How to set up a classroom – what you need & ideas for implementation

After schools were already closed due to the pandemic and students followed classes from home, there is now another threat of closure. Whether you are preparing for such a situation, teaching your child from home yourself or just want to design a room in which your children can study and do their homework undisturbed, we have a few tips for you to help you do that set up the perfect classroom. But even if you don’t have free space, you don’t have to deviate from your plan. A smaller area in one of the living rooms is also suitable for this purpose.

Furnishing a classroom – a separate room or a small area?

Furnishing a classroom - tips for furniture and accessories for a nice study

Of course, that depends primarily on whether you have a free room at all. For example, a guest room can be converted for this purpose, but other rooms are also suitable. If necessary, a corner in the living room can also be redesigned or you can set up a study area in the children’s room yourself. So before you start with the rest of the planning, think about where you want to set up the classroom.

How To Have Fun Learning With The Right Environment - How To Set Up A Study Area

Of course, it is also important for how many children it is intended. And if you live in a particularly small apartment and can’t even redesign an area for studying, just use what you have – the kitchen island in the kitchen, the dining table in the living room or the parents’ work area. But then organize the area so that everything you need is always immediately accessible. Ideally, the study area is in a bright place.

What belongs in the room?

Long desk on a blue wall with computers

Depending on the space available, it is advisable to dedicate a separate area to each school subject. Such are, for example, a handicraft and painting corner for art lessons with paper, paints and other necessary utensils, an area for reading and writing, a world map on the wall for the geography area, etc. “Wall” is another keyword, because these can Use them not only for a world map, but also for other decorations or a shelf for books.

The seating area

Small children's desk with modern Eames chairs and wall design

It is important that the children sit comfortably during class. This is the only way they can concentrate, learn and work well. Choose a chairtailored to the size of the child. This means your feet should be comfortably on the floor. If you cannot find a suitable chair, you can alternatively set up a box on which the children can put their legs.

Furnishing idea for a room for the home school with Eames chairs and console as a desk

Of course he should too writing desk not missing. This can stand freely in the room like in a real classroom, but also on a wall, as is usually the case in a children’s room. That basically depends on how you want to furnish the rest of the classroom. A desk with drawers is particularly useful when you have little space, because it offers storage space for notebooks, pens and other things. As an alternative to the classic desk, simple shelves or cupboards can also be conveniently converted. Equipped with a plate, you will quickly get a workspace, the size of which can vary according to your needs.

Use a self-made kitchen island as a desk with integrated shelves for boxes

And that brings us to the little thingsthat you should get: writing, painting and handicraft utensils, including an ink pen, pencils, paints, scissors, glue, rulers, compasses and everything else you might need in school. To organize all of these little things, you can use regular Tupperware jars or baskets, some of which you may already have at home. Writing utensils that you would like to have close at hand can also be stowed in mason jars on the table. Since the glasses are transparent, you always have an overview of the content. The same also applies to the trendy wire baskets.

Set up the classroom in the playroom with a separate area

Sufficient light is very important. Therefore, it is best to choose a room that has windows. For cloudy days, you can also use a lamp to furnish the classroom. If it is bright enough, the eyes do not get tired so quickly and the children can concentrate longer.

The teacher area

Set up child-friendly classroom at home - desk for child and adult and mural

You are the teacher now and of course you also need a section. Shelves for books, organizers for staplers and storage space for pens are very useful here to keep everything within reach and in order. You can even set up a blackboard on a free wall, if you have the space.

You can also put a desk or a small table in the room where you can sit and teach. If space does not allow it, you can also just sit down at the child’s desk.

Set up a classroom with sufficient storage space

Two tables on the wall as desks and a shelf with boxes for storage

We have already mentioned that shelves are necessary. Cabinets and, more precisely, filing cabinets are also very practical. Not only can the school books be stowed there, but also the exercise books from all school subjects. Correctly arranged, they are always at hand. We recommend choosing a height for this type of furniture that corresponds to that of the children, so that they can really comfortably reach every book and notebook themselves.

Furnishing a classroom – ideas

Designing a classroom – colorful furnishings combined with neutral colors

Nice study room in vintage style with colorful decoration

Large desk with pin board

Set up a classroom next to the living room with a large desk and pin board

Small study corner in the playroom with table, chairs and blackboard

Create a corner for learning with a table and blackboard in the children's or playroom

Idea for setting up a classroom in the garden house

Convert the garden shed or garage into a study room with built-in shelves and cupboards

Furnishing a classroom in a Scandinavian style in white

Set up a bright classroom with Scandinavian flair and a desk for three

Antique furniture for a rustic study area

Rustic furniture in the classroom at home with a slate and desk

Natural colors and materials for a Montessori classroom

Study room with sloping roof and natural colors - rustic flair ensures cosiness

Modern idea for the living room with beautiful wall panels

Set up a modern classroom for girls - hexagonal wall panels and white furniture

Learning utensils can be stowed on shelves and on bookshelves

Clearly stow learning utensils and books with an open shelf and book rails

Repurpose the free area in the house

Set up a classroom in a free corner - plenty of storage space and a table for studying

Create a learning area for children in a wall niche

Set up the classroom in a niche in the wall with a double desk and hanging shelf

Console on the wall for a desk for three and blackboards on the wall

Set up a classroom for three children with slates on the wall

Study at the dining table in the kitchen

Setting up a classroom in the kitchen - if there is not enough space, the dining table is sufficient

Desk with plenty of storage space

Furnish a small corner for studying with shelves and a work area

Study and classroom in the living room for the whole family

Set up study and classrooms in the living room at the dining table for the whole family

Large desk with area for writing, painting and the computer

The study area should be bright or well lit.

Set up a classroom with a table for children and parents

Idea for setting up a classroom in your own home

Low shelves are easily accessible for children

A brightly colored room at home encourages learning

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