25 Homemade Gifts for the 18th Birthday - Gifts for the 18th

The 18th birthday is one of the most important days in life for a young man! Finally said adult! So much new freedom, yet so much new responsibility. Of course, such an important event, such as the 18th, must also be celebrated. Yet, did one ever say to a young man in the threshold? Who would it be with self-empowerment? Whether cards, a bag of refreshment drinks boxes, cleverly packaged cash gifts, a birthday glass or even a lovingly designed photo collage - ours 25 homemade gifts for the 18th birthday you can easily think, be favorable and super creative. Lots of fun while crafting!

25 Homemade Gifts for 18 Birthday - Gifts for 18.

Gifts for the 18th Birthday - Witty Drink Dosentorte

We have a very creative idea at the beginning of our articles for yourself: this birthday gift box is for drinking! Set up drink doses in different sized circles, then tie it together with a tape. Now describe wide strips of paper and stick to the beverage boxes. Next, stack the cans on a pie stand. Paper and wire small traffic signs with an 18 drawer and tops in the gates.

Gifts for the 18th Birthday - Witty Drink Boxes


Gifts for the 18th - Tolle Gift Ideas for the 18th

This shield is a truly attentive gift! A large arch of paper with the names of the birthday child's descriptions, then sticking things and writing them all, for what these things are thought. A muesli line for a small break in between, refreshing pastels for good breath, if the chewing gum is not rich, a lip balm for kisses, a patch for minor injuries, a lucky center, headache tablets, handkerchiefs, when you are sick or a little sick , if the toothbrush is not ready, etc.

Gifts for 18. - Tolle Gift Ideas for 18.

Gifts for 18-year-olds - Funny drinking game for the party

Cut out one large circle of solid papers. With a ruler and pen, place a number sheet. Then two coins in Zeigern fell and with a big needle stuck exactly in the middle of the watch. As a next step at any given time, a small bottle of alcohol adheres. Then for every full hour a glass was drunk.

Gifts for 18-year-old - Lustiges Trinkspiel voor de Party


Card with Money Gift - Creative Birthday Gifts

Appropriate Gifts for the 18th Birthday to find it is not easy, but with a money gift you can never get it wrong, because the young adult would like to buy it for themselves! One card of solid craft paper folded. Now three paper strips stick, those are the candles. Next to the candles two holes pierce the card and cut through the cord. Next, cut flames out of brass paper and stick over the candles. Finally, roll up more money, glue it together and place it on the candles. With the cord holding the rails in your place.

Card with Money Gift - Creative Birthday Gifts

Wine Bottles Gift - Pack bottles

A bottle of wine or another alcoholic beverage is a great gift for the birthday party. Just giving a bottle is naturally boring. Even bottles are creative to pack! From a solid cardboard box, pack a bottle for the bottle, then fold a small bag and stick it. Only one money-box seemed to fit a tooth harmonica, tie it in the middle and attach it as a fly in the packaging. Then put chocolate bar in the bag and put the bottle.

Wine Bottles Gift - Packing Bottles

Wish You Were - Creative Money Gifts For Birthday

Take a deep frame and cut a slit in the frame with a tapestry knife. Cut colorful straws into several equal pieces. Roll up one piece of yellow paper and put it in the straw, ready for the candles. Stick the candles on the back wall of a picture frame and write a congratulations on the papers. Finally, fill the frames with coin pieces and fill a couple of rolled up banknotes and fill the back wall.

Wish You Were - Kreative Money Gifts For Birthday

Birthday Box - Gift Ideas 18. Birthday

Take one large cardboard box and attach the lid with two long ribbons to the inside of the carton, so you can easily open the lid. Now apply garlands of cord and scrap paper and stick them in the lid. Made from wrapping paper and wood-spaced flowers and packing the presents nicely. Finally fill the big birthday box and close it with a big loop.

Does papa's birthday come in? Here we say 30 homemade gifts for Dad, which is not only creative, but also very easy to create!

Birthday Box - Gift Ideas 18. Birthday Tag


Emergency cases for stressful days - Gifts for the 18th Birthday

In case of emergency failure

Funny ideas for the 18th birthday gesucht? Then these emergency boxes are filled with sweets just the right thing for you! Take a deep frame with plastic wrap and stick with lettering stickers. Next, re-create the back wall and fill the frames with small chocolate bars, candies and chocolate lenses. Returning and finishing these emergency cabinets for stressful days!

Emergency Boxes for Stressful Days - Gifts for the 18th Birthday

Sweet photo collage - Gift ideas for the best girlfriend for a birthday

Become your best friend 18? Then donate your photo collage with the most beautiful photos of your friendship! Embrace a wide frame with napkin adhesive and stick to your favorite photos. Print out the best size and cut the photos best! The photos are then coated with napkin adhesive, which protects them from dust and light. Allow drying, then include a beautiful photo of both.

Are you looking for inspiration for one Birthday gift for the best friend? We have collected the most beautiful DIY craft ideas for you.

Sweet photo collage - Gift ideas for best friend for birthday

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