What can you paint with finger paints and what does it promote in children?

What is really popular with children is the finger paints. There is hardly anything that they enjoy as much as picking up the colors with their whole hands and thus creating the most colorful pictures. And the possibilities are so diverse that this type of activity never gets boring – perfect for a simple afternoon of handicrafts, as well as for homemade gifts for any occasion. We have a few creative ideas for painting with finger paints that you can try out with your children or in kindergarten.

What is promoted when painting with finger paints?

Painting with finger paints - creative ideas for large children and toddlers

What does painting with finger paints promote? Painting and drawing is generally very important and beneficial for children, no matter what kind of paints or pens they use. However, colors for the fingers are also wonderfully suitable for the particularly small bullies who brushes and pencils cannot yet hold securely. The spatial perception and dimensions, proportions and details are just a few of the many things that your child trains when drawing and painting with finger paints and other materials. Come in addition:

Learn with fun

What promotes finger painting in children

  • Fine and gross motor skills are promoted in painting and drawing. Straight and clear lines are important for a beautiful drawing and your child will quickly notice that too. Then it will endeavor to keep your hand as steady as possible. Fine motor skills are also important if your child learns to write later.
  • Drawing and painting with finger paints encourages them creativity. It learns to experiment, combine colors, mix and play with them.
  • Drawings are an individual work in which you cannot go wrong. But if your child wants to learn to draw certain shapes or figures, they will also receive criticism or suggestions for improvement from you. It learns deal with setbacks and start new attempts.
  • The child learns itself focus, because it is dedicated to a certain thing instead of being distracted by dozens of toys. They also need to keep a close eye on objects they want to paint. This also affects everyday life, because once you start observing, your little one will be interested in more and more things in his environment, which he would then like to put on paper.
  • The right one too Coordination of eyes and hands are targets that are beneficial for children when painting with finger paints.

Painting with finger paints – tips

Tips for painting with finger paints - the right clothes and underlay

To make painting with finger paints really fun, you can follow our tips:

  • Make sure your child doesn't touch anything with dirty hands that they shouldn't touch (couch, kitchen cabinets, carpets, etc.). For this purpose, you can use the high chair in which you eat, for example, for small children. If your child is one of those who don't want to sit in a high chair, you too can be the barrier between the creative area and the rest of the apartment. If your child suddenly starts running, you can prevent them from doing so.
  • You can, for example, stick the paper to be painted onto a cutting board or other surface with adhesive tape so that it does not slip.
  • Put on old clothes for the children or have them painted in underwear or in the diaper with finger paints if it is warm enough.
  • Protect the table and floor from the colors with documents (old tablecloths, newspaper, an old sheet or old curtains, etc.).
  • Have more paper and other materials ready so that you have everything at hand and don't leave your children unattended for a second.
  • Have wet wipes and possibly kitchen paper and other wipes ready for cleaning.
  • Admire the finished work! This makes the little ones proud and is very important.

Make finger paint yourself

Make finger paints yourself and paint with finger paints - child's fun

Finger paint is of course available and available in a wide variety of colors. However, if you want to paint spontaneously with such colors and don't have any at home, you can easily make them yourself. You only need:

  • 500 ml water
  • 45 g corn starch
  • 4 tablespoons of fine sugar
  • Food colors

Mix the first three ingredients in a saucepan over medium heat, stirring constantly. Stir until the mixture becomes viscous. Then distribute the mixture in several bowls or other containers and add two drops of the desired colors. Mix everything well and let the colors cool a little. Then you can paint anything with finger paints with children.

Painting with finger paints – ideas to imitate

Painting ideas with colors for fingers - fun with children at the weekend

Depending on how old your children are, the most diverse things can be painted with finger paints. Not only can the painting techniques vary, but also the material on which they are painted. We have put together ideas and instructions for painting with finger paints below.

Idea for finger paints on canvas – funny rainbow

Idea to paint with finger paints on canvas - colorful rainbow with thumb

This rainbow is made pretty simple, but still not really suitable for crib children. Splashes of rainbow colors are applied to the thumb. Then you put your thumb on the canvas and immediately pull it in any direction. We find the idea of ​​turning the rainbow into a male very funny. To do this, simply add arms, legs and face with an edding as soon as the finger paints have dried.

