Physical activity can reduce the risk of death by 30%

Many physical activities offer a number of health benefits. So you can improve your mood, lower your blood pressure or just get in touch with friends. According to a new study, people with sufficient aerobic activity are 29 percent less likely to die for any reason. The lowest risk of death is between 150 and 300 minutes per week with moderate intensity aerobic activity.

Physical activity during the pandemic

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Above all, this study supports the idea that physical activity is an important factor for a good lifestyle and can improve health together with well-being during the corona crisis. According to the guidelines, people should exercise moderately intensively for at least 150 minutes per week or remain physically active for 75 minutes per week. However, a combination of both offers the best option. People should also aim to do moderate or high intensity physical strengthening activities two or more days a week. In addition, the results of the study show that either aerobic or weight training was beneficial at the recommended levels. Similar benefits have been observed in deaths from cardiovascular disease, cancer and chronic lower respiratory diseases.

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The study had some limitations, including the observational nature, which means that researchers cannot show cause and effect. The study participants also reported how physically active they were. This is not as accurate as using an activity monitor, also known as an accelerometer. Exercising more gives you an added benefit, but not much. There is also a higher risk of injury from overuse with higher training volumes. However, the greatest increase in benefits occurs early – only by getting up. Even if you don’t follow the recommendations, you will get significant health benefits if you are not sedentary.

Prevent diseases with sport

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These benefits also apply to people with chronic illnesses as long as they exercise safely. So this can sometimes mean talking to a doctor first. It is highlighted both in the new study and in the guidelines for physical activity. Despite the evidence, very few people meet these guidelines. The authors of the new study found that only 16 percent of people met the physical activity guidelines for both aerobic and strength training. This is less than the 23.2 percent more recently. The researchers point out that “lack of time” prevents some people from doing sports, and suggest that those under time pressure focus on aerobic activities due to the greater benefits seen in this study.

Perform yoga exercises outdoors for well-being and physical activities

The way muscle strength was counted in the study makes it difficult to compare these exercises directly with aerobic activity. Muscle strengthening activities were based on how often people did them and not how long. This is the same way that the guidelines count. However, the health benefits of this type of exercise also depend on how hard you exercise. This in turn depends on the type of exercise and the number of repetitions and sets. In addition, some types of physical activity, such as circulatory weight training and high-intensity HIIT interval training, can combine both aerobic and muscle strengthening. Even yoga can be both aerobic and muscle building, not to mention more flexibility, balance and coordination.

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