Music in the workplace: can this increase motivation?

Listening to music in the workplace has recently become a trend that is attracting more and more employees. The majority of people admit that they have to hear background noise before they can do their job. However, this practice raises a pretty important question: does music stimulate productivity and creativity or is it the opposite? So opinions are divided.

Is music appropriate in the workplace?

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Scientists are currently researching a lot about employees who are used to listening to music at work. As mentioned above, the results are rather contradictory. After a few studies, the background music only distracts us, regardless of whether it is a song or an instrumental. Others claim that music increases creativity. Accordingly, this could prove to be an effective way to increase productivity. However, this depends on the different types of music.

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However, the benefits of music for the work process are not limited to promoting creativity and productivity. A large number of employees find other positive sides. It's also about the struggle with boredom and the turmoil of your colleagues, which you can get rid of. In addition, a good melody or a favorite song triggers a good mood and energy, which promotes motivation. Other scientific studies explain the optimization of productivity through the ability to combat music, stress and fatigue. This is especially recommended if you are doing a monotonous task.

Disadvantages of listening to music during the working day

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The medal therefore always has two sides and the topic in question is no exception. Some interpret listening to music in the workplace as a kind of isolation. Having headphones in your ears may be associated with a desire to approach yourself and ignore your colleagues. However, employers or colleagues can misinterpret this practice, consider it rude, and even insult employees.

In order to increase motivation and not to isolate yourself completely from others, specialists offer a compromise. Why don't you devote part of your time to your colleagues and the other with your favorite music? The ideal case would be to allow yourself about 15 minutes of rest between tasks while listening to your favorite songs.

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It should also not be overlooked that wearing the headphones all day long and listening at very high volume can cause ear problems. It's also no secret that certain genres of music promote motivation and concentration at work more than others. In this case, the symphonic songs are a perfect solution.

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