Modernizing the terrace with steps to the garden – ideas and tips

If you want to compensate for height differences in your garden area, a terrace with steps to the garden would be the right solution. At the same time, however, these can also be an essential part of the room composition and set a visual highlight in the outdoor area. This not only allows you to walk easily on slopes, but also to decorate the garden. With the help of these elements you also create an interesting and dynamic atmosphere and make the garden look different. So this means that you can create garden stairs both on slopes and on flat ground by creating a height difference yourself. For this reason, we have put together some inspiring examples for you in this article. Browse the ideas below and choose your favorite to beautify the garden.

Stylish terrace with steps to the garden

luxury garden with covered relaxation area and garden stairs made of natural stone in front of forest

Adding steps to your garden patio or yard is a great way to improve your outdoor landscaping. These can be inserted perfectly flat or randomly on a slope attachment. On the other hand, a terrace with stairs to the garden provides easy access to get from one level to another and also serve as a walkway. Garden stairs are also less formal than indoor stairs, but you can keep exact dimensions and choose them according to your wishes and the theme of the garden. The most popular material for building stairs is stone. Stone steps and stairs look natural and free. In addition to natural stone, rustic wood, concrete blocks and even railway sleepers and bricks are ideal materials for building the garden steps. Stairs made of any material allow you to add important and stylish details to your outdoor area. When designing your garden with a terrace, however, you should also pay attention to the area around the stairs.

long concrete blocks as steps for terrace with stairs to the garden made of corten steel

Outside stairs are one of the first things people notice in the backyard, so they should be well kept. Stairs can also be made by combining two different materials, such as concrete with colored pebbles. Corten steel or stainless steel are also a good choice in combination with concrete for grassy areas. You can also set lighting that helps the stairs to be safely walked on at night while looking good. If you use wood for a patio with steps to the garden, the stairs should match the rest of the design. Classic or vintage style furniture works best with the steps of rough-cut stone or something cheaper than concrete. Today you can find various concrete slabs in different shapes, sizes and colors on the market. There are also inspiring collections and lots of creative ideas to help you decorate your garden.

Design stair construction according to your own needs

Circular bricks as an accent for the terrace with steps to the garden

Different heights create new and unusual places, and you absolutely need stairs in the garden to reach them. You can use a variety of landscapes and interesting light and shadow interactions for this. There you can surely create a perfect place to enjoy your stay outside. Usually the path to the terrace begins with steps to the garden with two or three of them, which mark the whole. With benches, garden statues or a pavilion, however, you can also equip various corners of rest and relaxation. If your garden is large enough, you can even consider the idea of ​​a small playground for children and adults. This will make your garden area unique and reflect your style and character.

landscaping in the garden with brick stairs and natural stone with green plants

Garden stairs can be combined in such a way that some steps can be reached individually on foot and are accordingly far apart. Their type depends on the soil and position in the garden in relation to the living area. However, before you create the garden stairs, you need to be able to answer several questions. In order to have safe, reliable and comfortable garden paths, you should correctly estimate how long they should last. The height and depth of the steps are also crucial. These measurements are usually calculated mathematically with a landscape architect. However, there is also a simple formula that will help you properly build the terrace with steps to the garden. A human crotch is believed to be approximately 61-65 cm. This results in an average of 62.5 cm. According to the criteria of comfort and safety, this dimension is the sum of the length and width of the two steps. For example 16 cm + 16 cm + 30 cm = 62 cm.

Set up a terrace with steps to the garden

paving stones as cladding for terrace with steps to the garden

In contrast to the staircases, garden stairs offer more design freedom, since the dimensions of the step are not absolutely necessary. They can be much larger than the internal stairs or they can be designed in an unusual shape. If you have a very steep terrain and want to locate the stairs there, these should not be too steep. In this case, a step height should not be more than 10-15 cm. A good staircase in the garden is no less than 30 cm wide, otherwise there will be uncertainties. The width should be at least 50 to 60 cm to ensure the passage of at least one person. If you want, you can also build a meter-wide garden staircase. You can also support stairs in steep terrain on one side with a railing for more comfort and safety.

