Renovate Monument House - Combine modern architecture and traditional building style

traditional architecture from the past worker's house had white elements

If you want to renovate a monumental house, this is an example of this. The former Labor House is located on the corner of Two Streets in Fremantle, Australia. It serves the architects as an exciting foundation for the construction of modern single-family homes. The concept is there to preserve and restore the existing hut. By doing so, the architects shift the size of the extension on the rows both to one courtyard.

Renovate and revitalize the protected house

exterior facade with large window and garage door and street side

In a mixed use zoning, the house consists of a single office and a bedroom. These can be hired at the appropriate decision of the owners in the future. The high-gloss polished surfaces of marble "Nero Marquina", white oxide concrete and shiny black wood provide a dramatic contrast to the rough and matte surfaces of the house. Thus, a deliberate contrast arises which refers to the original materials with an opposite surface. The owners intend to use nearby parks and cafes as an extension, when renovating their monument-protected house.

Renew classic architecture in modern art and wisdom

outdoor area with grill system integrated and plant containers

The assignment demanded a modern family home, with the respect for the beloved workhouse and yet functional and exciting additions. It was, for that reason, minimal entry, if you could easily do it when you renovated a monument.

cover with black lamella made of wood and modern lighting with led lighting

Such changes were, for example, the construction of Oberlichtern in the Flur, the reconstruction of the kitchen, and the bathrooms in a larger bathroom with a family size. In addition, the architects have renewed the laundry room and the original rounded porch, as well as general restoration work.

renovate a brick facade and modern metal monumental house

Prior to the realization of the project, the owner engaged the architect of the cultural heritage, Phillip Griffith, while accepting his recommendations. The only change to the existing exterior wall is to extend an existing opening to restore the connection to the new works.

wash basin in black marble with mirror in the bathroom
The new building walls also kept the team hidden under the available troughs. A kitchen, an inner courtyard, an office, a garage as well as a bedroom and a bathroom in the upper floor form the new work from which the architects could renovate a monument.

Minimalist living room functional

living room with fireplace over fireplace and painting

Through a mixed zoning, the above-mentioned office and bedroom can be rented in the future at will. The ground-floor office had to stand in size and shape with the adjacent real estate ratios in George Street in relation. In addition, valuable materials in construction and the existing landspace of the region were also important for maintaining the character of the road of decisive importance.

working room with chair and monitors in black white with concrete floor

The angled brush of the office refers to the roofline of the original houses. A suppression of building height by the middle of the railing rises over the road. In this way, this aligns with the surrounding east. The essence links the project with its context.

Combining metal and backing slats and remodeling a sheltered house

The red brick masonry takes up the elements of excavation, while the concrete towers interpret the former towers of the hut in modern ways. The turn-stained, glazed, red brick wall, which is laid out in an Ombre pattern, wraps itself around the office and plays with the traditional rat's of the house. The charcoal-aluminum cladding should be in the background and dominate the road.

courtyard and transition to modern kitchen with kitchen island and glass sliding doors

The key to the task, with which the architects could renovate such a monument-protected house, was a sense of spaciousness on the small plot. The guidelines from the entrance through the courtyard to the house escape were decisive for this design.

longer flurry in classic building style with part bids and white walls

A hung dark blanket forms the transition from the house building into the kitchen with the higher blanket. Level swells and appropriate floor coverings also extend from the kitchen to the courtyard. Storage rooms in the existing bedrooms modernize the house in a respectful manner and manner. The robes do not bump into pre-existing surfaces.

Renovate outdoor area and monumental house

house extension modern single-family house from old working house house brick wall

Landscaping will thus be phased in as an extension of the architecture in the eye. The architects made various facilities, like a tile as well as a concrete grill. The latter was actually a literal extension of the earthquake.

aesthetic of marble and artwork and the walls in the kitchen

The furniture designer Jack Flanagan was commissioned to create a sculptural metal base for the freestanding marble esthetic. This one adds up perfectly to the fixed furniture element. The steel manufacturers of Steele & Co work with the construction of the vertical slats, which filter the western sun to the upper bedroom and other customer-specific steel elements.

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built-in building style with wood-burning fireplace and modern furniture in the living room

tile in bath in combination with marble wash basin with black faucet

renovate the kitchen for home renovation

sketch and basic renovation for a whole monument-protected house

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