Replacing the bathtub with shower - Tips for transforming the shower room

transformation of bath in shower into shower with two shower luminaires

A bathroom can often only become modern and functional if you replace your outdated bathtub with shower. But who reads how to best perform such a conversion? The first step with which you can transform your shower area is to plan everything first. So be sure to catch, exchange tiles, bring home items, or search for the perfect color for your home, make sure you measure, plan, and research well. In this post you will find useful tips and ideas that can help you with the bathroom renovation.

Replacing the bathtub with shower in steps

combine modern and classic design and replace bathtub with shower

Showers possess a range of advantages over bathtubs and have a higher resale value in case of sale of the apartment. If you do not bathe often, the large basin of the tub is very superfluous. The transformation of the shower to the shower can be a difficult project, which touches on many facets of the bathroom: bathing, plumbing, flooring, dry building, insulation and common room. While the transformation is a complex task, it pays off, after setting the dust.

replace bathtub with shower with glass wall and window in bath

During the rally, an item is used, which is designated as a finished shower set. This building kit is available in stock or on order in most tree markets and offers you a shower bath (floor), matching walls or a suitable door. Prefabricated showers save a lot of time and smooth the learning curve by eliminating the entire sub-project of tile laying on vertical surfaces. One downside of finished construction, however, is that they tend to bring less resale value than user-defined, well-plastered showers. But the positive thing for homeworkers is that finished showers are quick and easy to realize.

Measure out the space

freestanding shower cabin with black marble wall

If you remove a bathtub, you can opt for a shower cabin that has approximately the same size, but the width can vary. This avoids excessive repair work in the walls and the bottom, as the shower and walls cover the old surface. Should you choose a shower with a square surface (approx. 30 cm²), you have to renovate the floors and the walls anyway. The advantage in this case lies in the fact that your bathroom becomes bath and floor area when you replace your bathtub with shower. Also note the location of the toilet. A distance from the middle of the toilet to the glass of the new shower door is usually memorable.

bath in the bath with shower

Where do you put the door or partition in your new shower, which does not affect the toilet or the laundry? Use a large rest of the dry building to wash out the possible swing of the shower door, and then check the distance from the dry bath to the toilet and the washbasin. In a renovated bathroom you can also replace a small bathtub with shower that is borderless. The way from the wash basin to the shower can in this case mean a swinging shower door, so you can decide for such a variant.

Sufficient space for mounting and mounting

small tiles in blue with grout in white and thermostat valves

First of all, make sure that you still have enough free space after the rebuild. If you are replacing a bathtub with a shower, the bathroom can be overfilled. Therefore, make sure that you are properly designing the space for your needs. From the center of the toilet to the new shower or shower, try to reach a minimum distance of 40 cm. If your shower room gets smaller, you can shorten this measurement. Tip: Hold a piece of dry construction wall in order to function as a counterfeit glass vessel, and place it on a bucket to approach the toilet position. This can help you decide who you want to be in the glass and what your big shower should be. Imagine yourself in a place where you can shower. An 80 cm shower depth feels for most people small and could work for you. Here, too, you should not overfill the room.

install a bathtub with shower fittings and use fine stone eyebrows

Take time for the search for devices. Shopping for devices can really be fun. Explore the options and search for special offers and possible combinations. They do not necessarily have to use the same brand of diesel, as devices from two different companies can still look good together. For example, if you install a steam shower, you can consider the appropriate shower fittings in your bathroom. Do you ever think that a steam shower should be built by a person who has many years of experience in this field.

Consider light conditions

renovate a small bath with a canopy and shower

This is the key to a shiny shower area. Make sure your shower is equipped with the appropriate lighting, if sufficient daylight is not available. Depending on the shower size and design, two or four lights are best seen. If you remove your old tub together with the wall covering, to work on the space for the new shower, this is the perfect time to consider whether you can install your lighting system as planned. Often, the frames in the ceiling over a tub can be easily adjusted to, for example, add some indirect lighting.

flush wall in bathroom with toilet and shower next to washbasin with bath mirror and drawer

Do not tile the surfaces, but rather have the finished light sources. Without a source of light, it is difficult to know whether your walls or pews are straightforward to look. In a shower, where the lights are often quite close to the wall, every little mistake was made when embarrassing tiles. Plan your ground floor early and use the ceiling height as a reference. Drawing the layouts on paper helps, and as soon as you have completed them, you can use your fixed lines of joints to arrange showers and other devices.

Shopping plan when replacing bathtub with shower

single and knobs for washer temperature and flow during shower

In exchange for your old bath with an elegant new shower, you should determine your next personal requirements and buy high-quality shower fixtures. That is why it is also important to understand the basics of shower control. What opportunities do you have? What was best for your space and budget? It provides three basic systems for controlling water temperature and water volume:

  • Simple single or knobs that control both the water temperature and the flow.
  • Combination temperature controllers, which can include two or even three additional devices.
  • A separate thermostat valve, just for temperature and just for water.

Regardless of which system you select, the attachment consists of two parts. The screw-in screw is the inside of the shower fitting and usually consists of brass. The fixture will be connected to the water pipes. The second part is occupied for the tiles. Do it yourself, or have your installer wear it, to determine the depth of the fixing. In this way, you can see the finished look. Many levers or knobs go far in the shower, but you can find out by adjusting it in advance.

Choose the right dress

marble wall cladding for bath without bath

First, pick out the desired tile or dress and test it in your bathroom. Then you can also determine the color and type of your sealant. The topic of tiles quickly dries up in any shower setup. What kind of tiles should you choose? Where should you get your desired model? What size is needed and what kind of fugen mortar should you use? The flow of information can be a little overwhelming, and it is difficult to cover a brief meeting with a potential restaurateur. So do your homework in advance. If you know how to properly replace, wash, and waterproof your bathtub with a shower, you can ask the right questions if you ask your contractor.

use glass door or partition for the shower area

It gives a lot of great stoves and natural stones, but you should avoid ware with poor quality. If you have found the perfect tile or construction material, you still have to decide for your grout mortar. Should you use cement mortar, grinding or grinding mortar and even epoxide? There are many things to note. Sometimes, tile armies contain the grout in your price, but try to find out more about your construction project before choosing a grout. Tiles and joints are hard to come by. Many shower enclosures can be damaged because the mortar is poorly installed. So take a look at some beautiful showers and find out more about how to make the small details right.

Steinfliesen against Feinstein Zeugfliesen

noble bathroom design with golden elements and marble wall cladding in shower

This election is becoming increasingly difficult when it comes to new trends in bathroom design, but most people prefer porcelain. The shower area is logically the closest place in the bath, and fine-tinted moisture is virtually insensitive to moisture. If you ever decide to use Naturstein, it is meaningful to examine this material for defects and to pass a test. A simple trench test is the best option in this case. If, for example, you expect to use white marble in your shower, you will buy from a supplier that has been using diesel sources for years. Also, make sure you know how long the store has bought Stein from this source and if any problems have occurred in previous performances. Buy more parts and spend two days in a bucket full of water. Then take the material out and leave it for a few more days. If the stone looks different, diesel changes could occur if you replace your shower with a shower.

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