Transitional or classic boxing cut - Cool Flat Top Trend Hairstyles for Men

classic long boxer cut with high top styled with gel pomade or hair paint

We all agree that nothing smoother than smooth, boring hair, and a boxer hair cut with transition could be the right solution for that. If you are on the "flat obverse" anyway, this enduring classic is anything but boring. That angular style was made popular in the military and popular in the 1950s. The hairdressers then shaped the long hair to the tops, creating a clearly flat upper head over the tops. Over time, they also ultimately evolved culture and the world in general, while modifying the classic or boxing cut with transition.

Is a boxing cut with transition suitable for anyone?

cooler boxing cut with transitional men's haircuts trend

Rocker types certainly understand the rebellious, cool connotations, while hip-hop fans of the '80s and early' 90s are trending the trend. So if you're looking for a crisp men's haircut or channeling the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, it's time to try out this look. To get you on the path to successful styling, we therefore have to find the best boxing cut with transitions or other variations for men with flat hair. Flat hairstyles are usually cut into rows and sides, thereby narrowing and lengthening the face shape. If you have a headache like this, this classic cut is possibly your new best friend.

the boxing cut with transition requires precision with the haircut machine and sharp and regular visit to the hairdresser

In addition, this hiring at Kim Jong Un has not worked very well. We can until you probably all agree that there is a very extreme example. For the occasional viewer, it looks as if everything you need to work on the perfect flat top would be your gardener. In reality, the hair cut also requires a great deal of precision, an eye for details and a skilled, calm hand. If you are a busy man with a tight budget, a boxing cut with transition may not be the right one for you. Because of its precise style, this grows very quickly and requires an additional work every two weeks or so to make it look fresh. Obviously, this would not be easy for the purse, quite silent, that it would be extremely time-consuming.

Military boxing cut with transition

simple flat top haircut with undercut and modern texture

Bring the box cut with the transition to the example here, where everything began with a real, military style. This masculine look results from the combination of a severely shaved blemish of the skin with a severed, flat top. The result? A simple, sharp and territorial cut that emphasizes strong jaw parts and bruised cheekbones.

Flat Top with Rastal locks

rastalocken hairstyle in combination with boxer cut with rastalock styled and thin beard

While it may not appear intuitive to have a box cut with transitions and dreads that make up a hair scoop, you can throw away the old rules, this is a look you have to try out. So striking it is also effortlessly cool, these hairstyles are a great way to tell important points in styling. To create this look, you have to cut and close your locks acribly to the top in a cube-shaped shape. While the unmistakable texture may not allow the upper part to be as flat as any other variation, it is the overall shape that forms the focus of these cool looks.

Loose box cut short or long hold

high box cut with beard for fashion conscious men

When it comes to Flat Top Hairstyle, you can't just ask men with straight hair about the trend. Should you be able to wear charming, mysterious locks, stay cool in the summer by structuring them into a well-shaped box cut with transitions. Ultimately, this fresh, modern look is not a favorite just in the hot weather. The men's hairstyle should actually appear very current throughout the year.

Flat top with textures and designs

Add elements and texture to the box cut with transitional hairstyles

The devil is lying in detail, and when it comes to the box cut with transition, it will always add out, adding more texture. Regardless of whether you are using a modern, expertly cut and remnant effect, adding some steps or overlaying rustic locks, there is a choice of possibilities to create the Flat Top style for your own. One of our preferred possibilities to achieve this is the possibility of some designs with lines. If you understand your hairdresser as an undiscovered artist, you are lucky. Just try to trust yourself when you sit on the chair next time, and create unique, geometric lines. These can cut into your Fade. This is a great opportunity to provide a classic boxing cut with a touch of individuality.

Boxer Cut Undercut or Fade Hairstyle

elegant flat top hair cut with undercut and side section for the everyday

A simple and effective possibility, a flat upper part to refresh, consists in emphasizing its height and shape with an undercut or fade. When you keep the hair on the sides and in the back head very short and punishing, all eyes are drawn to the resilience of your hair cuts. For this reason, we recommend a strong skin blemish to achieve this strong side effect.

Straight box cut hair

stylish flat top men's hairstyle with short sides and flat top of the head

This cool look is what determines the viewer's attention. If you want to give locks an extra definition and height, a flat haircut is the right way to go. The natural texture and movement of the smooth hair is possible, the hair with a dryer, a comb and a strong product still shines on top to fix it. Your perfectly perpendicular hair straighteners do it anyway and then well, when the hair is grown. For this reason, it is important to make a trip to the hairdresser or a date with your hairdresser at a regular event.

Buzz Cut Boxing Cut with Transition

buzz cut boxer cut with transition for sporty look in military style

Keep your boxer cut short, sharp and stylish with a flat shape of the hairstyle. Similar to the military and the short flat upper, this style cuts the hair further down the scalp, while maintaining the flat, square shape of the signature. In effect, this sporty, masculine look is a good choice if you let a razed head grow up. If you hit the opposite path and cut off the locks, you can test shorter hair with a flat cut.

Long box cut with side section

combining long-haired men's hairstyle with boxer cut for elegant reading

Give your modern haircut with a polished side section this season a touch of sophistication. To achieve this look, you cut a high-gloss that reaches the fullness when they meet on a defined silent part. On the other side of this line is your Statement Box Interface with Transition. The separation gives the sometimes sporty, often street-like Flat Top an elegant feel. It thus indicates the versatility of the classic style.

Rockiger Flat Top

modern boxer cut long for blonde hair

From the youth culture of the 1960s to the rebellious Rockabilly, Flat Top Boogie was a cult favorite that has existed to this day. This elegant style repeats the idea of ​​a burst of fades, while the fade over the ear to the back of the head curves. The neck hair is not shaved into a fade, but not yet cut short until it hits the flat top. On the sides, the above mentioned blend remains long enough, to be brushed and blown to the rear. This crisp and yet stylish look requires an experienced, patient hairdresser and some special maintenance work. Its persistent popularity, however, proves that it is worth the time.

Here's how to style a box cut with transition

current flat top hair cut for afro hair with texture and design

For any man who has ever tried to cut his hair, it's not as easy as it looks. We talk about everything else as a top cut. A general trim requires time, skill and forgiveness in order for friends to exercise. Ebenso is a style of boxing that can look deceptive. In other words, it is said that you master the art of shaving, you should not try this alone at home.

all-round boxing cut with transitions and made for stylish gentlemen

To create and maintain this look, we recommend regular visits to the hairdresser. As a rule, an additional improvement is performed every two weeks after the first shaping. Sometimes make sure that your sharp cut is well formed and stays on trend. You can also style this look from tag to tag by combing your hair up and down. The whole course reads to fix with gel, wax, pomade or hair varnish. As a rule, the higher the hair, the more the gel, wax or spray bottle you purchased.

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