Plants as privacy screens for the terrace in the bucket – evergreen, hardy and Mediterranean varieties

Natural protection from plants is the preferred choice for many garden and terrace owners and this also applies to the terrace. However, it is not always possible to plant plants in the immediate vicinity of the terrace in the garden. Or would you like something exotic, but cannot use such plants due to our cold winters? Then plants are just the right choice as a privacy screen for the terrace in the bucket! We would like to introduce you to a great selection of suitable varieties that are guaranteed to impress you. Whether evergreen, deciduous, blooming, with needles or leaves – there is something for every taste.

Plants as privacy screens for the terrace in the bucket – the wig bush

Plants as privacy for the terrace in the tub - wig bush (Cotinus coggygria) with pink flowers

If you are looking for a particularly easy-care container plant, you will find the attractive wig bush (Cotinus coggygria) always the right choice. It not only tolerates drought very well, but is also robust against pests and diseases. This makes it perfect if you are looking for plants in the tub as a privacy screen for the terrace. In the wild, the shrub grows to a height of 2 meters, but this is not possible in a plant container. However, there are high-growing varieties with a height of 1.2 meters. If you then add the height of the bucket, you get the ideal height for a natural privacy screen.

The fluffy flowers, which are white-pink and bloom from May, are particularly impressive. But even after flowering, and more precisely in autumn, the shrub with its yellow-red foliage is pretty to look at.

  • easy to care for and robust
  • blooming
  • beautiful autumn colors
  • deciduous

Vines for a natural privacy screen for patios

Plants as a privacy screen for the terrace in the bucket vine (Vitis vinifera subsp. Vinifera) with grapes

Many would never even think of choosing vines as plants to protect the terrace in the tub. Probably because one imagines grapevines on large plantations and believes that they need plenty of space in the garden. They also feel very comfortable in the bucket, but also need a climbing aid. Simple wires are sufficient for this. The dense foliage that gives the terrace a Mediterranean flair not only protects from glances, but also from the wind. If you also let the plant climb along a roof (e.g. pergola), you will also get the perfect sun protection for the warm seasons.

Plants as a privacy screen for the terrace in the bucket - grapevine as privacy, wind and sun protection

A cut back to the old wood is required in autumn, after which you can leave the planter outside all winter or stow it in a garage, a shed and other rooms. However, make sure that the plant does not dry out during this time. Both fine wine (Vitis vinifera subsp. vinifera), as well as wild wine (ivy wine) are a great option.

  • Climbing plant that needs a climbing aid
  • also suitable as wind and sun protection
  • hardy
  • Pruning necessary

Plants as privacy screens for the terrace in the bucket – red loquat

Plants as a privacy screen for the terrace in the bucket - red medlar (Photinia fraseri) with red shoots

The special thing about this plant is the variety of colors. As such, the leaves of the red medlar (Photinia fraseri) green and shiny. However, new shoots stand out due to their red color. There are also white flowers and red berries in autumn, which make the appearance just perfect. The plant is so ideal for planting pots and more precisely as a privacy screen for patios because it can grow between 1.5 and 3 meters high and is also evergreen.

  • evergreen
  • not hardy
  • blooming
  • Autumn berries
  • sunny to partially shaded

Vinegar trees as terrace plants

Plants as privacy screens for the terrace in the bucket - vinegar tree (Rhus typhina) for exotic flair

The vinegar tree is also particularly pretty to look at (Rhus typhina), which is also known as a deer flask and of which there are varieties that are perfectly suitable for the bucket. The leaves are particularly impressive and exotic. It is very suitable if you are looking for an easy-care terrace planting that is also robust. These trees are also winter-proof plants, but after a beautiful red-orange leaf color in autumn, they lose their leaves in winter. Vinegar trees are therefore plants as a privacy screen for the terrace in the bucket, which offers protection more in the warm seasons.

