14 fantastically creative Silvester Party idea - Silvester Deko bastelen

Are you ready for the Party of the Year? With these 14 fantastic creations Silvester Party The idea kan gar nichts mehr schief gehen! So simply you can do it yourself Silvester Deko bastelen. Ob wall deco, thumb play or Countdown Uhr for aufessen - here are the best DIY ideas for the 31st of December!

14 fantastic creative Silvester Party idea - Silvester Deko bastelen

Silvester Party Idea - Schnurrbart - Trinkhalme

Silvester Deko bastelen ht so leicht mit unseren Top 14 Idea!

  • Black Bastelkarton
  • Trinkhalme
  • Schere
  • Locher

Mostly a stencils for the fast-paced. Carry, cut and cut the black Bastard cardboard in the center or cut it in the middle. Simply put the knob on the trinket sleeve.

Silvester Deko bastelen - Strohhalme with schnørbar
Silvester Party Deko selber machen - Schnurrbart - Trinkhalme


Silvester Sahne-Champagner Cocktail Serving

To cope Deko Ideen Silvesterparty heard Naturally also Snacks and Cocktails! Try the same delicious Sahne-Champagner Cocktail!

Cocktail Recipes:

  • 120ml Sahne
  • 120ml Champagner
  • 2 EL corn starch
  • 5 EL Zucker
  • 1ganzes Ei
  • 2 Egg yolk
  • 2 EL Butter
  • 1 TL Vanilla

So be there Silvester Deko The idea - Sahne-Champagner-Cocktail zubereity:

  1. The stripes of high glaciers were washed in a zucker syrup, then Zucker was tied to one of the counters and the glass was dripping.
  2. Corn starch with 60ml saucepan destroy in a saucepan. Dann 60ml of Sahne, Zucker and 120ml of champagne in a topf, until bleached images. The mischief must not be bought!
  3. Egg and egg for maize starch cutting and scraping.
  4. At the end of the day, draw on the champagne flavor to the cream and continuously stir.
  5. Buying the rest of the champagne. Fast is the same Silvester Party The idea fertig!
  6. The tall egg yolks and unbroken pipes, until the Mischung finishes.
  7. Soak up the heat and vanilla and butter.
  8. Fill in the glass and cool down in the chill, until served.

Silvester Party Deko selber macher - Glaze decorieren


Suhr ihr Silvester Party The idea? With these 15 Silvester decoids, the party becomes an success!


Silvester - Kekse

This is more Silvester Party The idea be all the survivors!

  • Butterkekse
  • Zuckerguss

Smooth square biscuits with blue zucker glaze and weld these trays. Then the so-called blue night sky painted with "Frohes Neues" and a few stones painted. Round butterflies and grind them with some zucchini sauce. Just like this truck is, a number plate painted down. The sower of the Uhr should stand for 12 o'clock.

Silvester Deko The idea - Silvester Kekse back

Silvester Deko bastelen - Glückskekse

  • Bastelkarton
  • Settlement with businesses
  • Zirkel
  • Schere
  • Flüssigkleber

Towards the Circle of One Journey. Cut those out and drop them in the middle. As Nächstes den Zettel with the foothills in the midst empty. Get ready to hang around with each other and with the clothes and clothes to stick together. The Glückskin nicks in the middle. Fix with a Tupfen Kleber.

Silvester Deko bastelen - Lucky bastard
Silvester Deko Ideen - Glückskekse bastelen


Silvester Party Idea - Dear Momente des Jahres - Spiel

  • Fasten paper
  • One printer or stapler

Fasten paper to cut smoothly sized maps. Then describe them with Stichworten. At the party, each one of them sees their map and lists their memories.

The idea:

  1. Bester Film des Jahres
  2. Bester Moment of the Year
  3. Bester Urlaub des Jahres
  4. Best Date of the Year
  5. If you liked this year most of all
  6. usw.
Deko Ideen Silvesterparty - Silvester Party spelen baden

Silvester Deko bastelen - Photorahmen

Silvester Party Deko selber mache brings Freude and cares for intermittent moments!

  • Pappe
  • Staple
  • Tapeziermesser
  • Lineal

One large arch fixes one's father and one polaroid hood. Paint and print with pens. Tolle Photos by eurer Celebrate sin guaranteed!

Party Deko Ideen für Silvester - Fotorahmen basteln

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