a high lumen value between 600 and 4000 lumens. So you can be sure that the entire space is radiated, no corner remains unlit and you can enjoy long light over the light.

  • 1000 lumens occupy approximately a 10m² surface area.
  • 2000 lumens are suitable for a larger area between 10 and 20 m².

Using this simple formula you can figure out if you have any lights for your purpose. As decoration elements hardly come to light in order to completely fill the space, the lumen value can also lie lower.

Lighting stylishly designed electricity costs and compare electricity rates

Do you ever consider the effect of the color? It gives the most varied colors.
Yellow is the color of light that is most harmoniously felt by humans. White can quickly cool or gar clinically. Such a decorative lamp can help the bedroom to find a calm, fast sleep. Hanging should not allow green or gar blue tones to be used in sleeping or working rooms.

Scientifically, it is also advisable that red tones should motivate, stimulate and then primarily in the hobby space.

An outsourced service

Lamps and luminaires lighting concept plan to determine light color and brightness

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