  • easy to care for and robust
  • hardy
  • deciduous
  • beautiful autumn colors

Creeping spindle as an evergreen screen for the shade

The creeper (Euonymus fortunei) is the perfect privacy screen for the shade

As evergreen container plants, the creeping spindle (Euonymus fortunei) perfectly suitable. It is also very practical that they can thrive very well in the shade, making them ideal for darker garden areas with a terrace. A topiary is possible with these plants if you want, but not absolutely necessary. Make sure you choose the right variety! There are those who tend to crawl and those who climb. Reach for the latter and also provide a climbing aid.

Creeping spindle as a privacy screen in the planter on the shady terrace

The creeper spindles are hardy tub plants that are also evergreen, so that the plants provide the perfect privacy screen for the patio in the tub, even in the cold season. The leaf color can vary depending on the variety. Those with white-colored leaves are ideal for the shade.

  • evergreen
  • easy to care for and robust
  • hardy
  • Cut back and shape possible, but not absolutely necessary
  • suitable for the shade
  • different leaf colors available

Terrace privacy screen with Mediterranean flair – citrus trees and more

Citrus trees for Mediterranean flair on the garden terrace and rich harvest

Every hobby gardener has probably dreamed of having their own lemon, orange or mandarin trees. And as long as you have enough space inside to store the non-hardy plants as a privacy screen for the terrace in the bucket, there is actually nothing standing in your way. Citrus trees are quite fast-growing and tall plants that even go up a little bit thanks to the large tub. In addition, the flowers will spoil you with a pleasant fragrance and the fruits with their taste.

But that's not all you can choose if you value a Mediterranean feeling. Olive trees and figs are also a great option. Around the terrace, planters with trellis can be set up, on which kiwis can grow. Mini kiwis (kiwi berries) are perfect for this purpose, for example.

  • relatively easy to care for
  • fast growing
  • bear edible fruit
  • blooming


Firethorn (Pyracantha coccinea) as a privacy plant adorns with red berries

The firethorn (2 to 3 meters high)Pyracantha coccinea) will. But that's not the only thing that impresses the thorny plants. It also adorns the terrace with fragrant flowers and in autumn with pretty berries. There are both yellow, orange and red varieties. The firethorn as a privacy screen plant in the bucket is robust and easy to care for and prefers a sunny location – ideal for shielding a terrace that is located on the south or west side.

Firethorn in the planter with tendril and orange berries

For an opaque growth, regular pruning of these plants is necessary to protect the terrace in the tub. This takes place after flowering. But if you want to enjoy the bright berries, you should not cut off the withered inflorescences and avoid cutting back.

  • robust and easy to care for
  • sunny location
  • Flowers and berries
  • Pruning necessary

Fast growing tub plants as privacy screens – bamboo in the tub

Bamboo in the planter for a tight privacy screen

The bamboo is actually nothing new if you want to plant the terrace with the help of plant pots to ensure more privacy. But since it is an extremely easy-care and fast-growing plant that quickly turns into a perfect patio screen, we would like to mention the exotic bamboo again. Even if it cuts a really good figure in the garden, many garden owners shy away from the fact that it can spread uncontrollably and therefore needs a root barrier.

If you choose these plants as privacy screens for the terrace in the tub, the problem does not exist. A large container is important. It does not tolerate waterlogging. Since these container plants are hardy, you can leave them outside in the cold season. Then a shady location that is as sheltered from the wind as possible is the best choice.

  • hardy
  • fast growing
  • easy care

More demanding plants as a privacy screen for the terrace in the box – boxwood

Hardy boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) is very in need of care, but nice to look at

The boxwood requires a little more patience and care (Buxus sempervirens), which scores with its extremely dense growth. If you are looking for fast-growing plants, you will not find the right thing with this hedge plant. The need for care is also very intensive – a rich fertilization is necessary every year in spring and a regular topiary supports the dense growth of the branches.

