Herpes infection in babies can be life-threatening

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When Barnsley was barely four weeks old, his mother, Briton Ashleigh White, noticed that his eyes suddenly turned red. The baby refused the food intake, was sleepy and had fever. The young mother had just taken it to the hospital and was looking into it. Initially, it makes it difficult for the nurses to make a diagnosis. Fortunately, Ashleigh had read warnings from other parents on Facebook and could find out that little Barnsley was sick. A herpes infection that could be life-threatening for little babies.

Herpes infection in babies: A life-threatening disease

In the United Kingdom and in the United States, freshly baked parents reported back in the past years of babies who have been infected by a pillow with the herpes virus. One newborn had been infected at the hospital, another infant - during birth and a baby was visited and kissed by relatives with the virus. Warn yourself that the Herpes Simplex Infection for babies is life-threatening for one year. The infant's immune system is still not capable of keeping the virus in check and spreading rapidly in the body. If not treated in a timely manner, herpes simplex can spread to the baby's organs, which can lead to blindness.

A study in Sweden said that the disease could have terrible consequences. Out of a total of 45 children with the virus, 12 died in the next 15 years, 13 of the children were severely mentally or physically impaired, 4 were easily mentally or physically impaired.

Herpes Infection in Baby's Pre-Bowel

Triggers Herpes Infection Baby's Mother

The very best advice, therefore, to protect the parents of babies for less than 6 months from an infection. People with an acute herpes infection should best have no contact with the baby or wear at least one mouthguard. When parents are suffering from herpes, they should pay extra attention to hygiene and before any contact with the baby washing their hands. Whether infectious, or not - babies should not be kissed by relatives and family friends for safety for a year.

To study at Huddinge University in Sweden

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