Build your own gaming desk – simple DIY ideas for more fun at home

Computer games have recently become a popular activity due to the increasing spread of advanced technologies and the Internet connection. If you build a gaming desk yourself, it differs from one bought in the store because you can set the appropriate height and adapt the design. So if you sit in front of your PC for hours, you need a comfortable and stylish computer table that suits your needs and gaming activities. A simple rule that many people sometimes ignore is that they are not at the correct height for their desks, which can lead to injuries and stress.

Build your own personalized gaming desk

blue led lighting computer table stylishly create ambience

After gamers spend countless hours putting together a desktop computer with multiple monitors and hard-hitting sound, they often have a surface that is too small to accommodate everything. For this reason, you will learn here how to build your own ergonomic, customized gaming desk. So you can assemble all your technology practically and make it look fantastic without having to spend a lot of money. There are endless possibilities if you want to use instructions for a gamer desk. For your own special project, there are also some criteria that almost every such workstation must meet.

Place a stool under the table top and save space in the gamer room

The vast majority of computer tables in the store are at most 150 cm long. However, many gamers need at least 200 cm to accommodate all of their equipment. The few in-store options you find just won't do it. They are either too standard and cheaply made or too expensive. Accordingly, decent quality also costs more money. Doing something yourself instead of buying it almost always saves costs and in this case you will certainly be able to deduct from the price. The materials cost a lot less and depending on your skills, hopefully you can get everything cheaply. So that's about half the price of most in-store desks of this size.

installation of the desktop pc in a modern gamer desk made of metal and wood

You can build an entire gaming desk yourself by using a single plywood sheet for little money. However, this would require a lot of tools and know-how. A DIY project should be accessible to everyone, including those with little experience in woodworking. This can increase the price a bit. Many people also ignore the difference between a computer desk and a gamer desk. Over time, these differences can also cause physical harm. That's why it's best to create a combination of ergonomics and design to get the best of both worlds.

Simple project made from durable materials

Place wooden panel on drawers and use as a computer desk for gaming

Nowadays people seem to know how to use the internet. You can do something good by teaching languages, selling products, and even playing computer games. If you feel you have a passion for it, you can also belong to this group. Becoming a professional gamer is an alternative job as it can bring you a lot of money simply by doing your favorite hobby from home, namely playing. So you can have fun and earn some money at the same time. It's like killing two birds with one stone. To do this, you need a gamer desk that's reasonably durable, stylish, and easy to make.

diy gamer desk with wooden worktop and roller cabinet

Everyone would agree that you need good materials for such a project to build a strong and durable gaming desk yourself. It's also better to have a nice and modern piece of furniture that lasts a long time by spending a little more money than using cheap, poor quality materials that break easily in no time. Satisfaction therefore depends on many factors that should not be underestimated when manufacturing DIY products. The chair you will be using should also help by allowing you to sit comfortably while playing. This should also be ergonomic so that you can move freely when sitting. Then the chair and desk should have a perfect height, otherwise back pain will occur.

old wooden desk as a computer desk with a shelf in the room

A room or location determines how large or small the desk will be. So make sure you have enough space to set up your playroom accordingly. The scope should also be in the right area so that you are not disturbed by the activities of other family members, and vice versa. The design of such a desk depends on your style. However, you would certainly agree that a simple desk is easy to manufacture and assemble. This also saves you time as it doesn't have a complicated structure that can confuse you when you create it.

Selection of accessories and materials

isolate sound on the wall in the playroom with pc

Wood materials have many types to choose from. You will need a plywood board or board that you will use for the desk. Choose those that you think fit the desk. First measure how long and wide the whole thing should be before making or cutting it. Nowadays, making a desk becomes an undemanding task with advanced equipment used by many. But if you don't seem to have these tools or equipment, you can still do the work with traditional tools.

white and black design gamer desk build your own instructions

Now start making a plan for the desk. For example, you can ask yourself the following questions first: What kind of game table do I want to build? Should it be U-shaped, L-shaped or just straight? Compare these three styles, weigh up their pros and cons, and then choose one that suits your preferred style and needs. Also, make sure you drill some holes in the parts that will help you set up your monitors, speakers, and cables. So everything will be organized and look invisible and will not interrupt or disrupt your workflow.

build two monitors side by side with tv over gaming desk

Storage space or drawers are also required as they can be useful for your accessories and other things. Drawers can be very practical and helpful. They can also help you clear up the mess on the desk. Playing will also not be that interesting without powerful PC speakers that can bring the feeling or experience to life. Some hanging shelves can be a good addition to be installed over the desk. So you can also display your collection to create the appropriate atmosphere in the game room. You can also set up something thematic to enhance the room and make it look more beautiful.

Gamer desk build your own instructions

materials and tools diy project

If you want to save space, you can use a chair or stool that you can stow under the desk. This is a common problem faced by people with limited space. Such an idea can be the solution. You would probably have other ideas as well when it comes to building a DIY gaming desk yourself. However, the steps to do this would be similar. From measuring the worktop to cutting the legs, these are basic methods for realizing such a project. So here are some tips for building a cool DIY gaming area that you can design to your own taste. Although you may not be a professional in this area, the instructions and designs could help inspire your next project.

glowing led strips along gaming desk in dark playroom

So if you are about to change your scope, you will find the right tips to get ideas for the scope. Design and personalize your own masterpiece of an innovative gaming desk. This gives you the opportunity to decide for yourself how long and wide the desk should be. Add comfort to your game, for example by getting a matching table mat of the appropriate size. This completes the look of your gaming desk. If you've designed your own play area, you'll probably need the right lighting. Find out about the options available to you, such as indirect LED strips, etc.


Plan model build your own computer table or gaming desk

  • Wooden boards or plywood depending on the desired size
  • Possibly sawn timber, according to the actual dimensions of the table
  • Table top made of any materials
  • Drawer handles, as required
  • Eyelets

First of all, you can cut any of the above parts according to their size. Make holes in the legs, inner supports, front and rear rails, and in the side rails. Then connect them with dowels. Before inserting the dowels, you can apply some glue to get a tight fit. Assemble all parts, clamp them and let the glue dry. Then you can also glue and clamp the front parts. After the glue dries, make holes for the handles. Apply any color for the last part until everything is completely covered.

Homemade DIY gaming desk made of metal structures and wood

If you also like to improvise, you can beautify the edges at will by grinding or painting. Drill the inner part of the desk for the cables to make room for installation so that no cables remain in sight. So try to hide everything on the table or on the inner shelf. The last step is to insert the worktop. You can add some features to set the computers, speakers, and monitors to sit well on the desk. Now you can be proud of the gaming desk you built yourself. DIY game tables can be designed with all kinds of shapes. Let your creativity and imagination run wild so that you can look forward to amazing results.

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