5 must-have watches for women that fit all occasions

Watches complete a harmonious outfit and underline your own style. But unfortunately there is no one watch that fits all occasions. We have come to the conclusion that five watches are ideal to score on all occasions. Of course, it depends on the individual taste which model goes to the wrist. Below we have collected a few suggestions around the five must-haves watches for women.

Simple and fashionable: the flexible everyday watch

Simple and fashionable The flexible everyday watch for women

A watch that can always be present in everyday life and does not have to be taken off at a business lunch – that is the most important basic for the watch wearer. Watches for women from brands like Bering, Junghans and Skagen convince in some collections with emphasized simplicity. A subtle color scheme and the absence of opulent decorations are the most important properties for a watch that can be used flexibly in everyday life. Of course, convenience should not be neglected either.

These models are great, for example:
Bering Classic: Plain silver color scheme and overall very subtle design
Junghans Max Bill: Slight contrast between bright display and black bracelet with restrained design
Skagen Karolina: Feminine rose gold that remains reserved thanks to the classic design

Retro and timeless: the stylish digital clock

ladies wristwatch with metal strap timelessly beautiful

Also wearable in everyday life, but a little more extravagant: these are the retro-style digital watches. They are reminiscent of the 1980s or 1990s and awaken pleasant childhood and youth memories in some women. Due to the mix of classic materials and the digital display, fashionistas land a stylish hit with the digital watch.

The following watches promise a little journey through the past:
Casio Retro Edgy: Can be flexibly combined in gold or silver and scores with its striking design language
Nixon The Siren: Versatile color selection with a typical retro design

Versatile and modern: the functional smartwatch

The functional smartwatch is versatile and modern

Smartwatches complement the watch portfolio on the one hand with the popular functions, and on the other hand with the mostly slightly different watch design. For example, the robust models from Garmin go well with a sporty outfit or withings. The practical features such as pulse measurement, the evaluation of fitness profiles or the retrieval of messages also meet the wearer's contemporary demands.

With the smartwatch you can already pay Garmin Pay

These smartwatches surpass each other with their functions:
Garmin Vivoactive: Typical sports watch with a long battery life and already integrated fitness apps
Withings Steel HR: Training mode and display of the heart rate directly on the display, thereby a romantic-feminine design
Michael Kors Access: Touch display, pedometer or pulse measurement as functions in a typically elegant watch design

Elegant and special: the noble jewelry watch

Gold jewelry watch with metal bracelet

The watch can of course be much more elegant with evening wear – everyday and sports companions now remain in the closet. The jewelry watch from brands like Hamilton, Tissot or Union Glashütte gets their big appearance! Sparkling, beautiful highlights make these timekeepers special and emphasize festive occasions in a charming way. We recommend matching the color of the watch to the rest of the jewelry in order to create a brilliant overall picture.

These models are absolute hits on noble occasions:
Hamilton Jazzmaster Viewmatic: Shiny watch in stainless steel, which manages the balancing act between elegance and simple beauty
Tissot Le Locle: A romantic mother-of-pearl dial with twelve diamonds totaling 0.045 carats
Union Glassworks Viro: Depending on the version with a feminine mother-of-pearl dial, otherwise otherwise classic and elegant

Colorful and eye-catching: the extravagant eye-catcher

Ladies wristwatch in mint green colored candy for the wrist

Last but not least, there should be a different watch in the lady's closet: the small portion of extravagance, which catches the eye due to its bright colors. Whether individual details or the complete design in an actually atypical watch color, with an eye-catcher on the wrist, watch friends emphasize their personality. The watch convinces, for example, as a refined addition to a party outfit or for a casual meeting with friends.

Colorful “candies” for the wrist are these watches:
Swatch BBNeon / BBCandy: Depending on the color scheme, bright yellow or pink decorated watch with striking, same-colored numbers on the display
Swatch Multiboost: Rainbow colored display, which is a charming solution if you are undecided about the “best” color for your watch
Casio Baby-G: Already due to the XL size an eye-catching model, which is available in different eye-catcher colors and belongs to the real cult watches

colorful wristwatch in pink perfect for spring outfit in pastel colors

Tip: If you don't like colored watches, but still want to make a statement, you can also choose a lavishly decorated jewelry model. This becomes an eye-catcher in no time, even without bright colors. Suitable models are, for example, shiny watches for women with a gemstone display Emporio Armani or the Runway Mercer from Michael Kors.

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