Lonely people take twice as much sick leave

According to a new study, lonely people take 50 percent more sick days a year than others. More than one in three employees stated that they felt a general feeling of emptiness or separation from work colleagues. The results show a 7 percent increase over the 2018 data. Loneliness also extends to the workplace.

Lonely people in the workplace

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39% of employees feel the need to hide their true self when they go to work. Loneliness is a normal feeling that we all feel at one point or another in our lives. However, this is a negative general condition. In this we get when our desire to be connected or to be with others does not match the reality of our fellow human beings and the connections we have. According to Doug Nemecek, a senior psychological advisor to an insurance company.

He and his colleagues wanted to understand how the modern workplace affects how employees feel connected. The effect of loneliness on the ability to work was also the aim of the study. However, his research does not explain the cause of this. However, this shows that our feeling of loneliness can affect the way we feel about our own physical health.

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“One of the things we really wanted to do is highlight the fact that loneliness is at a significantly high level among all adults and those of us who go to work. We spend most of our waxing hours at work. So we spend an average of 90,000 hours at work over the course of our lives, ”he said.

Research also shows that people in management positions feel like they are not at work themselves, while people in entry-level positions feel insecure. One in ten employees say they never interact with people through personal conversations or meetings. 61% of respondents receive less than an hour to 2 hours of personal interaction a day.

Effects of loneliness on work

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The number of hours worked does not affect loneliness. Nor is it a driving factor in a person's feeling of being alone, isolated, or misunderstood. Many of the results of the study have shown that people need to have a balance in their lives. Nemecek believes that, despite the nature of the business, employers and employees need to be aware and focused on creating opportunities to make contacts. However, he points out that lonely people are different from feeling alone in the workplace, so we sometimes need time to become productive and healthy workers.

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“We all benefit from being alone. It is helpful to get away and read a book or listen to music and get the opportunity to relax and relieve yourself of all the stress we have to deal with at work, at home and elsewhere. You can be lonely when you are in a room full of people at work or even at home with the family. “According to the study, the main thing is to find the right balance.

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