Short Bob Hairstyle is the most beautiful trend of the year - 40+ ideas!

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In the summer, all women offer the perfect opportunity for a small changeover. Do you perhaps also have the right desire for a change in your hairstyle? Now we have good news for you - the short haircuts lie this year full of trend. Bob Frisur is one of the timeless classics and has not been able to think much more for many years. Short haircut Bob Hairstyle does not look particularly elegant and beautiful, but possesses both fine and fine hair. Fit the hair cut to your face shape, how you can style it and many wonderful inspirations you will find in our article!

Short bob hairstyle for thin and fine hair?

Bob Hairstyles Short Face Shape Fine Hair Styles Fast Hairstyles

The short bob perfectly defines your face and creates a refreshing and interesting look. Do you have fine and thin hair and would like more volume? Then the trendy hairstyle is just the right thing for them - the long haircut gives your hair so much more fullness! And for a little styling tip of ours - with lightweight, casual locks you get even more texture.

Thick hair and short bob hairstyle?

Sleek Bob Hair Cut Hair Trends Women Dress Backless

With a short bob, you can concretize your hair with thick hair in a way that is striking. Front lightly trimmed and cut at length - the hair plays your face gently to give and give your hair a groomed and stylish look. Particularly cool also works the Sleek Bob Hairstyle. Because hair is always very smooth and cut into a straight edge.

Baby Bob for the courageous among you

Short Bob French Cut Hair Cut Face Shape Short Hair Styles Knit Pullover Red

The Baby Bob is the shortest variant of the classic haircuts and this year is totally stated! Whether very short or long - in the back of the head, he must be severely stung. The best part about the hair cut is that it suits almost every woman and face shape and looks as smooth with hair as well as locking! Besides, this short bob hairstyle is the perfect transition for anyone who wants to saturate your sweet pixie cut and let it grow.

Short bob hairstyle with a baby pony

Short Bob With Pony Hair Trends Blue Hair Fashion Trends

The Pony is the fastest and easiest solution for anyone who wants to make a small change in your hair cut. Baby pony has to be very short and be beloved in the last few years. As he works optically with more thinning hair, he is looking for women with thin hair. If you look at it - if you have a round face, it must be cut with a crescent shape and with a long face shape - straightened. Short Bob with Baby Pony works very fashionably and exquisitely and it is only for the very courageous of you.

Pretty short Bob with a long pony

Very Short Bob Trend Hairstyle Blonde Hair Care To Remove Rubbish

More and more women are opting for a short bob hairstyle with a long pony - a very beautiful look that is extremely easy to style. For women with an oval or oblong face, the hairstyle is best applied.

Asymmetrical short bob

Women bob short with brown hair with blonde hair

Very stylish, self-conscious and modern - the short, asymmetrical bob is for the daring women. In this hairstyle your imagination has no limits. No matter whether long or short, one side longer than the other or even with an undercut - it just looks breathtaking! The only downside is that outgrowth takes time to claim.

The classic template is different - Pixie Bob Haarschnit

short bob asymmetrical side skirt style ideas blonde hair with strands

Just like the short bob, the Pixie haircut is also one of the favorite hairstyles for many women. The Pixie Bob optically provides more volume and is perfect for women with fine and thin hair. Since the cut is very watchful and extravagant, a decent portion of courage is necessary.

Short bob hairstyle with Seitenscheitel

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Would you like an extra portion of your hair? We still have a little styling tip for you - a deeper page reads your short Bob look super voluminous!

Elegant Blunt Cut Bob

French Bob Hair Cut Style Hair Trends Friuren honey blonde Hair color

With the so-called Blunt Cut Bob, your hair is very straight and bluntly cut. If you have very fine hair, then you are very well advised with this hairstyle - the cutting technique provides even more fullness and volume! This short bob looks particularly noble and elegant in all women. For this hair cut we recommend either the Sleek Look, where the hair is smooth or casual locks.

Short bob hairstyle in A-line is fully on trend

Bob Hairstyles Short Hair Trends 2019 Red Hair Care Tips

Unlike the classic Bob hairstyle, this variant has a much more pronounced shape that creates a natural volume. The smooth transition from a very short neck hair to the longer front part looks unique and exciting!

Who can style your short Bob?

Sleek bob hair cut short hair styles simple quick hairstyles light blonde hair

If you believe that you cannot style short hair, then you are great! In the following, we say you were flexible and indifferent to a shorter Bob style read. Who would, for example, have an elegant sleek look that makes every haircut a true hingucker? Although it really looks good, your hair should be shiny and curly - it is recommended that you use a hair cushion or hair rinse at least twice a week.

And so does the aforementioned Sleek Look:

  • The most important detail in this hairstyle is the hair straighteners - therefore, to separate and smooth the individual parts of the hair.
  • Work hair gel on the staff and comb your hair afterwards.
  • For an elegant and even transition, apply a little gel to the hair tips and lengths as well.

Playing short Bob with locks

Kiera Knightley hairstyles eyes make-up Smokey Eyes short hair with locks

Beautiful, casual locks make for a unique, lost look and look good luck only with long hair. You can reach a curly short bob either with a locking rod or with a smoothie. If you want to get natural hair out of curly hair, you still have to work with a little foam fastener and then attach it with a diffuser.

Hairstylists also look very good in short hair!

Hair styles easy quick hairstyles instruction blonde hair color

And who says that beautiful braid hairstyles are only for long hair? Whether a beautiful wreath or a romantic waterfall - the styling variations for a short bob hairstyle are endless. Do they have to change? An obvious mini-example for example is a real hingucker and provides a neat and lost look.


  • Smooth beams over the ear and flee to the rear. Fasten with hairpin.
  • The remaining hair can either be styled and backed with some hairspray or make small locks with the hair straightener.

Quick Half Bun for short Bob

short bob hairstyle Half Bun quick hairstyles Guide blonde hair

They have a good morning look and don't have enough time to style your hair. Then half a bun is your salvation! It goes fast, looks very stylish and also fits very short hair very well.

Does short hairstyle fit in your face shape?

Curly bob hair cut short hair styles fast hairstyles ideas

Bob Hairstyle has so many variations that it provides a suitable cut for each face shape. But who does it look like with the short Bob?

  • If you have one oval face shape then you can very happily appreciate - they can wear the trendy hairstyle in all their shapes and variations! Decide best for a short length of time under your chin - in this way, your face will be gently rounded.
  • For those angular forms with one eckigen facial shape successful in cashing, you should grab an asymmetrical short bob.
  • For the women with one round face It is advisable to relinquish a pony, because he only shortens the face even more.
  • All, the ones have a hearty face shape, grip best to a hair cut that extends down to the chin. A silky pony looks nothing but beautiful, but also reads and the wide stars work smaller.

Short Bob Hairstyle at the Stars

Victoria Beckham hairstyles hair cut short undercutt women

The fashion icon Victoria Beckham has meanwhile tried out all possible hair lengths before Bob became her own brand. She is clear evidence that short hair can look very elegant and noble if styled properly.

Lucy hairstyles eyes make-up simple evening dress shoulder-free

The actress of the cult series "Pretty little liars" Lucy Hale is another style model. Through the short bob, your face is highlighted in a beautiful way and the dark brown hair is perfect!

Beyonce Hairstyles Haircut Trend 2019 Eyes Make Up

No matter if short or long hair - the pop diva Beyoncé simply stands for any hairstyle!

Further inspirations for a beautiful short Bob

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