Make a quick respirator yourself without sewing from household materials

Instead of spending tons of money on disposable mouthguards, you can simply use reusable ones. And the whole thing gets even cheaper if you make them yourself. “Sewing is too difficult for me and I don't have a sewing machine anyway”, you might say to yourself now. But you don't need it either, because there are great and, above all, quick and easy instructions that you can use to make a respirator yourself without sewing to protect yourself not only from the corona virus but also from other infections.

Make a breathing mask yourself without sewing - 6 instructions with simple materials

And you don't even need special materials for this. You are guaranteed to have the majority at home, because these are everyday things that you can use to make the perfect mouthguard without sewing yourself. Whether fashionably from a pretty cloth or simply from a coffee filter – we provide you with a selection of 5 DIY variants. Make good use of the quarantine by making a breathing mask yourself without sewing.

Make a breathing mask yourself from a cloth

Make a breathing mask yourself from a cloth without sewing

If you want to make this respirator yourself, all you need is a cloth and two hair ties. Spread out the cloth in front of you and fold the top hem down to the middle. Repeat with the bottom hem. Now take a rubber and put the left side of the folded cloth through it. You fold it inside. Do the same with the other side and the mask is ready. You can make the respirator mask yourself from any cloth and receive different designs.

Make a respirator yourself - fold the cloth and add a hair tie

Make a breathing mask yourself without sewing from kitchen paper

Make a breathing mask yourself from kitchen paper with simple instructions

For this DIY project you also need hair ties, a simple piece of kitchen paper and a stapler. Fold the kitchen paper a few times like a pleated skirt. So that the folds do not open up at the end and you can continue working more easily, you can fix them on the edge with the stapler. Then put the two ends of the paper towel through a hair tie and fix it again with the stapler.

Fold the mouthguard out of paper and fix it with a rubber stapler

Instructions with coffee filter

Use coffee filters to craft a mouthguard - quick crafting instructions

You need two simple coffee filters per mask. Cut off the fluted edges from one of the two. Now put this filter in the other one and cut off a corner as in the picture. The two corners that touch the thumbs in the last picture are each provided with a slit through which you thread a rubber band and tie knots at the ends.

Instructions for making a mouthguard against corona virus from a coffee filter

Use wet wipes for face mask

Manufacture wet wipes for a disposable protective mask against viruses

If you want to make a quick respirator yourself without sewing, you can also use wet wipes that let you dry a few hours beforehand. Place three towels on top of each other and fold one of the two shorter sides inwards. Use scissors to cut a slight curve along the fold, which when opened opens up an oval hole for the ear. Repeat the whole thing with the opposite side. And that's it!

Quick handicraft idea for face mask made from wet wipes - cut slits for the ears

Make a mouthguard out of elastic stockings

Make a protective mask for the mouth and nose yourself from a stocking

Cut off the foot of the sock (above the heel), fold the remaining tube inwards once and cut off the rest as well. Now roll the tube inside so that you get a two-layer face mask, which you put around your neck like a tube scarf and then pull over your mouth and nose. For this to work, it is important to use a stocking that is made of an elastic fabric.

Make a reusable mouthguard from an old stocking


Make harmonica respirator yourself

Folded mouth and nose protection against diseases - simple DIY project

You can use a paper handkerchief as well as cotton or kitchen paper for this guide. Fold the paper handkerchief into a narrow strip like a harmonica (like when you want to make a fan). Fold the two ends of the strip inwards. They should enclose a rubber band. Cut off the excess. Then fix the ends with a stapler.

Protective masks for beginners with staplers or hot glue instead of sewing

If you are using new cotton, it is advisable to wash and iron it in advance. You should also run the iron over the fabric after each fold so that the fold is fixed and the fabric does not open again. Instead of using a stapler, you can also fix the ends with hot glue. To do this, you have to glue all the layers together.


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