  • hardy
  • more intensive care necessary
  • evergreen
  • any shape cut possible

Fast-growing privacy screen with grasses – the millet

Millet (Panicum virgatum) plants for more privacy - grasses for the modern garden

The pretty millet grows between 150 and 180 cm (during flowering)Panicum virgatum). Grasses are absolutely indispensable, especially in modern garden and terrace design. They are therefore ideally suited as modern privacy screens. But the easy-care plants also look great in other garden styles. Depending on the variety, the grass has green to blue-green stalks and reddish to pink inflorescences. The variety 'Northwind' grows columnar and dense, which means that several plants are ideal for protecting the terrace in the tub.

The stalks dry up in autumn and are only cut off in spring so that they can protect the root ball from the winter cold. In addition, the planter needs cold protection if it is to remain outside in winter. Alternatively, it can also be stowed away in the warm (e.g. garage or shed). Do not forget to water the beautiful ornamental grasses in winter, otherwise the plant will dry out.

  • easy to care for and robust
  • durable
  • hardy in the garden bed; Winter protection for container plant necessary
  • pretty colors of the stalks and flowers
  • Pruning in spring

Plants as privacy screens – riding grass

Frost-proof riding grass (Calamagrostis x acutiflora) with wheat-colored ears

If you would rather prefer grass that also adorns in winter, the riding grass (Calamagrostis x acutiflora) and more precisely the variety 'Karl Foerster' is very suitable. The wheat-colored ears, which form after the violet shimmering flower, stay in place all winter and take a height of 100 to 160 cm. A sunny location is important for this ornamental grass, because it only partially tolerates the penumbra and not even the shade. As grass to protect the terrace in the bucket, riding grass needs frost protection.

  • blossoms
  • sunny location important
  • dry stalks remain privacy in winter
  • Pruning only in spring
  • not hardy in the bucket; Frost protection necessary

Dwarf silver cypress

Dwarf silver cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera) - ornamental plants protect from prying eyes

Conifers are generally perfect plants as a privacy screen for the patio in the tub. The dwarf silver cypress (Chamaecyparis pisifera) is one of them besides the thuja. With an impressive height of up to 4 meters depending on the variety, this plant is more than just suitable as a privacy screen for patios and gardens. Their evergreen quality guarantees ideal protection even in winter and under low conditions in terms of care. In addition, there is her attractive needle dress in bluish gray.

The only downside to this beauty is its slow growth. But you can also buy larger plants for the planters on the terrace and use them directly as a screen if you don't have the patience to wait.

  • evergreen
  • growing up
  • easy care
  • hardy

Protective plants for tubs

Plants as a privacy screen for the terrace in the bucket - evergreen and not hardy varieties

In principle, there are countless variants for privacy screens for the terrace, which you can also grow in a bucket. We have just put together a small selection from which you can search for your favorites. Below we have a list of other great species that you can use for planting as a privacy screen for the terrace in the bucket:

  • Barberry (Berberis julianae) – 2 to 3 meters, yellow flowers and red to black edible berries; easy care; sunny to partially shaded location
  • Holly (ilex) – summer green, but with dense foliage even in winter; undemanding; white flowers and berries in yellow, red, brown or black; bright, but sunny to shady location; evergreen
  • Tree of life (Thuja) – small stems suitable for tubs; water regularly and avoid over-fertilization; not hardy in the bucket, frost protection necessary; evergreen; quite easy to care for
  • Cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) – choose small-leaved varieties because they are less susceptible to frost; 'Otto Luyken' is a robust and drought-resistant variety; easy care; evergreen; suitable for the shade
  • Rosemary willow (Salix eleágnos 'Angustifolia') – sunny location; up to 2 meters high; drought-resistant and robust
  • Slotted maple – yellow or red leaves in autumn; drought resistant; requires plenty of water, but does not tolerate waterlogging; sheltered location; hardy, but container plants need frost protection for the roots; slowly growing

Plants as privacy screens for the terrace in the bucket - which types are suitable

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