Make your own book cover out of fabric or paper and design it pretty – that’s how it works!

Book covers are a really useful thing. Apart from the fact that they are supposed to protect the book from external influences, they can also be really pretty to look at and turn every book into a unique piece of jewelry. Everyone knows the foils they use to wrap textbooks for school. But that is by no means the only material that can be used. For the following instructions, paper and fabric are also used and decorated in a very individual way. Let yourself be inspired and give your books beautiful covers, because we will show you how you can make a book cover yourself.

Make a book cover yourself out of fabric or paper - simple instructions

Make a book cover yourself – this is how a book is wrapped with paper

Make a book cover yourself - this is how you wrap a book with paper

Before you even start designing, you should of course first know how to open a book in the first place. The instructions above illustrate this wonderfully. It is particularly easy to work with paper. Once the book is wrapped, you can start decorating and design any patterns and motifs.

Make book cover yourself with colors

Make book cover yourself and design with colors - geometric pattern

A wide variety of motifs and patterns can be created with simple paints. For the first example, you will still need tape to cover different areas on the envelope. You can create whatever designs you want when designing the book cover.

Make the book cover yourself and paint it with acrylic paints - mask with adhesive tape

Just stick the tape on and paint the free areas with acrylic paint. Let the paint dry briefly and remove the tape. Repeat these steps until you are happy with your design.

Make a book cover yourself with white paper - modern pattern in bright colors

Make splashes of paint on the book cover yourself

Make splashes of color on the paper envelope with acrylic paints

You can get paint splatters on your envelope even faster and easier. To do this, you can pick up the paint with any aids: brushes in different sizes or a toothbrush, for example for finer splashes. Pick up paint with the brush and tap another brush or pencil over the envelope. Design any areas if you are doing the book cover yourself in this way. If you are using a toothbrush, simply run your finger over the bristles near the surface of the envelope so that the splashes can fall onto the envelope.
Tip: Neon colors are particularly effective on a black background.

Tinker book cover and paint with self-made stamp

Design the book cover with a self-made stamp with thread

A piece of wood, string and colors – that’s all you need if you want to make and design a book cover yourself in this interesting way. Wrap the string around the piece of wood several times and tie it tightly together. This side, where there is no knot, paint with any acrylic paint, after which you can transfer it to the book with the stamp. You can always change direction and either design the entire book or, as in the example, cover one half diagonally with paper and only stamp the other half.


Make the book cover yourself with washi tape

A lot can be done with this versatile craft material. For one, you can use it to help you wrap your book in place to hold the cover in place. On the other hand, beautiful patterns and even motifs in a pixel look can be created with washi tape. It just takes a little imagination. Since the adhesive tape is available in a wide variety of colors and designs, you are spoiled for choice!

Book cover made of fabric without sewing

Idea without sewing

Make your own book cover out of fabric without sewing

A cover made of fabric is particularly durable and hard-wearing and therefore a great way to protect your valuable book from external influences (apart from moisture). For our first tutorial, you don’t even have to sew. Since glue is used instead of a seam, you should just be careful not to stain the book with glue while working. Here’s how you can make this type of book cover yourself:

  • material
  • Hot glue or textile glue
  • scissors
  • Buttermesser
  • optional: spray adhesive

Book covers without sewing from fabric - Glue with spray glue

Cut a piece of fabric that is 1 to 2 inches larger on all sides than the opened book. The rule is: Better to do more than too little, because you can always cut off later. If the fabric is wrinkled or wrinkled, it is advisable to iron it. You can glue the fabric to the book if you want. This way, you get a tighter book cover that won’t slip. However, if you want to wrap up textbooks or just use the envelope temporarily, skip this step:

Crafting instructions for beginners - fabric book cover without sewing

Spread out the fabric and mark the center (where you want the book spine to be). First, spray the back of the book on a mat and lay it on the right side of the fabric. The spine of the book is on the center line. Now spray the front of the book as well, fold it open and glue the fabric in place.

If you are don’t want to stick, simply position the book in the middle of the fabric. Then cut into the protruding part on the book spine on the left and right.

For sticking: Put hot glue on the long protruding side, fold it over and stick it to the book. Then repeat this step with the two shorter sides at the top and bottom.

Simple craft idea for books and notebooks - make your own envelopes

Would you like the fabric do not stick directly to the book, fold over the long side and clamp it temporarily. Put glue between the layers of fabric in the two outer corners and press the two layers together. Now mark the places on the short pages where the folds will be when you fold these inwards and take the book away. Fold the sides and iron the crease. Put the book back again, fold the fabric inwards and glue it in the corner where the fabrics of the long and short pages are on top of each other (in the corners).

Fold books in without sewing - design hems without seams and glue

Repeat the steps for the other side as well. Only the two protruding pieces of fabric remain on the spine of the book. You simply insert this into the cavity of the book spine. You can use a butter knife or any other object for this. If you want, you can fix this piece of fabric with a little glue as well.

DIY textile envelope with just a few drops of glue

Sew the book cover

Sewing a book cover - A simple sewing guide for beginners

  • material
  • Sewing machine
  • The pin

Place the piece of fabric in front of you (left side up) and the opened book on top. Measure a distance of approx. 1.3 to 2 cm at the top and bottom and approx. 9 to 10 cm to the right and left. Mark the gaps and then cut the fabric. Fold the edges over to about 1/4 inch, pin them in place with pins, and sew a hem.

Cut the fabric, sew the hem and create pockets for the book cover

Lay the book on the fabric and fold over the right and left pages. Pin the fabrics in place, but make sure that there is still enough space to close the book and cover. Sew the two layers together along the hem to make the pockets for the book cover.

Make a book cover yourself from felt with an owl

Decorate book covers with felt motifs - template for owl

Making book covers yourself out of felt has the advantage that you can decide for yourself whether you prefer to glue or sew the fabric. The fact that you can also only glue is particularly advantageous if you want to decorate the envelope with motifs, as in the example above. Gluing saves a lot of time. Learn how you can make this book cover yourself with an owl:

  • Felt in any color
  • Embroidery floss, if you want to sew or Glue if not
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • book
  • Template (see end of article)

Simple and cute idea for a felt envelope

Print out the template for the owl, cut out the individual elements and transfer the felt fabrics to them. Cut out these elements too and sew them together as follows: On a small square, first sew the body of the owl, then the belly, the wings and the large circles for the eyes, then the white for the eyes and the beak and finally the black pupils.

Then you can make the book cover yourself. You need a piece that is a few millimeters larger than the opened book. You will then need a piece from which you will make the two pockets for the book cover. Halve this piece. Now take the large piece of felt and sew the owl onto the front. Turn it over and then sew the small pieces in place to get the pockets. You’re done!

Tip: The coarse seam gives the design a special charm. However, if you don’t want to sew the envelope, just use glue wherever the seam would normally be.

With velvet

Design an elegant book with velvet as an idea for a guest book

Coat the book cover with glue

Brush the book with glue and stick the velvet tightly

Glue the velvet in place, fold over and fix with glue and clamps

Cut into excess fabric, apply glue and fix with clamps to dry

Elegant book with velvet in blue color

Make your own book cover out of velvet in elegant blue - this is how it's done

Template for the owl

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