garden stairs made of concrete with led lighting designed as a terrace with steps to the garden modern

If the terrain is slightly inclined, more decorative elements can be considered for the creation of stairs. For example, you can put interesting decorations on both sides of a wide staircase. Garden decorations will have a wonderful effect here. At both ends of the wide steps you can place flower pots, decorative sculptures or vases. Ornamental grass can be planted on each side of the flower beds. Interesting solutions arise when using different step shapes – circular, semicircular or other irregular shapes are also popular. However, creating a single level is not recommended. Do this only when you have to, and remember that the garden path must be clearly marked to avoid an accident while walking.

Recommended materials and adaptation to architecture

contemporary family garden with green lawn garden furniture and terrace with steps to the garden

As mentioned above, stairs in the garden are usually made of reinforced concrete, concrete blocks, wood or natural stone. You should leave the surface slightly inclined so that the drainage runs smoothly in the rain. After you have created the garden stairs, also take care of the decorative elements around them to give them an amazing look. Do not forget that everything in your garden must match the style of the house. However, the material of the stairs should above all be durable and weatherproof and have a rough surface for a nice and safe walk, even when the weather is wet and rainy. In addition, you have to avoid any possibility of sliding there.

house with facade made of gray natural stone and terrace with steps to the garden

Through the garden stairs you can also show the dominant architectural style of the house – romantic, rustic or modern. But this also lets you emphasize the garden design clearly. The most common and most suitable materials for garden stairs are natural materials – wood and stone. Together with the cut stone or the carved stone slabs, you can form small stone blocks. Various options are also available for decorating and designing stairs with irregular shapes. Innovative solutions can be created by combining small and large stone blocks or stones and bricks in contrasting colors. Recently, artificial stone slabs that successfully mimic several natural materials have been used much more often. An elegant step cover can be achieved with wooden panels. This is a special type of wood that is weatherproof and protected against moisture and decay. This coating is nice but temporary and requires annual maintenance and care.

Select the design of the terrace

noble design with lawns and pavilion with garden furniture and steps in the patio area

The appropriate design of a garden terrace can be a challenge in both functional and decorative terms. This mainly depends on the landscape and the overall concept of the garden and the house. With sufficient imagination, however, such a terrace with steps to the garden can become a striking focus and contribute to a better mood in the garden area. The design can be formal and elegant, symmetrical or romantic, curved and minimalist and consist of just a few stepping stones. Steps as wide as the adjacent terrace, for example, convey the feeling of spaciousness and open up the room. A zigzag pattern requires a conscious pace so that the person can take on the changing perspectives. A terrace with steps to the garden can also be a focal point where, for example, water flows or is animated with plants. Wide stairs can also serve as seating or as a place to relax.

wooden stairs with railing over jacuzzi in a small urban courtyard with modern design

Wooden stairs can, for example, provide access to different levels of a terrace that is equipped with various design elements such as a water feature or even a jacuzzi. Straight and in particular floating steps of a stair also emphasize a modern and linear appearance and design. Polished hardwood or rough and natural stone give hard surfaces a nice contrast and structural accents, whereby wooden steps can give the garden warmth and refined character.

Contemporary garden design

dark colors in the courtyard garden with benches made of wood and granite slabs, privacy screen and pebbles

You could also integrate an elegant wooden bench as a step to the garden and thus connect the upper and lower parts of the terrace. This allows the stairs to act as a design feature. This also offers more functional seating for the entertainment area. The simple and minimalist design made of paving stones can also consist of a short row of steps. The paving of the steps thus contrasts with the deep green tones of the garden and the privacy screen, if you have one.

wooden pergola and circular stone and brick stairs in large garden

A large family garden usually only has curves and slopes without straight lines. Rounded steps are not only suitable for this, but also very functional. In addition, you can use it to control the changes to the site and enable decorative, circular garden design. In this case, the steps can be made of different materials such as stone and brick, which provide both texture and color contrasts. Bringing wide patio stairs to the garden can also be a practical and stylish solution. These emphasize the view of large imposing areas and offer an additional entertainment and lounge area.

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