Interview Interview Tips – Make a good impression during the interview

You have worked hard on your resume, finally forwarded it to the right person and are now looking for the right job interview tips. Now you have the chance to present yourself successfully during the interview after your application photo has already left a first impression on the interviewer. Here are some simple guidelines that can help you achieve your goal.

Interview interview tips on your weaknesses

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One of the most frequently asked questions in an interview is related to the weaknesses of the applicant. Although most candidates even create a professional resume online and combine it with a highly commendative letter of motivation, few people really answer the question about their weaknesses honestly. Instead, they try to work around the problem or describe it positively, as most consultants advise. However, we are all aware of what this tactic is – a facade. A better way is to recognize weaknesses that have nothing to do with the job you are applying for. Also tell the employer what you can do to deal with it in principle. For example, it doesn't matter that you can't handle the numbers very well when you apply for a job as a graphic designer.

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A friendly smile is also one of the important job interview tips you can follow. This is an easy way that so few people think of during the job interview. The plausible excuse for most applicants is that they are nervous or deliberately try to look professional. What many people don't know is that a laughing face can release the tension in the room and separate you from the grim majority. Above all, a smile indicates that you can stay funny and friendly in difficult situations. This is the type of person that most people prefer to work with.

Be ready for uncomfortable questions

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It is also important to prepare for questions that other candidates do not like to answer. So expect to have to think about some really weird topics at some point in the conversation, especially if you're aiming for a high office. There is of course a logical explanation for this. This is how interviewers test their ability to react quickly and adequately. So be prepared for questions like, “Have you ever had a boss from hell?” Try to behave naturally when things are not going well. Sometimes it doesn't go well no matter how well prepared you are. In fact, some interviewers intentionally violate the interview rules to see how the candidates react. Above all, keep in mind that a stumbling block is unlikely to cost you a potential job once you've done the rest.

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Another good idea would be to gather information about the interviewer beforehand if possible. So try to find out who you will stand in front of. Previous information about this can be very helpful. In some interviews, for example, it emerged that the personnel manager was a colleague of a former colleague. You can turn around the subject without having to refer to you because they know the standards of your mutual friend. However, this is a theoretical possibility that is rather rare. Every person and interview is unique, but you may have a common hobby or study at the same university, for example.

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Finally, you should emphasize that you will fit well into the corporate culture. Qualification is very important, there is no argument about it. However, this is not a clear factor and too much experience cannot always be an advantage. In fact, managers call it “overqualified”. Even if you meet the requirements for the relevant position, you can still be rejected. Is it to align your beliefs and values ​​with the company? We all know how important teamwork is today, so a bad employee can cost the company a lot.

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