4 Ideas for Using Your Inkjet Printer Creatively

Paper tufts personalize inkjet printer confetti tufts for wedding

Your printer can not only help you manage daily tasks, but also execute creatively. If you are interested in crafting or even selling their artworks online, you know that a high-quality printer can be the key to high-quality craft projects. We show you four possibilities today, which you can think about with the paper and can make original, personalized creations yourself with an inkjet printer. These were also determined as gifts to leave a lasting impression.

Distinguish between laser and inkjet printers

Which printing process gives it inkjet printers

Since they fix the toner (color) with heat on the paper, laser printers are not suitable for many craft works. Certain types of paper and transfer foil for example slow down the required high heat and do not melt. Special transfer paper for inkjet printers is widely used for the design of T-shirts, pillows, pictures and even temporary tattoos. We show you some of the coolest craft ideas you can turn into with an inkjet printer. You can experience more about the various printing processes on prindo.de.

Make self-adhesive tattoos with inkjet printers

Adhesive tattoos themselves make inkjet printers

Whether for a fascination, a birthday party, or a bachelor farewell - make children and adults joy and enchant temporary tattoos to stick to the skin! These wearable works of art also convince with versatile endeavors. The Decal foils let you use the example well in the field of nail design. If you wish for your design, print it out on a printable tattoo paper and bring the tattoo with some water. Remember that writings must be printed in the mirror, in order to read them later.

Motif on fabric

Print linen with inkjet printers become creative

Fabric possesses as a canvas for your favorite motif. With a few simple steps, you can do so from linen napkins, jute tablecloths and mussel bags and it is very special. This allows you to easily use transfer paper for attachment. When purchasing, consider whether you need paper towels for light or dark textiles. The transfer foil for light textiles is largely transparent, while for dark textiles it has a deck-wide surface, so the motif on a dark background is clearly visible.

Decorate candles with wish pattern

Candles with wish pattern decorate notes of wax paper

Whether wedding, birthday, Christmas or creating a cozy atmosphere - lovingly crafted, personalized candles are wonderful moods for any pleasure. With this craft idea you make each candle a unique one! All you need is a fine, printed motif on thin silk paper, oven or heat gloves and of course a blunt candle. The trick here is to make the top layer of the candle wax flush with the hair dryer and almost fuse with the silk paper motif. Because the soft silk paper can be embedded in the printer, it is first glued to the printer paper with adhesive tape.

Decoration for mirrors or windows

Wrap up a mirror with a printed adhesive foil for inkjet printers

Window stickers are a simple possibility to give your home a certain uniqueness, no matter if you are decorating your home for the holidays or picking up a boring bathroom mirror. But why should you start with pre-designed designs, if you can create your own sticker with a printable adhesive film and a printer? These transparent sheets are printable on one side and have the others on the glass, so that the printing ink is not transmitted to the mirror or the window. After sticking, the foil is almost invisible and firmly adhesive, yet re-soluble.

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