Undercut Boys: 40 pictures of trendy hair cut with and without transition

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Duty of light, classic and even trendy: The Undercut Boy is one of the most popular haircuts for grandchildren and youth. With this children's haircut, the parents can do nothing wrong. And the best: You can read different styles for each day. We give you an overview of the many variants - with and without transition, for blonde and brown hair, long, medium and short, as well as give you cool ideas with abrasive sides and cool patterns.

Undercut Boys: The reputed children's hairdresser in the overview

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The undercut found itself in the 80s of a great experience. Then the Beach Waves and the hair cut came into oblivion. Until the last ten years, as a former footballer like Ronaldo and David Beckham, they became popular again. Since then, she has proven herself as a true classic under the short haircuts. Your Biggest Benefit: The undercut is very walkable and is suitable for virtually any face shape.

Following the motto "Was there Daddy, I want that too", more and more children will wear the trendy haircut. There are several variants available for selection. The cover hair can be either long or medium, it should in any case be longer than the hair on the sides and the back of the head. The cover hair reads your favorite styles, in the article we give you some examples and styling tips.

If the sides are attached, they are either very short abrasion and form a contrast to the cover hair, or they are extended from bottom to top. The gentle course looks classic and is perfect for the cold winter months, while in the summer the hair is cut very short.

Undercut Boys: The hairdresser needs to be cut regularly

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No matter what kind of variant you decide, one stands out in every case. They have to regularly, so every two to 4 weeks, schedule an appointment with the hairdresser or even shave and get the children's hair back in shape. Die Haarpflege also plays an important role. The dermatologists recommend that once or twice a week they wash the children's hair with a cleansing children's shampoo. If you prefer more styling products like gel or hair foam, they can travel the sensitive scalp.

Cool Undercut Hairstyles For Boys: Styling Tips

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As a special care light, it reveals an undercut with short cover hair and abrasive sides with a light transition. Open the hair with more volume and let the face look narrower.

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A tough transition between heavily abrasive sides and medium-length hair stands great for grandchildren and babies. If you prefer the first haircut, you can decide for this hairstyle.

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A undercut boy hairstyle with transition reads your favorite styles. They can either comb the side hair to the side or back. This hair cut is perfect for boys between 6 and 10 years with smooth hair.

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Grandchildren with waves can wear top coat hair, mostly similar to this hairstyle in an Iroquois hair cut.

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The teenager likes to experiment with your hair. Before they own the Pompadour hairstyle, certain patterns that could be shined for example were a flashlight.

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One of Dutt's hairstyles is good for grandchildren. If the cover is long, you can also style an undercut boy with head.

It also gives many other variants, which your child can wear his hair. We have put together many examples in the photo area. Choose your favorite with your little one!

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