Design canvas with self-made colors

Gift for Mother's Day, for grandma or aunt - canvas picture with colorful dots made of finger paint

This cute picture is very suitable as a gift for mum as well as for grandparents or aunts and made quick and easy. Take a canvas and place any motif on it. You can print this out or draw it yourself and then cut it out. If you want, you can temporarily fix it to the canvas with double-sided adhesive tape so that it doesn't slip when you paint with finger paints. Use a material for gluing that will not leave any residue on the canvas when you remove it.

Gift idea from children with a heart on a canvas

Then the fingers are dipped in the colors and the canvas around the heart is designed with dots and fingerprints. Make sure that they also overlap the motif so that its outlines can be seen later. As soon as the colors have dried, you can remove the motif. You are also welcome to print out a message or a poem with a greeting, as in the example, and also stick it on the canvas.

Paint with finger paints with toddlers

Simple painting ideas for children with hand and fingerprints

If you want to use finger paint with toddlers, make the best choice with pictures from simple hand, foot and finger prints. Wonderful pictures can be created with this simple yet fun technique and these can then be given away for free. Even if you want to deal with painting with finger paints crib children, the technique is super suitable.

Bees, flowers and chicks from fingerprints

Painting with finger paints in the crib – animals obtained from fingerprints

The children can get really creative and encourage their imagination if they are to use the simple fingerprints to create new motifs. It's like discovering certain figures in the clouds. The bees in the picture above are only one possibility. You can also paint flowers, trees and other animals with finger paints in this way.

Painting animals with finger paints - fingerprints for pictures of crib children and toddlers

In the picture above you can see a few suggestions for different animals. The finishing touch is given with a black felt pen. Once the little ones have seen and copied a few suggestions, they are guaranteed to come up with many more themselves. The afternoon will not be enough for them to paint with finger paints!

Painting colorful pictures with finger paints - ideas for children and adults

For older children, the pictures can also consist of concrete figures and motifs. Otherwise, abstract designs are also suitable for the smaller ones. The colors can be distributed as you like on the sheet of paper or canvas. The child can experiment freely and push, pull, paint or dab the colors. The finished picture on a canvas is guaranteed to be a perfect wall decoration.

Paint with finger paints and create a colorful pumpkin

Paint a white pumpkin with your finger in autumn

Do you want to deal with painting with finger paints toddlers? Then this idea with pumpkin would be a great variant! The pumpkin should ideally be white or as light as possible, so that the colors can be seen better. Then put colors on a plastic plate or palette and the children can start painting.

Paint on glass with finger paints

Paint glass with finger paint - idea for a homemade decoration for larger children and adults

Larger children who are no longer at risk of injury and adults can also use glass as a base for painting with finger paints. It does not matter whether it is a simple glass pane, a mirror or a picture frame without the back. The motifs get an interesting texture on a glass surface when the colors have dried, so that you can use them to create beautiful pictures with your fingers, which look very pretty, especially on the wall. And such pictures are also a great gift idea!

Paint on wood with finger paints

Paint wooden disks with your finger paint and use them as pendants - cute penguin

You can even paint on wooden discs with finger paints in kindergarten or at home. Whether a colorful mix of colors or certain motifs – the wooden discs are a wonderful base and will later be perfect as decoration in your own home. You can get great motifs with fingerprints, for which you can also use the example from the image above. How about this penguin?

Penguin paint with finger paints

First paint any background with your fingers. Once the paint has dried, add black dots (or fingerprints) and let them dry as well. Then the white fingerprints are added to the black ones and after this color has dried, the beak and eyes can be painted.

Design a colorful wooden disc with finger paint, nails and string

Paint the wooden discs colorfully

In the picture above you can see a few great ideas for colorful wooden discs that can also be designed by small children. If you add nails and string, the wooden discs look even more interesting, but even without them they can become real eye-catchers. You can also dilute the colors a little with water so that they can be spilled and create the look of water colors. Homemade finger paints are also more fluid than those bought and are suitable for this purpose.

Maximum fun when painting with finger paints

Painting with finger paints - designing paper with hands and feet

Allow your children to get dirty with colors. To do this, put on a swimsuit or simply old clothes, spread out an oversized sheet of paper on the floor (or several small ones glued together) and the little ones can get really creative and not only paint with their hands with finger paints, but even Insert legs and feet.

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