Peanut allergy: Researchers in the United States are testing new contraceptive therapy

Peanut allergy prevents new medication may work daily

Peanuts are among the deadliest foods for allergy sufferers. Even tiny quantities can trigger an anaphylactic shock, which is often life-threatening. In this situation, the allergic shock can only be counteracted by an emergency medical aid with emergency medication. While adults understand and understand the health picture of who they should be in emergency, grandchildren are in a great danger. In the USA, a research team is developing a contraceptive therapy to desensitize children. For the first time, medications for the prevention of peanut allergy were tested. And those results give parents with allergic children hope.

Peanut allergy: Will there soon be a drug for birth control?

Last year, the drug AR101 went into the test phase. A study with 551 children aged 4 to 17 years investigated the effect of the preparation. After one contraceptive therapy, the probands could unintentionally consume 600 mg of peanut. After the promising findings, the research team sent the drug to the American Allergy Center and received a supplement for further testing. If you are going to prove its effect, the drug will be available in the United States next year.

Peanut allergy: Could allergy-related deaths be prevented in the future?

Peanut Allergy Prevention Therapy Tips

People who have a peanut allergy have to deal with many difficulties in everyday life. Again and again they have to declare in the restaurant that they have a life-threatening allergy and in the supermarket to read the packings of the food in Details. One glance is set to find that many foods and ready-made traces of peanuts can be contained. Parents of grandchildren have to leave the educators in the kindergarten and also reiterate the friendship circle that the child has a severe allergy.

Nevertheless, there are still cases of allergy-related deaths. For example, if the peanut is not listed as an ingredient on the package. One's prevention will be to make the lives of allergies worldwide easier. Therefore, desensitization should not be confused with any therapy for healing. Allergists were unable to eat any peanuts, they simply became milder in response.

To the first study of the American research team

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