Creative Guest Gifts to High - 40 High Guest Ideas

Have fun with the last preparations for your wedding celebration! The wonderful creations are long-awaited and word-pleasingly enthralled, menus and highscores are preferred, chewed and anchored, and the perfect location bent. Some celebrate anxieties and friends with one's marriage and have become natural cousins ​​with learning hands to come. A little groaning and the word saying goodbye to guests, was grateful to you, that they came to mind. A crispy biscuit, a small bottle of prosecco or a deaf soap bubbles for those splashed photos - are also creative Gastgeschenke zur Hochzeit. Unter unseren 40 Hochzeit Gastgeschenke Idea is also the right one for fun with!

Creative Gastgechenke zur Hochzeit - 40 Hochzeithen Idea

Guest gifts to top - Prosecco flags

A home-made alcohol ensures hot atmosphere! Supports a bottle of prosecco on one side. Print, cut and paste personalized labels onto the bottles. Then tie a string of fasteners around the bottles with fastening.

First of all, naturally, the guest were left alone. High speed charts are the only thing that stands out! We also collected some of the Bastideids for high-speed uploads. High-speed uploads only formatted - 40 ideas for high-speed charts made entirely

Gastgeschenke zur Hochzeit - Proseccofläschchen

Great guest ideas - Little ones

Nothing tastes much better than the Küsse des Liebsten, more deliciously honig! Fill in small ice cream, then print hourly names and wedding date on labels and stick them to the shakes. To this delicious gift are all the friends!

Hochzeit Gastgeschenke Ideen - Kleine Honiggläschen

Seifenblasen as Guest Gifts

With diphtheria, one can make a false mistake in any kind of niggle, this cousin's children were breathing those bundles of blisters in that air, while Seifenblasen works wondrously on the high-resolution images and are an interchangeable alternative to travel and confetti. Wearing tiny panties with labels and rejuvenating oneself. Forty are the little ones Gastgeschenke zur Hochzeit.

Seifenblasen as Gastgeschenke


Great gifts for guests - bread and brussels spoons

Whatever was delicious, the guests provided the mood. Round biscuits to decorate bread and breadcrumbs: pink zuckergus on the biscuits, from whichever form the dress forms and a pearl chain from zucker pearls. The Brautigam biscuit in chocolate mousse dries, then pour from each Fondant's shirt. Take a little wings from chocolate pulp molds.

Main gifts for guests - bread and breakfast menu

Hochzeitsgeschenke Ideen - Nusnugatcreme

Essbare Gastgeschenke zur Hochzeit are really the best idea! Replace the labels of small nasal nasal cream and with personalized cloths. A customs idea is a breakthrough on the tis, so those guests can look straight.

Hochzeitsgeschenke Ideen - Nussnugatcreme

Mini Sores - Great guest ideas

This is delicious Gastgeschenke zur Hochzeit became a guarantor Erfolg! Mini-marshmallows, biscuits and pouches in decorative bags packing and clean have the comfort of Sores in hand. Particularly, Tütchen mit Fenster, because you immediately see it, was drinking sting.

Mini S´Mores - Hochzeit Gastgeschenke Idea

Gifts for wedding guests - There soundtrack is fun

On this CD, the Gäste seich sehr freunde, this year we found all the wonderful songs played on the high season! Soundtrack eures are made to burn and print CDs on CDs (with special printable CDs or CD labels and a printer on hold). The CDs are then packaged.

Gifts for wedding guests - Soundtrack eurer liebe


Gastgeschenke für Hochzeitsgäste - Hochzeitspaar Cake Pops

Cake pops are very easy to use from cake dough, covered with chocolate glass or zuck. The Küchlein in a special Cake Pops molding tray and a mirror or an essential Mikadostange slice, then toss the tile ball into a white chocolate. Struggle with horror games and forty is the breadth! Unclip a other ball of teal chocolate, fasten welds, then play a thin shoe brush, so that a shirt remains visible. Finish a small wing.

Gastgeschenke für Hochzeitsgäste - Highlight

Gastgeschenke zur Hochzeit - Impressed Macarons

Delicious Macarons with more fruity taste on the tongues! Cookies can be welded individually or in a confectioner's shop individually. The plates then pack in small transparent boxes.

Guest Gifts to High - Printed Macarons

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